Tinkernut - Weekend Hacker: Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server

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verycoolwilliam: Thank you very much. It took me a while to get this, but after a bit of troubleshooting, I got it working. Also, I can confirm this works on a Raspberry Pi 2, because, well, I did it on one. Thanks again. :D

Felix Archambault: your port forwarding video is old can you remake it with a good explaination and video editing like this one?

Nik Kiz: Hi, noob question. WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO DO

perfectvid2012: Will this server support PHP

TheTechGuy: Your wiki link is down

kam hagh: i would make a separate tutorial on how to install operating system etc, event the noblest already knows that!

lightgear456: Why can I not see the video?

Poomba: your wiki link is broke :(

Edward Vazquez: Hey man how would you make a cluster of pi web servers?

Dave Hulst: i was following this steps, later..
i cant login anymore with root or pi
plz help me

jimothy_9th: getting this at 5:30 any help ??

usermod: user 'pi' does not exist

Miniwa the adventurer: AWESOME.

Now i got a website! :D

GamersForOne: Why is this age restricted?

xxCharlie TechSpotxx: If the enable ssh command does not work then type sudo raspi-config then advanced options then ssh then enable then finish and reboot

Robots4Sale:  i can see the page locally, even when i'm local and i type in my external ip address, but everyone else sees a white blank page, why???
in my arris router i have 3 choices, "route with nat, route without nat, bridged" i have it "route with nat" but the tech support for my isp said to use bridged. when i do that, i can not access ANY WEBSITES, so they told me to change back to "route with nat" , the "route without nat" does the same as bridged, cannot see any website. help me let other people view my page and not just a blank white page

Robots4Sale: i'm trying to do the webserver but when people go to the page, they get a blank white page, but i can view it locally. i'm not using php. what is the problem?

Assa Singh: Just for anyone that got stuck hen usermod wouldnt let you modify your user, uncomment the line he told you to do in the password file and it should work. If also it says the user is logged in do pkill -9 pi 

Your Namehere: What about converting it to a minecraft server?

alanbeads12: Does anyone know why when I changed the passwd for root and try to log in as root it says that access is denied

Connor Hetzler: Is this only for your local network or can it be accessed from anywhere 
Tinkernut - Weekend Hacker: Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server 5 out of 5

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Tinkernut - Weekend Hacker: Make A Raspberry Pi Web Server