Align 3gx Full Setup Video 1 (freddy Can Fly)

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Align 3gx full setup video 1 (freddy can fly)
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Kenny Savage: Hey Freddy.. I know this is an older vid.. but I noticed you mentioned for satellites only receiver to change a channel or switch to gyro in order for tail gyro to function.. any idea what setting that is on the dx6

t. Rexxer: Great info. Thanks for the help Freddy. atb.

stephen cassidy: hi , iam new to this hobby so have problems setting up, can u tell me if ive reversed the polarity on the powering up the 3gx unit will it burn it out? I cant get it to power up now, it was powering up before but not now after relocating it and possibly plugging it in wrong.  many thanks    stevie

Christopher Merck: Freddy will this DX8 setup work with the new dx6

Scott Miller: Hey Freddy where do I go in my transmitter to make all 3 of my servo's move straight up and down. Like in pitch. Don;t know how to set up my transmitter Devo 8s. Could you please help me with this problem, Scottie

Daniel Berry: Can you use this G Pro system with a FrSky Taranis Plus TX / RX?

Pablo Cortez: Been out of the hobby for several years and just getting back into it. The whole flybarless thing has me a little confused. I have the exact same setup on this vid. Can you please guide me through the binding process? Again same setup using DX8. Thanks in advance!

Lihang Yang: hello Freddy!!, I noitice after I finish 3GX setup, and hook up the motor, 3 servos just can't move properly. I have to go trough 3GX setting from DIR to the end, and heli will remain functional for a while, but after I hook up the motor, same problem still. Could you please give me some help? thanks.

Артём Циганок: хоть я не слова не понял но спасибо 

Lihang Yang: in my dx7 IN the SW select, i can't switch gyro to AUX2, the only option is Inh and Gear

Doddie Domingo: Hi Freddy, is there a some way you can teach me to setup my trex 600 with 3g align fbl with JR x9303 Tx  thx Doddie

1tobicat: Hello Freddy, I have always flown the ar7200bx and know it so well by now that I hardly need the set up manual anymore. I just bought a used 700 DFC with a 3gx. I watched some other set up videos and was intimidated by how complicated the programming seemed. I found your series on the 3gx and with your help I was able to get set up on the first try. I just wanted to thank you for a really great and easy to follow instructional. Keep it up!

Mark Thiem: Freddy, My 3gx keeps falling out of DIR mode. Takes a quick press and it's back. Any ideas?

Butch Capars: freddy, what if i have the new DX6 which GYRO = gear only can i still use it instead the aux which is not present to my transmitter...thanks..

Jim Hanson:
i am just getting back into the hobby after a 6 or 7 year break i got a grate deal off ebay on really nice a trex 450 v2 it came with a futaba t7c radio and a g4 sim i also picked up a good deal on a used 450 pro dfc i came with a 3gx flbls and an airotronics dual satellites, i replaced the satellites  with a futaba r6303sb receiver i got it to boot up the servos move around but that is as far as i got it doesn't seem to respond to the inputs properly can one of you guys walk me through the proper setup procedure ?  i cant find any videos with a futaba t7c radio thanks

erik van havenbergh: Sorry Freddy, could it be that the 3GX is mounted wrong? Isn't it that the G--< logo needs to point to the front of the heli? Or is this not that important?

mainlymusicman: so you shouldn't put the servo horns on until your radio is on and at mid stick? 

cause in my manual it says to put them on during the build... but then how do you know if the servo travel is centered?. in other  words you could place the servo horn at 90 by moving the servo gear physically when its on the servo...  this is hard to explain...

mainlymusicman: i guess im dumb i didnt realsize you had to bind to the 3gx,  thought it was just the transmitter and reciever.

peter pang: Hi Freddy, I have Trex 450 pro/3gx/DX8 tx, I've done all the set ups, havent tried doing any 3d yet since Im a noob, but the heli can hover pretty well imo, and it came to the point where I want to do the DIR set up "again". What are the things needed to do before doing the DIR? Do I need to re-bind the heli? OR just set the SERVO AND DR/EXPO to zero? Thank you in advance.

MrAm1400: First when it comes to you a person feels intimidated your knowledge is out of this world. My question for you is this. I have the Futaba T8FG - Super, I am using it for a Trex 550e with the Align 3GX. And the Talon 90. Following things on you-tube i think i did something wrong. I see on line that in order to let the Talon 90 know there your Throttle setting is you at first have to go to the radio and get to the End Point and scroll down to the Throttle setting (3). Now i have on one side 135 - 100 (on Left) and 135 - 100 On right. The 100 i set to the lowest value that was 30, then did the same on the right. I put the stick on the TX to the high position, plug in the Talon and begin to scroll up in value until i hear a beep (@) that point just go up two more settings then, put the Stick on the TX to the low position & repeat the above. here is my problem, when i hit the throttle hold and plug in the batt, things look OK. Now i come out of throttle hold and spool up (blades off) everything is fine. When i begin the spool down, it slows and when i get to the bottom of travel it does not stop. just keeps going slow. The only way i can get it to stop is flip the throttle hold. What is going on. Hope someone can give a little incite.
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Align 3gx full setup video 1 (freddy can fly)