Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder Set Up

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Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder set up
Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder set up
How To Set up the Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder
How To Set up the Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder
how to record ps3 gameplay using kaiser baas game recorder series 8
how to record ps3 gameplay using kaiser baas game recorder series 8
Kaiser Baas 1080p Game Recorder HD - Review
Kaiser Baas 1080p Game Recorder HD - Review

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Pro Cyon: Danke! Du hast mir echt geholfen!! Thank you! You really helped me!! from Germany :-) 

Doritostarwarsbaget: How much are they

@TakeSwifft|A3 xSwifft|: I got it for $80. Now I bought a Roxio for $45,and Its MUCH Better. :D

GamerGod186: Hello, when I try recording using this, I cannot get it to go to full screen, I have the aspect of it at 16:9 at PAL60, can't get full screen videos once recorded using my laptop. I even tried using FRAPS to record but I am still getting half screen, any help would be greatly appreciated 

JackBoiiiAnsell: Did this eventually work for you?

Rhys Hawkins: hey i got one and whenever i try to even setup under pal-60 i just get a blue screen. do you know wtf is goin on? help

Yick!: You could just download it off of the internet

XxRLBxX: I heard u have to play the game your recording on your pc instead of a tv. Anyway I could play on a tv while it's recording?

clayb0ii: If I set it up your way we have only got white and yellow at the back of our tv will it still work or do I need a tv that has red white and yellow.

Jakekil97: What version of Windows are you running?

DnGamers00: Hi man I use a HDMI cable for my xbox and PS3 , how would I set it up, would it be the same way or should I just change to standard definition for recording then back again.

lordoftime001: The problem is your computer then, I could here perfectly fine volume turned right down

zhamid1: @AndrewPWH1 Yeah, everythings plugged in and yes.

NickHDGaming: When i watch what iv'e recorded it goes into fast motion do you know why?

kazza201: @AndrewPWH1 kk thx

AndrewPWH1: @xIMW2 I'm not sure dude, try fiddling with the settings, or emailing their support line.

Everiso: @AndrewPWH1 i might be getting a new xbox one. but i have some spare ones just need an adapter

AndrewPWH1: They may be under different codes at picklesmith now, but places like Jaycar electronics may have them.

zhamid1: @AndrewPWH1 Nah, Big W. But it seems... I plug the Splitters in all the way, it flickers, but if I put them half in they don't... What the hell? Anyway, thanks! I'll hit ya with a subscription. ;)

WaLKaT3N: so u would have no clue of how to do it on a ps3, because u have a xbox

NeOxiNSANiTYx: whats is everything you need to record with kaiser bass series 8?

AndrewPWH1: @Aidanrox123 You just have it set up like I do and you can record while still playing on the TV

TheSpyChecker: Say i've got an hdmi cable running from my xbox to the tv. So if i was to connect an a/v cable INTO the kaiser baas, would i be able to play using the hdmi cable but record at the very same time?

AndrewPWH1: I honestly don't remember sorry, I'll hunt down my portable hard drive and see if I have any old videos on it and check for you though :)

theawesome61: Mine comes up with a blue screen help!!

AndrewPWH1: @g0hawks11 Well, I'd assume that's the reason it's not working, got a spare cord you can use?

LimbsArgo: Can you do commentary with a x31 turtle beach headset while recording with this or not? and if not how do you racord your voice while your recording?

callofdutywiifanboy3: do they have to be the same type or can it be different?(the cord and splytters)

AndrewPWH1: I never tried it with a headset sorry.

DaToko1000: What does the joiner do?

bonusa619: nice accent

Burak Obama: You might be able to help me I want to record games from my PS3 but nothing comes up only a blue/black window. Thanks!

D1rtyMeX1can: Is it possible to set it up with spliters, and a hdmi cable?

clayb0ii: now my game recorders just a blue screen? it's installed correctly

AndrewPWH1: @clayb0ii Right click on the blue screen, should come up with a list, it'll be in there somewhere.

Brandon P: since my computers a piece of crap, will it lag on the screen?

clay jackson: K i got it, now just when i record cod, when i upload, theres lines on my screen, (im clayb0ii)

AndrewPWH1: @Raedsm EB games australia :)

Raedsm: @AndrewPWH1 Sweet! Thanks bro!

CbbTyrone: Can you do it without a computer? Please answer.

Mine Executioner: mine did not come with the disc

AndrewPWH1: @LoadingNova I hook it up to my TV because i prefer the bigger screen yes :)

GeneralGamingGuys: do you know how to fix the audio lag?

Timmy Dart: How do i fix the blue screen????????

JustSomeCat: That would probably have ruined the quality of the video anyway

XxRLBxX: K thanks man

BahDish Gaming: you have to record your own audio off the pc and then edit it in

ChippingCoder: Right click on screen and go to standard change it to pal or pal 60 and change back. This if you have blue screen

Aidanrox123: how do you record and play on the tv at the same time

CyraaxHD: @xIMW2 I know exactly what it is. Its called ''interlacing'' you can remove it with sony vegas. search up a tutorial on getting rid of interlacing :)
Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder set up 4.7 out of 5

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Kaiser Baas Series 8 Game Recorder set up