Does The Squatty Potty Really Work?

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Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?
Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?
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Squatting on the Potty for a Healthy Body
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Will it Work: The Squatty Potty
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Squatty Potty Review and Giveaway
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which squatty potty is right for you
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Colon Health - Squatting to poop - The Squatty Potty
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Using the Squatty Potty
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Prevent Hemorrhoids Using A Toilet Stool - Squatty Potty

Did this video help you?

Vrublevskogo: I just poop in my cat's tray. Cheap and my cat craps there all the time as well.

GoLivePure: Sorry I've been away for awhile not able to comment. I plan to get active again. Thanks for all the comments.....positive and negative. :)

Sweence: This guy is a born salesman. He should be running a corporation!

clayton eggert: This is a waste of money just go crap outside and be done with it

TheBooban: Good vid! Squatting is noticeably easier! Got roids and couldn't poop till I put my feet on the seat and squatted.

clayton eggert: This is a waste of money just go crap outside and be done with it

growmebaby305: LMBO I BEEN USING MY TRASH CAN TOO! Im getting me a squatty potty as soon as I can.

lepetitenellie: Allen - you are very charismatic. Great video! You should do a follow-up vid. You can call it #2 (haha - stupid joke. Couldn't help myself!)

NASEERTUBE2012: I crap in my pants

Tom Hoehler: You are one funny dude! LMAO! But -- (and I don't mean hiney) I think I am going to get a squatty potty. Looks like a good idea. Thanks for posting.

Sandra Bonilla: That is so funny!! I've been using the trash can

TheLivingDeadOne: Tom Ass Crapper,. haha

natchnieni0: The five inch is no longer available. the 7 and 9 are all over the place. I think you might mean the style where it's just a board over two boards.

hoshikou: i think you could have just got a foot stool for cheaper. but i guess it its suited to fit round the toilet which is nice. lots of places still use the squat toilets and its apparently more hygienic but i dont think id wanta use a squat toilets when the runs come along.

matthew Robert: Will it help keep my feet from going numb,I like to read on the potty 

Ibhenriksen: I'm using one right now.

Catherine T: I love your enthusiasm ! Very cute. Haha!

Kai Chinn: hahaha, love this guy! He and I could be friends, haha! :D

charlidog2: Why not just lean forward? You're oriented at a different angle to gravity, but you get the same basic shape.

NeoDragonFlame: this video was not only informative but absolutely hilarious for brief instances i thought i was watching a dave chapelle skit I've now subscribed to your channel sir because it is ....the crap :D

Colleen Sommer: I lead expeditions, so, natural, you know, I can always feel a difference in my system when I get home. Thanks for the review. I am probably gonna get one!

LilPhat Vue: I always wonder why I crap so much better when im squatting and now I know 

GoLivePure: It's still working great!

Carol Livingston: Love it!

johnny102marvin: This guy is a fantastic entertainer. He should be on TV.

Jessica Panfile: Can I have the link to your blog?

Natural Nate: I just squat right on my toilet. That way I get into a full, complete, natural, deep squat.

Richie Riches: Man, why not just get some 2X4s and a framer's gun? Everyman's squatty potty. XD

Kawaii Kittle: lol awesome review XD I so want one now. 

Chris/阿軒: So I've been squatting for the past five years or so, I started around 17 because of constipation. My question is: why do we need something like the squatty potty when you can just stand on the toilet and squat down? (I realize this is too hard to heavy weight people for obvious reasons). Is there anything different in the angle your legs are spread?

Dan Ribley: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! Funniest guy in the world. No place for Eddie Murphy or Cris Rock. Ur the man!

Bearded Forever: Are those cup holders?

Robert Chandler: All hell I'm just going to go when the dogs go. Hope my neighbors don't mind.

Deborah Springer: How the hell did I get here?

Karen Zimmerman: Love your review! You are adorable, too. What a great sense of humor and a positive nature. :-D We're going to order one for each of our bathrooms!

kdwitherspoon77: Its funny how people try to find other cheap alternatives to this but its not that expensive and there isnt anything else that is as tailor made for this experience. I'd rather buy the real deal especially if it's something im going to use on a consistent basis and is specifically designed for what im using it for, than buy some stool that isnt designed for anything other than standing on and is more of a hassle than a truly cheaper alternative. 

Lenore Lawrence: Thank you for this video,I learned of this from a Dr Appointment my son had so in researching it I found this. Is this the same as the Poop Stool that was featured on I think 2 and a half men? 

4randosutube: I have never seen someone with a bigger smile while talking about taking a dump. The squatty technique really must work.

Scarlet S: okay but why can't you just use a stool... 

Alan Larson: Man you're awesome! I love your personality. You also sold me on the product =P

livingstonem10: Nice video! Would you recommend the 9" or 7" squatty potty for a 15" toilet (like yours) if I want to squat all the way down without touching the toilet? I'm a 5'10" male.

Daylandro Andretti: Awesome, Informative, Humorous; and VERY Enlightening! My Aunt taught me the importance of going Ergonomically correct over 30 years ago! Thank God this important information is finally becoming mainstream knowledge! Thanks A Million! ~Add Love!™ ♥ 

customneonshirts: They have that in China too. If you put your pants all the way down, you can get some on your pants. That happened to me haha

tupen: is your poo white?

ti3nt: Do you know how to achieve the same results for free and without being restricted to only being able to use it at home? Just lean forward, chest to thighs whenever you take a crap...

Stefen Lius: 12plmkmihrvnko877877io 

asianthor: Never seen anybody so happy for their next dump! Good for you! The only problem when many people squat in mid air on the Potty Squatty for a more Asian style is that when you finally release your bombs it splashes water up to your butt cheeks. The solution is to just prior to you squatting is to build a nest out of toilet paper so your poop lands on it and does not splash up to your butt cheeks, and flush at the same time so the stink doesn't waffle's up. 

Aundrea Barnett: A friend told me about this: I thought he was crazy; well, not really since I really respect his opinion, but had never heard of a Squatty Potty. Now, I see what he was talking about. Thanks EJ.

Raffaelina Peragine: Saw that on Dr Oz he said it really works.

Nancy Mendola: Yes it does. It takes a few days to get used to it. 
Does the Squatty Potty Really Work? 4.8 out of 5

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Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?