Cleaning Brass

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wakeywakey: just use white vinegar

Barry Brown: what a total idiot please if you have no idea what the heck your doing please dont post it here it makes a bunch of stupid crap people have to sort thru to find what they are looking for

fleamarketmutt: baking soda

Jerry S: Would you recommend one of these to clean dirt bike parts

Chris Kelly84: I use white vinegar and dawn and some sea salt, u have to run about 3 cycles and the water is VERY dirty.

gunlover1955: Add 1 oz of car polish to the water it will make it like new.

matt summers: Stop using just water you cheap jackass. 

fluxcapacitor05: Sonic cleaners are not for idiots to buy.  Whoever decided to clean with nothing but water and inferior agents are a 'special' kind of jackass.  

Does your dishwasher work without soap?  DUUUUURRRRRR How about your clothes washer?  DUUUUUUUUUUURRRRR.  Don't be a freaking idiot.

You have to use the right agents, which are acids of varying degrees of potency (this is non-negotiable).  Simple Green's active ingredients aren't acids, are they?  Make videos with proper agents.  I'll promise you'll get results.  In fact, I'll smack down $100 that says I'm right.  

KrKrypton: Coworker uses a sonic cleaner to clean his brass, I use a rock tumbler and stainless media to wet tumble. I cleaned his brass that just came out of his sonic cleaner. Spotless and bright. I've seen results from all 3 methods, and wet tumbling is the best.

GinTheHallow: dude your awesome

chevy6299: Citric acid or Lime shine work great and you can add a dash of dish soap if you like.

RenaissanceMan929: Thanks to you, I just ordered one of these yesterday. Was on sale for $80 and I had a 20% off coupon! One guy who left a comment on Harbor Freight's website said it cleaned brass BETTER than a tumbler with walnut hull media........not sure what he was mixing with the water, but he claimed it worked. I'm planning on using mine to clean small gun parts and airbrush parts

glockman1727ak47: 3:42 with your commentary, never a waste of time. Looks like you need to use the cleaner with the distilled water.

Cameron: Best solution; 4 parts water 1 part vinager dash of salt dash of dish soap

Misty johnson: dish soap, vinegar, and table salt work really well in a sonic tumbler for cleaning old brass...

greeves66: Can't think of any factory rifle ammo that does not come with jacketed bullets. Any and all lead from the bullet went out the barrel. Yeah Yeah some folks are thinking about the few that may cast their own bullets.... those few keep their brass.

lskw1: mancow... doesn't sound

hellsbaby127: Forget ultrasonics go to your builders yard and buy Oxalic acid, otherwise known as brick and patio cleaner or hull cleaner for grp boats. Just don't use it on aluminium or galvanized metals it eats it! If you put copper in with brass the brass will get a light copper coating. I use it neat but you can dilute with water, wear gloves and goggles just in case.

TheManFromAlaska: Dang so I should stop cleaning my brass in my cook pot?Just kidding.I really do not think that there is much if any lead residue on brass.There should be none with coper jacketed bullets and little with cast lead bullets.Besides back in the day they used lead pipes for home water delivery and that generation has lived into their 90's.However the B.B. Gen are all dying off from cancer in their 60's mostly from the chemicals in our food.So you are screwed regardless of where you clean your brass.

Con Dor: You sure talk and sounded like ManCow, a shock jock in Chicago. :) (lol)
Cleaning Brass 5 out of 5

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Cleaning Brass