Tinkernut - Weekend Hacker: Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server

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Will “King Geek” Mccartha: There is a rpi 3 you can use that has built in wifi!!

Thoughtyness: After doing the step at 5:17 when trying to login as root via ssh I get a permission denied error, but when I sign into the "root" account on my Rπ2 everything is fine. Any ideas? I tried doing the usermod -d /var/ww pi command on my raspberry pi directly (without ssh) then I receive this error: "usermod: user 'pi' does not exist" I then checked in my file system and found that my pi account had been relocated to /home/pi instead of /pi which is where the root account is. I haven't gotten any other errors so far. The Apache2 "It Worked" webpage showed up and i am very puzzled as to what I did wrong. I think that the best solution would be to move my /home/pi file to /pi and delete /root however I would prefer to get this server fully set up.

Chris van Rijn: Why is this video age-restricted

pelailia: cant use root...

aaksdkfhka23423aAAA ASF33415DF: does this also work on a Raspberry Pi 2?

Tyler Rheaume: Also disable to root user and don't use it. More secure.

Tyler Rheaume: Don't use FTP. Waste of time. Use SFTP. Its already included with SSH.

Bongakonke Mzimela: I like your presentaion skills

TumbleGamer: Why am I not allowed to watch this :(

Armando Diaz: +Tinkernut where you at man????

Armando Diaz: Did anyone find a solution for the 5:30 problem? The problem where the input is usermod -d /var/www p and output is usermod: user "pi" does not exist. I have already uncommented the the pi line in nano as root. +Tinkernut help out please

Magmo Tech: Debian Jessie is better

Joshua Colson: Why is this vid 18+

Lucky Fr: the link where you say : "You can copy all the code;;;" does not work please paste it ;) i need it because i have a probleme , when i give my root password at the start of putty, he show me : access denied.

Радослав Радев: i dwnload the soflere write it on a sd and then i insurt it in a resberry put the power soplay and i cant boot the green led is flashing

Nick TwoThousand: i have a rbp2!

marcus whelan: i got an error saying user 'pi' does not exist

T: I get to the very end and input " usermod -d /var/www pi" 5:23
But it outputs " usermod: user "pi" does not exist

Any help please

Naturally without this if i log in as pi it repeats "Access denied"

Tony Stark: would dis work for a 24/7 minecraft server hoster ?

esp heroz: is it going to be fast?
Tinkernut - Weekend Hacker: Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server 5 out of 5

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Tinkernut - Weekend Hacker: Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server