Does The Squatty Potty Really Work?

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Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?
Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?
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which squatty potty is right for you
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GoLivePure: It's still working great!

GoLivePure: Sorry I've been away for awhile not able to comment. I plan to get active again. Thanks for all the comments.....positive and negative. :)

johnny102marvin: This guy is a fantastic entertainer. He should be on TV.

livingstonem10: Nice video! Would you recommend the 9" or 7" squatty potty for a 15" toilet (like yours) if I want to squat all the way down without touching the toilet? I'm a 5'10" male.

David Miller: Why dont you just lean forward with your elbows on your knee's? Thats pretty much what I always do as I read on the Thomas Crapper. :P

Raffaelina Peragine: Saw that on Dr Oz he said it really works.

Chris/阿軒: So I've been squatting for the past five years or so, I started around 17 because of constipation. My question is: why do we need something like the squatty potty when you can just stand on the toilet and squat down? (I realize this is too hard to heavy weight people for obvious reasons). Is there anything different in the angle your legs are spread?

Nancy Mendola: Yes it does. It takes a few days to get used to it. 

yazmut: can you just sit on the toilet and hold your knees up to your chest?!??

kdwitherspoon77: Its funny how people try to find other cheap alternatives to this but its not that expensive and there isnt anything else that is as tailor made for this experience. I'd rather buy the real deal especially if it's something im going to use on a consistent basis and is specifically designed for what im using it for, than buy some stool that isnt designed for anything other than standing on and is more of a hassle than a truly cheaper alternative. 

morsymusic: LOL, you's a damn comedian with this, but I love you for sharing the message. Been meaning to buy one of these and I think its about time. (Looking forward to checking out your blog next) Cheers!

Taylor Bible: Great video. Ill probably eventually get one now.

AzraelDKF: This thing is going to change my life, my grandma asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said the squatty potty, I use half a damn roll of TP to wipe and I hear this cuts down on that

Cissy2cute: Great vid--we have been using one for several months and it really does help. Straightens out the lower colon and allows gravity to help things along. The more natural, the better!

Chad Burnett: Nicely done.... thanks for sharing...funny too :)

Jordie Weiland: Thanks for the help! Haven't been this clean in years!

Mohan Singh: One can lean-forward-and-down in regular commode as well and accomplish the same effect, in my opinion. Get out of the restroom in a minute or two, with this technique.

Wuifuro: lol

Kea Michelle: I would buy absolutely ANYTHING from you!!! You are the most charasmatic person I have ever seen on Youtube!!! And if I was the Director of a company I would pay you a fortune to be my head of marketing!!! What a lovely, intriguing and authentic person you are!!! Thank you :)

Marie Johnson: My brother in law sent this to me and my husband as a joke. Let me just say as a person who has problems sometimes it does work. I don't like people playing with my money. And it's unfortunate that there are so many scams and useless products out there I would have never tried this had I saw it in a store. I would have laughed. When medically this could be the answer for a lot of people with problems in this area. The name doesn't help but it is what it is.

起正: u crack me up. good stuff. 

jahbrother: Nice job!!

mike mckeown: And so.... the stool was invented. Seems they figured out how to charge around $50 for a stool :v/

shanelle ag: lol u so silly but i see your point..

cfuller1971: Is this safe for people to use while they are constipated? I've seen powerlifters prolapse their rectum when straining too hard in that position.

A Mack: Not sure. Still waiting on it but from all the research out there, it appears I've been doing it wrong all my life :) Countries in the East have been squatting forever. The just have a hole in the ground and a place to set their feet. Amazing how many squatty potty's Stern will sell for this company.

Leston Buell: Loved this video. Can't wait to get my Squatty Potty for Christmas!

Sara Morad: ur hilarious! thnx 4 sharing :)

racer52online: Dude! You are hilarious. Love you infectious enthusiasm.

NetCanvas: I love this guy's review !!!

MNg Ng: You can actually use a plastic or wooden stool as they are inexpensive. 

bf3frust: awesome video man!

Zip Zenac: Can someone help this poor moron out and tell him he needs to take his pants off BEFORE he takes a dump, ha ha ha.

MrStan1941: Flat feet are good as well. More people need to know about Squatty Potty.

lost94133: It's best too crap standing up it

H Rogers: Today is the first I am hearing/seeing this concept outside of Asia. While in S Korea, I got a good laugh out of the in-floor commodes found in public restrooms (there's even a foot pedal to flush - no germs!). I thought they only made them for inexpensive cost/convenience! 

SuperLyber: I bought a stool from home depot to use for now until I get my squatty potty. Thanks for the video.

A Mack: Howard Stern is the reason I know about this. Can't wait to get mine!

Barticus Maximus: Hilarious! I got a plastic "eco" 7 inch model and it's great! Highly recommended.

MsDAISYCHEN: Give this guy his own show! Artuculate informative & funny, In my college dormitory our asian friends woud discreetly carry what we now know are Squatty Potties down tha hall to the bathoom.. (All femae floor & in 1983). I wish now we would've asked & learned alot from our friends!

cforte0423: It is disturbing that they claim it helps with colitis. Colitis has absolutely nothing with posture.

Nancy Mendola: I just bought one tonight for my husbands birthday present. He has been teasing me about getting one. After I ordered I cam across your U Tube video. You are so funny, thanks for sharing.

DARK KNIGHT: So.. you're not supposed to squat in the western toilet at all ? lol

DARK KNIGHT: Gotta love your enthusiasm XD

Adam Eads: Clean your damn toilet

Dr_Boom: That's one happy dude!

alook992: الحمامات العربية هي الأفضل صحيا

CUCOBIKE: :) :) :) :)

rawutah: i'm squatting on my squatty potty right now!!!!!!! :) HA!!!! loving your videos man...please keep them coming!

Paul Gibson: I love it
Does the Squatty Potty Really Work? 4.9 out of 5

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Does the Squatty Potty Really Work?