3400 GM Engine 3.4 Liter Motor Explanation And Discussion

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3400 GM Engine 3.4 Liter Motor Explanation And Discussion
3400 GM Engine 3.4 Liter Motor Explanation And Discussion
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Alfonso Gonzales jr: My car crank but no start when I unplug the battery for 20 minutes and plug it back in it starts up fine all day until the next morning it happen again what causes it

Ryan Wequ: I recently bought a 2002 Olds Alero with this engine. Learning everything I can about the car before I own it for too long. Glad to see this video!

Buford Blu: What a stupid, lazy design. GM

Tye Curtis: Got one that keeps overheating when i stop at a traffic light. Any idea?

Becka Fulton: I know this is an old post but I have a 2002 chevy impala and I had to replace the intake manifold gasket agree putting it back together there is a fuel injector missing where do all of the fuel injector goes I might have one in the wrong place

Alan Hunter: Had a 3.6 in a Malibu which is virtually identical and the 3.4 in my Impala I drive now.

Piston slap seems to be caused by the rods connecting the rocker arms fitting too tightly. Clean them up really good with rubbing alcohol then give them a good lubing up with some clean oil makes a world of difference. Too much torque on the rocker arms can also introduce the same problem: tighten to spec then with a box end wrench 2 hours of a clock tighter.

The MAF sensor element can be cleaned to restore it's functionality. It's a resistive element so adding or removing material changes it's output. Clean with a non-corrosive cleaner like rubbing alcohol.

Gaskets on this engine should be sealed with AC Delco 88864346 or equivalent silicon. The typical black silicon has a nasty reaction with the aluminum used in this engine, causes the aluminum to corrode which will produce a disgusting sludge that takes bottle cleaners of various sizes to get out of the coolant and oil channels. Eucalyptus oil can dissolve this crud to make cleanup easier and is safe to mix into any of your fluids in small quantities (1:10 ratio would be ideal).

This engine wears the drive belt really fast compared to any other engine I've had. As a result I treated my last belt with glycerin before installing it. Neatly wrap the belt and shove it into the bottom of a jar, fill just enough glycerin to cover it and let it sit overnight. Take it out the next day, wipe it dry with a junk rag then install it. If the belt starts to show significant wear, check the pulleys, it shouldn't wear once treated as long as the pulleys are all spinning good.

Heat shrink tubing can be used to seal a leaking vacuum line. Find the leaking section. Score a circle with a pipe cutter or razor then snap it clean. Slide heat shrink on and hold it together while you either wave it over a heat gun or have a friend heat it with a lighter using a swaying motion.

The Anti-Theft system you likely have since you have this engine. Do not even bother trying to fix it when it begins to fail. For the price of a new BCM you can order an aftermarket BCM from Omega that actually solves the problem once and for all. When I ran into this problem I tried everything from switches to turn off the anti-theft to resistors to eliminate the hall effect sensor to making my own debugging adapter using an Arduino, documentation AC Delco provided and a lot of low level code to sniff traffic using man-in-the-middle techniques with a laptop. All pointed toward the system working properly even though it clearly wasn't. My Impala already had the Omega BCM installed when I purchased it and I haven't seen so much of a hint of the stock system's problem.

When your radio decides it's been stolen, which from what I seen all of them do at some point. There is a code on the service tag in your trunk that you can enter using the radios debug menu. You'll have to look up which button combo opens that menu for your specific radio but dialing it in is very easy. Just expect to do it again a few years down the line if you keep the car. The code is a 3 digit number in one of the corners of the tag, not in the big group of numbers. The big group of number are just the options the car was ordered with.

Clipper1094: Hi guys, I have a '04 Alero and when I try starting it it will crank for about 5 seconds before firing up but sometimes if the engine has been running and I try starting it within 1 hour it'll fire up almost instantly. Also, I have to refill the coolant almost every 2 months. I don't see any leaks but I had a fusion and not once topped off the coolant in the 3 years that I had it.

Severin 78: good engine???

Jose Eduardo Castillo: got a p0403 code for my 3400 motor on my 2004 impala changed the EGR valve but the check engine light is still on

dwallyworld4: I have this engine in a 2003 Olds Alero. trying to replace the waterpump outside in 10degree weather sucks. It appears the waterpump only goes on one way. We are going to get back to it tomorrow, but my son and his friend apparently had something off and the bolt may have crossthreaded. once we get that out we may be screwed, but if they can get a replacement (they broke the head off) and it still is good enough to go, how do we know it is positioned properly to fit the mount on the engine properly? I am accustomed to a car with a matching tab on the motor to line up with the water pump. There is no such thing on this vehicle, and I am pretty sure it only goes on one way. We could try hand threading each bolt, then remove and turn one to the right for each of the 5 possibilities, but if there is a way to know it would be awesome. The water pump we purchased between bolts has tabs or no tabs. clockwise it would be a tab in the middle, no tab, a tab to the left, a tab to the right, and no tab (from the perspective looking at it from the fender). I am guessing one of those tabs is designated to be the top, but I have no clue which. And if all the pumps for this car are the same I'm still out of luck because they took out the old one without paying attention to that. Being it's so cold outside here and we are stuck doing it without a garage, I really hate to have to try all the positions if someone knows which one is correct!
Thanks in advance.

Zayy Cooln: I have a air leak but mines whistles and white smoke comes out the tail pipe.!!!!!! #helpme

The Brave One: Worst piece of crap I ever owned.

Simon Winston: Anyone knows the pipe right before the throttle body, on the air intake main hose? the other end goes to the engine, under the ignition coils, the computer part. That end has some kind rubber thing, mine ruined because of age. 2001 pontiac grand am. I got code p0300, maybe this is the cause.

Julian Tamayo: I am having an issue with the charging system in an Oldsmobile silhouette 2000, replaced battery, 2 new alternators and still not charging the battery, at times the voltage shows 15.+ coming out of the alternator other times is 3 volts or nothing at all, it seems the alternator is not getting the signal from the computer, any one have any ideas in Fixes. Thank you.

Randal Warburton: I have a 2004 grand am gt 3.4 moter wont start .changed starter and battery still no start .starter turns for 2 seconds then lets go .cant figure it out

Rob Savant: Hope you all are still around. I did a head gasket replacement, took the heads to a shop to have them tested and cleaned. Car ran before I replaced gaskets and now there is no compression. If I loosen the rocker arm bolts it will get compression. Did I forget something? Anyone else run into this and was able to rectify?

ЯyantheDolphiИ: at 2:30 you touched a hose that runs into the big metal intake manifold. What is that? mine just broke and I need to know what i9t is so i can replace it. Thanks!

southdub26: I have the most annoying problem.. it's very intermitant. When driving usually happens once every week or so, I'll be driving and all of a sudden it's like my car is on cruise control the Rpms will stick at a certain spot. If I slam on the gas the power is real sluggish. I can literally let off the gas and the car keeps going. Usually maintains speed for the most part. If I stop and park the Rpms will be high. Usually I'll turn the car off for a second and restart and boom it's gone. Took it to 3 shops , one a trans shop and no one can figure it out. I take gaskets done. Tps done. Egr done. Fuel pressure done. 92,000 miles. No check engine lights no codes. I'm lost please help guys.

mitzi tkach: 04 pontiac grand am lower intake manifold gasket leaked antifreeze into the oil. Replaced with felpro gaskets problem solved. It started to leak slowly over the a.c. compressor which blew the a.c. clutch fuse. That caused a no cold start issue.... seems the fuel injector start pulse circuit shares the a.c. compressor fuse. Would cold start with either then restart all day until cold. Check the a.c. compressor clutch fuse.

Sir Flynt_32: What exactly do you mean by hesitation?
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3400 GM Engine 3.4 Liter Motor Explanation And Discussion