TrafficMaster Allure Ultra Resilient Flooring Installation - Review

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TrafficMaster Allure Ultra Resilient Flooring Installation - Review
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Howard Thrift: We have just completed doing our house with Allure products and are extremely happy with the outcome . We were going to have the original timber floors sanded and polished but logistically it was going to be a nightmare ie dog in kennels for weeks and the cats as well plus removing all the furniture {who has space for a house load of furniture outside the house } then ourselves away from the house with two disabled kids in wheelchairs what a drama . So after viewing a variety of flooring options at Harvey Norman here in Australia we just luckily spotted these two pieces of Allure on the display shelf . We came home and did some internet research and were convinced it was for us . 900sq ft was ordered lucky we had a van 1 ton load of flooring was pretty radical in the back . Then I removed all the skirting boards old carpet etc  repainted ceilings and walls doors etc , laying the product was easier than I thought it was going to be . I made sure the very first line of boards were dead straight and kept them in place that way I ran the rest of the house from that first line . I would agree with the previous commentator that fixing the second line is an art form which you learn quickly to overcome . I was able to do the job over several days and a couple of weekends and only needed to move furniture to one side of the room lay the floor and shift it back again . If there is one BIG problem it's not the Allure flooring it's your bloody knees !!! I ended up buying some knee protectors from local hardware chain wow what a relief . We fitted matching stained skirting boards after completion and the transformation was amazing makes the house take on a whole new look and feel . Even bought ourselves a robotic floor washer cleaner to save some time doing housework . Thank You Allure we love the product .

allureflooring: UPDATE:  You can download and print allure ULTRA cleaning and maintenance instructions here:

allureflooring: If you are looking for official allure ULTRA installation instructions be sure to read and download the "Quick Start" sheets here:


Michael D.: I forgot to add this other trick: make darn sure that your first row is perfectly straight when pressing against the spacers that are against the first wall.  In my bathroom, I attempted to install the first row, using spacers, against the tub.  But the spacers were NOT against the tub; they were against the mushy silicone caulk that was lining the bottom length of the tub.  So when I started my second row, the first row would "crack" (come loose at the seams.  This occurred because the silicone caulking would give at the spacers (just enough) so that the square length of the first row was losing its straight line--and thus falling apart.

So ... I cut out the silicone caulking and the spacers were then lying against a good, solid surface--which kept the first row perfectly straight, you see.

Imagine a house of cards that is not sitting on a flat table.  It needs a good foundation ... else you know the drill.  The same holds true for a perfectly straight interlocking floor system, except the "foundation" begins on the first edge.

Although, I just saw a YouTube video where Allure Ultra now has a "Unifit" edge, so all my tips are now archaic because you don't have to play with the plank's edges, anymore.  You still interlock the length of the planks, but the ends just sit over each other and you tap it with a rubber hammer after sitting the lengths.  Even your dumb cousin, Roy, could install one of these floors now.

This last: my two Westies have no issues with this flooring, and the cat that was peeing all over my carpets can pee all it wants now.  This floor is waterproof.  You can come back home after watching a movie, see a spill that's been siting for hours and wipe it up.  No damage at all.  I wish I could say that for the wood laminate I had installed in the living room.  It's real wood and looks beautiful.  But a spill that sits on it for an hour will lift the edges--which makes me very, very upset.

But, as far as Allure Ultra goes, over two years now, and I still love it.

Charles Otwell: I am about to try to install 244sq. Ft of this, wish me luck.

huckamuckahoitoi: How will this hold up to my 100 pound dog and multiple cats?

superado2k: Why does it say that you can install right on top of laminate flooring but a text balloon pops up stating that it is not recommended?

Michael D.: The video does not show that this "easy to install" flooring requires a special "trick" in order to install--from the second row on.  Any idiot can install the first row, after all.  You just tilt and click the ends together.  But the second row on is another matter. 

On the second row you just tilt and slide in the first plank; then the second plank, you must, of course, slide in the end of the first plank in the second row, first; but then you'll find the length (the long part) of the plank will not move into its slot--unless you know the "trick":

First off, you slide the short end (that's END) into the first plank on the second row at a 15 to 20 degree angle, leaving the long end of the plank with about an eighth to a quarter inch of the locking tab still showing.  Then you have to place a hand under the END seam (the seam you just created by joining the two planks, remember?) so that your hand is forcing up the end of the first plank, as well as, the end of the second plank.  Don't lift too much or you'll separate the two and have to start over.  Then, take your other hand and, starting at the point where the two planks are attached, tilt the long side of the plank up and, starting where the two planks are joined, work your pressure along the entire length of the plank until the length of the plank goes into place.

It's a sort of lift at the joined ends, a tilt of the side, and a shove.

The other trick is that you will need a scrap piece of the flooring (about  ten inches long).  After you get your second row in, take the scrap piece and lock it into the exposed edge of the second row--as if you were actually going to lay this piece as part of the third row.  Then take a hammer (it's okay; it's just a scrap so you can dent it) and tap gently along the entire length of the exposed second-row lip.  Unsnap and scoot your scrap "tapper" piece along the entire length of the second row, gently tapping.

This last will squinch up your seams perfectly.  They don't tell you to do this, but it's necessary.  Unless you start wailing with the hammer, you'll only damage your scrape tapper-inner piece (which you might have to replace is laying a lot of flooring).

Now if you don't follow these instructions, prepare to have a stroke .... 
TrafficMaster Allure Ultra Resilient Flooring Installation - Review 5 out of 5

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TrafficMaster Allure Ultra Resilient Flooring Installation - Review