IOS 7 - Weather App On IPhone 5

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Gaby Henley: That helped me so much! Thank you

anime enthusiast: I don't care how good an app claims to be I know otherwise that most if not all weather apps are usually wrong every weather app i used has been wrong 90% of the time including the one that came with the phone and then Google weather isn't good either the only one reliable source I've ever seen is actually watching the news at least they're wrong only 50% of the time not 90% the truth is I believe there's a reason for that I believe the apps are cheaply made but I believe the ones at the new stations use advanced technology so no cheap app is ever going to work if I'm wrong I sure haven't found it yet I haven't found that app yet that really works

Shuajb Zeqiri: I cant find my City in The Weather can someone Help me?

I give up On names: How do you change the place of weather forecast on the top settings/notification screen

nathaniel senderoff: thanks my snow and rain and clouds don't move on my 6s my wifes move!!other then that its fine

Gary E. Summers: Excellent video but.....HOW do I alphabetize my weather sites? Thanks! Gary

Stirlingite 555: Who else tries to take screen shots of the lightning?? XD

u_nite: how do you delete one location?

Clang Chang: My weather app in my phone is not animated anymore. What happend? Please help me. Is t because of the update ios9?

michael111104: 666 likes o_o

Ryan Thomas: Does the weather stock app give you watches, warnings etc?

Hungry. Jose: It dosent work on me

Shaun B: To delete the ones you don't want slide to the left.

1UNG GAMING: Is there away to add the weather to my pull down screen??

Dustin Ball: To delete any city you don't want go to the screen that has a list of all your weather forecasts and slide your finger across the city you no longer want and it will come up with delete

Dustin Ball: The new weather app is good but thing wrong with it is the lack of local weather like the old one I use to be able to get weather forecasts more accurately by having local weather not just the major city

vipin meshram: amazing weather app

megamarte22: How do you clear the locations? What if I don't want one if them there anymore?

jalalabad coster: Samsung galaxy s3 has this graphic weather widget also and sounds too! And apple just came out with this and it doesn't even have sound. Apple need to up their game.

Jesse E.: how to post in facebook?
iOS 7 - Weather App On iPhone 5 5 out of 5

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iOS 7 - Weather App On iPhone 5