How To Fix Your Leaking CE5 Atomizer (

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Frantic Fox Creations: I don't know if mine comes apart like that. I think I have a CE4. I'm not sure honestly. A plastic rubber ring fell out of the tank and I'm not sure where it goes. I keep looking at diagrams but it's not really that clear. Please help!

jordan weber: Thank you so much OMG

Hellmarch: when i changed my atomizer for the first time, after 2 days it started flooding... i cleaned it and it flooded again (terrible waist of e-liquid). Now i changed it again and it's working fine. Is it possible that they sent me a faulty one? The rubber was on fine and yet when i sucked to much it started gurgling and i got it into my mouth (it did that even if i sucked REALLY slow)

BourneToLiveRich: what is the voltage settings of the battery?

Michael Baldwin: legend!!!!

Spartfo Gaming: The vapor burns my throat what should I do

leondus2000: Thanks for the tip, it worked

David Stewart: excellent it worked thanks

daniel blanas: the o ring underr the threads for mouth piece came off mine iv replaced the tank twice.. is there a fix for this?

Frank Raymond: Why did you start by asking "What's up"? You can not see us or hear us so why would you think viewers of this video are ill or depressed?

tightTuber180: thxs dude mines stoped leaking now

Dezzyman Man: Pisses me off every time I buy tanks I have to sit for 10 minuets before I use it and DIY it to get it performing properly, next they will be asking customers to come to the factory and build them, it's not rocket science, its a simple device, I am working on rebuilding atomizers when they are burnt out, not the rebuild able ones, the ones they say are done when burnt out, that's bullcrap, the same way disposable e cigs can be refilled many times over

rkrzbk: Also, the cheapo replacement tanks rubber o-ring breaks off and the smoke starts to taste like metal. Not the o-ring that's on the threads of the mouthpiece. There's another o-ring that sits underneath the threads at the top of the tank where the mouth piece screws in. Tip of the day: Don't buy cheap clearomizer batteries and tanks. I bought a 1k MAH replacement batter from Joyetech, and not it doesn't even connect to the charger or atomizer. The button works, but no vape. POS

rkrzbk: Vapormaxx is the only company that has worked 100% for me so far. Battery and tank. All the other replacement tanks and batteries fail. Every one of them (2 each). The replacement tanks shift around and slowly leak at the base where the clear plastic meets the metal. So stupid. Even the mouth piece moves around. They really need to get this stuff right. It's not rocket science.

Fran Lewis: Thank you! I just couldn't figure out what was wrong! You've certainly helped me to not be afraid to take the thing apart. Got a bit more confidence due to your explanation and my kit is now working without bubbling and leeking. Cheers!

Dell04BQ: Any idea why the coil/wick is not perfectly centered and if you rotate the clearomizer, the inside is crooked? How does this happen? Seems like after the first time I filled it it was like this and it leaked... oh how it leaked.... I use the V3 e-cig and store it in my pocket when using when I am out and about. Do these need special cases so the tips don't get bent?

konfidential1911: Thanks man! I only had it for less than 2 weeks. I was wondering why it was leaking. No more wasted e-juice

Steve King: If its making any sounds, like for example a whistling, you are hitting it too hard or fast. These are meant for slow, steady draws. You'll find that with these clearomizers this will produce a nice medium to harsh throat hut with really good vapor production. Pulling too fast or hard will give tou less vapor and a more airy hit.

coolioman356: I just got my eGo. Knowing nothig about them. I feel like I gor ripped off. That second explanation u showed us.... well I was gonna try it until that part with the strings won't even come out. Getting frusterated... I have the eGo-K

MrSheffieldGeezer: My problem is the core doesn't line up with the tip,it's wonky!! So when I take a puff the tank fills up with smoke,and if I lay the unit down liquid seeps up into the mouthpiece,everything is nice and tight but it's still a mile off from lining up,the silicone bung actually touches the plastic tank and liquid gets trapped there too!......anyone else getting this? HELP!!
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How to fix your leaking CE5 atomizer (