How To Install Antenna Outside

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mandh14: Surely the best position for your preamp is at the masthead not at the end of a coax run?

Dawna Berry: Tell me what is the right direction should the antenna be facing starting with the small end north, south, east, or west.

The Erod1944 Channel: I realize that I'm 6 years late but here's my quality report.  Nice job with 2 exceptions.  1.  No drip loop on the coax between the antenna and the entrance grill.  2.  Tampering with cable & phone grounds is a pretty poor idea.  Supplying your own ground clamp would have been the professional thing to do.  Nevertheless, I'm glad you're getting good video and hope you enjoy the media..

Vic Singh: What gauge grounding wire did you used?

jadar75: Could you possibly tell everyone more useless info! mate! 

timm2020: You better hope you do not have a lot of wind.
You do not have enough of the mast coming down along the roof.
Any heavy winds will work that right off the roof.
That ground will not work.
You should have run the wire to the ground rod for the electrical system.
Just mounting it to a bracket on the electrical box will not work.
If you look below that box you should see a copper wire running to the rod.
Connect your ground to that.

sonick808: those cold water grounds are crap, i need to upgrade mine also

Ivan Chu: I don't ground my antenna's
cause I like to live dangerously

Mickey Raton: To ground the antenna, does that have to be connected to the pole you're referring to in the video or can a copper grounding rod be used?

Ronald Arjune: I am 50 years old and don't think I can climb to the roof to install an antenna for HDTV. My physical ability was depleted with my psychotropics for my mental illness. Anyhow I want to buy the antenna from Radio Shack and somehow get it on the roof. RS said it was $139. My parents have cable but I prefer to have free TV in my room when I go visit them. I will have to drill a hole in the brick wall to pass the coax into my room so I will have to buy a long bit--probably 3/8"?

Rieksfier: wire strippers are your friend.

Roof Handles: An amplifier won't help with reception. FULL STOP ! An antenna is used for reception of signal. An amplifier will overcome signal loss due to infrastructure ie joins and splitters. If you are receiving rubbish you will amplify or 'boost' your rubbish. You need line of sight ideally, a quality antenna tuned to the frequency you wish to receive ( band 4 and 5 say) and a signal strength meter to get you in the right direction. When your drain is blocked you call a plumber, for TV call a ----

john sloan: Where did u get brackets ??

MegaMusic1964: Try a Winegard preamplifier. It will improve your reception. You can order them from

abprice76: I don't have a spare $100.00 so this sounds good to me.

superblitz: the longer the coax, the more degraded the signal will become.

MrWart101: nothing wrong with using a box cutter to strip cable, if you are capable of doing so!!!

Ryan Crook: Good advice on the RG6, but I have to disagree with the ground wire advice. First of all, a good size wire to use is #6 AWG, and there is no solid wire produced for this size of ground anymore. Also, solid/stranded really makes no difference for "melting" under identical loads. Stick with the stranded stuff, works just fine.

101AOK: On e guy says you took a chance climbing on the roof instead of paying $100 TO HAVE IT INSTALLED. WHAT ??? I'll climb the roof for $20 and I'm, disabled Must be nice to $ to piss away! Good vid rock on!

ANTENNA MONTREAL: Poor guy ,,all this false information ,not to insult this page but this is very sad.
How To Install Antenna Outside 5 out of 5

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How To Install Antenna Outside