My Top 10 Hardest Games

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My Top 10 Hardest Games
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Patrick Andrews: played battletoads for the first time last night, actually made it past the turbo tunnel without much difficulty. I hear the rest of the game is much more difficult, but I think if I can beat games like ninja gaiden and castlevania 3 I should be ok. I probably won't ever attempt silver surfer just because I don't really like shooters, nor am I good at them.

memmix: play Chakan sega........see if u eva beat that game too

Octavio89: Battletoads is the hardest game of all time, PERIOD.

EnchanterTim: Gun smoke arcade. 100 percent correct.

VixXstazosJOB: you sir are so cute at what seems your first experience at bullet hell games, letalone picking one of the easiest for your number 1 lol

Jan Gustavsson: Rings of Power for Mega Drive / Genesis is the biggest and hardest RPG ever created.

acriser15: Zelda II is not hard. I have a few. #1 is Dragon Power-NES. your life slowly takes away as you walk through the game and it's unfair! #2 Double Dragon 3-NES. 1 life, that's it, and your enemies all gang up on you and kill you so fast. #3 Cobra Triangle-NES. problem with this one is the friggin waterfall jumps and getting the pattern down, plus the friggin icebergs on that ice level,they popup so fast and you cannot avoid it

Dark Helmet: Beat the first Ninja Gaiden too many times to count but for some damn reason i can't beat Super Mario Bros or Castlevania. Learned how to beat Ninja Gaiden watching my neighbor who was just a master at the game. Got it on Christmas and let him borrow it that night and he tells me the next morning that he beat it. Didn't believe him but the freaker came over that night and beat it right in front of me.

Allerdyne: Dude, I couldn't beat Ninja Gaiden using an emulator and save states! I made it to the final boss, but that's it. I don't remember much about The Adventures of Link, as I played it much later in my life, but I don't think I had a whole lot of trouble with that one.

GreenSoap: Ninja Gaiden III is the hardest in the trilogy tho'. At least the NES version of it. The Famicom version is easier.

MABfan11: no IWBTG?

SlicerJen: Ninja gaiden was hard, yah, but i rocked that last boss. Even recorded it on vhs. Yes, vhs. I loved this game. Probably the first true difficult one i had for the nes.

SlicerJen: Yah by the second or third boss i was broken.

1985250r: I beat allot of these games without cheats when they came out. gunsmoke was one of my favorites!

OoTZOMMMoO: F-zero gx! Make it to 100% was just crazy

FaythArts: You felt darksouls was rushed you're a freaking cunt

psp09ful: What? You've placed Battletoads before Ninja Gaiden? Well let's see, you said you've got to the 2nd boss in that game (that's more than 90% of the game), but in Battletoads, you couldn't get past the Turbo Tunnel (that's less than 30%). So why did you place Battletoads before Ninja Gaiden?
Battletoads is way harder than Ninja Gaiden. I say even if Jesus says best of luck to anyone, he will die a million times before beating the damn thing.

MPT1983: Ok Im starting to think Battletoads and Ninja Gaiden get way to much credit for being hard games,they are difficult and require a decent amount of patience and practice but they are by no means unbeatable,if you still cant beat level 3 on BT by now then you just aren't a very skilled gamer (no offense)  and NG can be beaten with the right strategy on the final level,(obtaining the jump and slash technique then saving it for the bosses,it makes short work of all 3). Also Dark Souls brutal hard? How can you say that when you've beaten Ghosts and Goblins and Demon Souls.

51JBerger: I was able to beat Ninja Gaiden without cheat codes. It took a while, but it was really rewarding.

Kevin Dehart: I agree with Gun.Smoke, game took me 3 days to beat on Capcom Arcabe Cabinet. Unless you want to get angry enough to feel like punching innocent babies in the face, stay the freak away from Gun.Smoke!!! Literally the hardest game I've ever played in my life, don't even know where to begin with how hard the game is, just... just don't play it. Don't try it. Just avoid playing it. Please do yourself an enormous favor and don't try the game out. 
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My Top 10 Hardest Games