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Sub Dork: Great video, but prob should be titled "10 difficult but fun games". I say this because many of these are very beatable but just have some hard parts. Zelda II for instance isn't controller-crushingly hard until the very last castle.

FaythArts: You felt darksouls was rushed you're a freaking cunt

psp09ful: What? You've placed Battletoads before Ninja Gaiden? Well let's see, you said you've got to the 2nd boss in that game (that's more than 90% of the game), but in Battletoads, you couldn't get past the Turbo Tunnel (that's less than 30%). So why did you place Battletoads before Ninja Gaiden?
Battletoads is way harder than Ninja Gaiden. I say even if Jesus says best of luck to anyone, he will die a million times before beating the damn thing.

MPT1983: Ok Im starting to think Battletoads and Ninja Gaiden get way to much credit for being hard games,they are difficult and require a decent amount of patience and practice but they are by no means unbeatable,if you still cant beat level 3 on BT by now then you just aren't a very skilled gamer (no offense)  and NG can be beaten with the right strategy on the final level,(obtaining the jump and slash technique then saving it for the bosses,it makes short work of all 3). Also Dark Souls brutal hard? How can you say that when you've beaten Ghosts and Goblins and Demon Souls.

51JBerger: I was able to beat Ninja Gaiden without cheat codes. It took a while, but it was really rewarding.

Kevin Dehart: I agree with Gun.Smoke, game took me 3 days to beat on Capcom Arcabe Cabinet. Unless you want to get angry enough to feel like punching innocent babies in the face, stay the freak away from Gun.Smoke!!! Literally the hardest game I've ever played in my life, don't even know where to begin with how hard the game is, just... just don't play it. Don't try it. Just avoid playing it. Please do yourself an enormous favor and don't try the game out. 

Wenceslao Futanaki: ninja gaiden is easier than battletoads. hard as freak still

Wenceslao Futanaki: there should be a list about GOOD hard games, and games that are crap/broken but hard, this list has a little of both.

Asgardians3t: here is my top 3 > I wanna be the guy >2 I wanna be the fangame >1 I wanna be the Boshy

Arne Kristian Lindmo: Ikari Warriors for the NES - without the continue code - Good luck :-)

Axan Naxa: The Elder Scrolls Arena.. hardest game I played.

Skye Reynolds: I've beaten Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts 'n Goblins. Volkmire's Inferno is the furthest I've made it on Battletoads.

RyuHirakashi1: ms. pac-man. I mean it. I've met people over the years that were good at it, but to beat this sucker means that you'd have to be obsessed. That and Tetris 2 for the SNES. I dare anyone to go play normal mode. It's freaking unbeatable! I've really tried!

Casanuda: Ninja Gaiden isn't nearly as hard as Battletoads. I've beaten both, but Ninja Gaiden has unlimited continues. True the 6th stage throws you back to 6-1 if you lose to the final boss, but Battletoads has 12 stages with limited continues.

And Battletoads doesn't stop at stage 3. Most people think stage 3 is hard, but those who are good enough to beat the Turbo Tunnels know that it's actually easy compared to the rest of the game. Skip to Volkmeir's Inferno and try that a few hundred times.

ThePattycake1313: what a sylla boy!

Lautaro Fonz: As someone who has beaten both Ninja Gaiden and Battletoads, I have to say that Ninja Gaiden doesnt even come close to Battletoads in difficulty. That speeder bike stage is level 3 out of 12 levels. Ninja Gaiden sends you back to the beginning of the world, Battletoads sends you back to the beginning of the game. 

Raciniano: Michael Jackson' game for genesis is so freakin' impossible!!!

Angelina K: if you think gunsmoke has a bunch of bullets flying at you play contra 3

Angelina K: ive ninja gaiden an let me tell you this it is no where near as hard as ghost and goblins

Tsukiyomaru Zero: Dark/Demon's Souls hard? Faxanadu is hard! Dark/Demon's Souls is more about skill. Play your cards right (as in: know thy enemy well) and you can never EVER die a fool's death. Only very accidental death like... slipping off the edge.
My Top 10 Hardest Games 5 out of 5

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