Samsung Galaxy S4: How To Install & Format A Micro SD Card

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Banjo Tanner: Holy crap dude. Get to the freaking point. Also, you never explained how to use it as internal storage for something other than photos.


Mariano Marin: This video sucks

احمد عبدالصاحب: hi , my equation when I loading any program like Facebook or any another programes my telephone tald my you can not have space to loading and must you deleted any program in this time you can , But I have Micro SD card what can I do

iiToxicDarkness: my SD card is incompatible but it used to be compatible someone reply pls

lolotheassassin: why is your video all u did was talk and showed a picture of a phone and nobody understands what your doing

John Doe: This helped a lot. Thanks!

Ck Davis: my s4 looks differ esp. the buttons to either side of the center-bottom home button. They are somewhat hidden. one is Left of main Button menu & right go back (flat) buttons

Nathan Rodriguez: adrianisen- I have music on my SD Card but it's not showing on any of my music players.

Abeeha Batool: I have an SD card but im not how to use it properly,because I'm scared if my pictures and data will be gone😣

Probook6460b User: freak Apple

Cora Juarez: speak English better😂😂😂

xXGAMERXx: the widget on the homescreen says enköping and Enköping is in sweden and i am from sweden SÅ SLUTA GÖRA DÅLIGA VIDEOS

Claire Godden: Thank you! :)

Malin Fernando: helped a lot. thanks

Dale Jennings: I just installed a 64 GB micro SD card in my Samsung Galaxy S4. I found it on Ebay for $14. It's an OEM Samsung EVO card with SD adapter in the original up-opened blister pack. Thought that it being a Samsung card in a Samsung phone, that the phone would automatically install. But, no. The phone didn't come with a memory card, just the on-board memory--which was getting full. Anyway, I watched your video first, fortunately, and had to go the un mount, erase, reformat route. But, it's in and working. Thanks.

Stahonesa: my old memory card was full (4gb) and now I bought a 16gb one and it still says memory full, please how do I fix this?

Br0Bicep: Samsung galaxy s Forrrrre!!;):)

skyler zavala: think you your the best!

Marija Nenadic: can somebody pleace help me(btw sorry for my english there might be mistakes),i already set up my sd card and yes it saved my pictures and i have memory for new ones,but i can't download anything or update anything on playstore,it still says that i don't have memory,what do i do???

Clorox Bleach: I just restored my device due to some hanging problems, before restoring I moved my data to SD card, now its not showing the apps that were suppose to appear in the screen. Can you or anyone help me out?
Samsung Galaxy S4: How To Install & Format a Micro SD Card 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S4: How To Install & Format a Micro SD Card