Full Body Solid Silicone Baby Doll Bath Time

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Joseph Alaniz: hi vikki i m looking for a full eco flex the same baby doll that i can give her a bath and give her a bottle if she has one do you if she is silicone can you give her to me 90 dollars or 100 dollars my name is sandra write back soon i m telling you because i dont have aq lot5 of money okay thank you very much

Joseph Alaniz: and a bottle and clothes to my name is sandra bye

Joseph Alaniz: hi vikki i am looking for a rubber doll and a flex and not anatomically correct i just what a doll

MondayBuddies: She is so precious. This is too sweet. That little face is so adorable <3

rebornlover1116: She is so adorable

reborns iadore: shes so cute and thats also a cool baby bath

Keghan Rose: I want to get a silicone I have been asking these questions to all the silicone mommys I know, how many times a week do you think I can wash one at the most without hurting the silicone and can you put one in a public pool without hurting the silicone with the chemicals?

4790Helen: Also sorry, can she fit a full pacifier/bottle in her mouth? Thanks :) Really love this little chunker!

Vikki Ebbeling: The head will not fall off... One would have to use great force and rip it off. A disk was placed in the head to joint her neck inside at the time of mold/casting....my mold maker (my husband) does it actually! Thanks for asking! Vikki

4790Helen: Do you know which 'grade' of ecoflex silicone she is? I have seen babies in ecoflex 30 and 50.

Kelbyn Floyd: Nothing weird about a grown woman playing with a baby doll

Mommy & Mystery Reborn: Wow! Such a lovely creation. Fun times in the tubby! Hugs, Michelle & Mystery Reborn

Jasmin Ramirez: can she take a pacifier

Sydneyblue101: Did you make her yourself? If so, would you PM me?

samantha alvarado: Wera do u get them

Keghan Rose: She looks so perfect no one makes chunky babies like her!

Vikki Ebbeling: Hello, Yes I do know the grade I used on this baby. It was Eco-Flex number 30. It has a elongation of break at 900%. It's the very best grade to use on these FULL body babies as they are very soft yet very durable. The softer the Eco-Flex the weaker it is. They actually use this grade of Eco-Flex for prosthetic's. It ranges in the middle for flexibility. I am sure you would want your Full body baby to last a very long time! Thanks for asking this question! Vikki

bundlesoflove5: How can we order her? Is she going to be an edition more than 1? If so, how much is she? Do you offer layaway? If so, how long?

Kenyatta Legare: Are sillicone dolls more realistic than reborns? I really want one that looks real

businezzprincess: Look like a real baby

Meli Melsz: hi vikkii i love baby doll how much are the silicone baby

Katelyn Hartsell: Do they cry if they do plz subscribe me plz

melani hulette: where did you get the water dispense thingymajig??

Ha8erjoo: And nothing weird about a man watching a grown woman playing with a baby doll ;-)

Shamek Andujar: Where can i buy one of these baby dolls

richbenavidez11: i like you bath wer did you get it

Madison Wallace: is her head only attached or did u siliconed it to her neck??

richbenavidez11: hello

Vikki Ebbeling: AWE...Thanks so much! She will be on EBAY Friday (tomorrow) Go to my web site to get the link! You can Google it! Vikki

08brooklynsmom08: I would like to get my daughter one of these dolls for Christmas this year. Any idea where I an get one or one like it?

Vikki Ebbeling: Hello, This baby is being offered on Ebay only! My goal is to do an edition of ten babies worldwide. However...the molds are put through a lot of stress getting the body out in one-piece and might not hold up for that many babies. Thanks for asking! Hugs, Vikki

Vikki Ebbeling: You are very welcome....sorry for being a bit slow!

SillyConeBaby .: She is gorgeous; I am a silicone doll collector and she definitely one I would live to add to our family. I love her chunkiness and her all-over look, 'perfect angel. Can't wait to find out how to order! Nice to see you, Dana/SillyConeBaby

SillyConeBaby .: she is a sweet pea!

Amy Bates: Hello Vikki, I just saw your video. I didn't know she's water proof. I'm trying to find one like it 's not so cheap. After getting my room clean up. So these babies can teach me some basics to be a mother in my future when I adopt a real child in my future. My mom will find a cute basket to make a bed for her.

4790Helen: How is the head attached/jointed? Is there any risk of it falling off?


nick cameo: she is so realistic wow that is amazing and she is so adorable

Vikki Ebbeling: Yes...she can take a newborn/preemie nipple and pacifier. You do not need to cut it to fit! Thanks for asking! Hugs, Vikki

Kara Keung: when does she wake up???????

Eridannia Martinez: where did you get it

gr8latino: Creepy.

Manda Mechtel: Weird

apdi benson: Can I have her or he for free please I have never had a silicone doll

TurtleANDMe98: Do you make these dolls? If so how much do you charge?

4790Helen: Thanks for replying to my questions :)

LiveLoveMakeup1998: Do they have silicone babies that eyes can open and close?

T. Michelle Lunsford: Your a littele to old for,this

prettyd0pechick247: omg that look like a real baby ... creepy ...

Madison Durbin: where do you get them at?
Full body solid silicone baby doll Bath Time 4.3 out of 5

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Full body solid silicone baby doll Bath Time