Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 (no Special Boosters To Pass!)

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 (no special boosters to pass!)
Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 (no special boosters to pass!)
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Jenna Giggles: Lol "no special booster needed"... sure looked like it was needed to me 😝

chonmasri wagner: i almost gave up but finally succeed without any boosters prior, or during the game and won 3 stars with 5 moves left. my tipp was that i tried to let the apple fall into the grassland and with more combo from other fruits, the values increased. at the end i had 21 apples! so please try this technique!! hope this helps!

Isabel Ayala: Im just sick and tired of this fkn level!!

Sonja van Esch: Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 (no special boosters to…:

ahmet gökçe: as much fun as "FLAPPY BIRD"

Stephanie Holford: I need 10 apples and when I use that booster I only get 5 so now what

Cheryl Presta: Thank you! Worked and I am on to level 100!

Boo boo: I passed without using any boosters without even thinking about it. 

Irynn Barba: Yeah u used special booster wth

daniel espitia: Este juego es lo mismo.que el candy inventen algo nievo de verdad no copias de lo anterior mal

Daniela Rios: Gostei amei

tehojakelu1: evvk

Darrell Heartland: ummm excuse me...a special booster was used...(change title!)

Julrobtylm5: You totally used the 1+ booster, so way to lie!

Vijay Malik: please open new level after cross 475 level

pawprints1986: Anyone know why they ditched the sound effect for when you match the eggs??

KirraMini: kolk se ti je usral ej

bingoborn: my level 99 shows 45 apples needed not 15

Blogging Witches: kinda hoped nobody would notice! ^_^

Blogging Witches: Yeah, I know, most of the videos are merely proof that the levels actually can be done. With Level 99 it is important to get the green ones before the blue ones take it all.

Andrea Anderson: plus my apples don't grow in points unless I move them or match right next to them, but on the very next mve they will lose their value if I don't move them again or match right next to them

Nara H.: this level is evilll

Blogging Witches: Yes, that happens a lot of the times to mee too, no matter how careful you try to be with the matches.

stuwats: 175 levels

shirantash: took me about 15 tries (games) to get it. Main trick is to wait for a good strike that would give the 4 green apples +points, then as said before, get them out of the way and try to go for mass groups. Good luck! (No boosters used)

Maria K: this level is just a bullcrap!!!

Tatasvihtata: if you used shovel for 10 waters at 0:59 this would be three stars

Janice Starr: I agree every time I added it up it came to 11 also so how did it come to 15?? I've been stuck on this damn level for 2 weeks now about ready to give up have spent money and then for some reason which I think they know I get something went wrong please reload!!!! such bullcrap!!

mpetersenf: This said no special boosters was used. That's not true. He used a point multiplier on the move where he used the green. It looks like that is the only way to pass this level. Don't mislead people!

kagokadae: My apple got replaced with water every time.

Grace Deakin: If I don' get this one in the next couple of days will give up the game altogether. No point in a game if it just frustrates the hell out of you!

sdonaldson7472: Which is impossible no matter how hard u try. I keep doing it a million different ways & it never adds up to it. Also on here it says 14 apples on my level 99, the apples is on the bottom of the fruit & I only have to get 10 of them & I cant even do that!! Weird that all the ones I have seen on the videos show it at top & have to get 14. Anyone know why?

Kate M: I know- and the points don't add up consistently...and just when I'm almost there a blue drop comes along and wipes it out.

ohjoyohjoy: i had stopped playing because of level 99....i am waiting for lives in candy crush ..thought id try again..but its the same..too hard to get the the fun right out of this game

Blogging Witches: It is still a bit of a mystery why the levels are different.

Arturo Gallo: no, you already have 1 apple, so it's 1 plus the extra yellow number, in this case, it's 3+2+4+2 = 11 plus the 4 apples he already had, that's why 15. hth

starflowers88: no special boosters??? LMFAO

Naser Hussain: it's impossible to do it !!


jammers911: we only get 4 green ones but they disappear before they get any points on them making this impossible

Andrea Anderson: Happens to me too. This game is no fun playing when there is no skill to it al all. as soon as I lose an apple, I stop playing, why bother finishing the game when you have no chance in beating it

k weber: I decided to play step by step along with the video, but since I started trying that, I have not had a time when my board was set up like the one in the video. I can't even make the very first move you've made.

allcatsnodogs: how come at 21 seconds there are 5 purple in a row but they do not clear out all the purples from the board?

Kany Le: Do you guys know what is the max level of Farm Heroes? Is that 149, right?

B. Tirrell: Just got to this level and I understand what must be done. However, in the video, how were you able to add up to 15? I notice you used the +1 so the apples 3+2+4+2 = 11... SO where did the extra 3 points come from? #soconfused


loudmouth61: You said you didn't use any special boosters to pass, but you used the +1 booster to get the applies to add up. That's great that you passed it, but don't lie about how you did/didn't do it.
Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 (no special boosters to pass!) 3.9 out of 5

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Farm Heroes Saga Level 99 (no special boosters to pass!)