Brake Light Switch Replacement.

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amjad amj: great

Scott Stowater: my shifter in my dodge caliber was frozen,come to find out via YouTube videos it wasn't a transmission problem but a simple little brake light switch

The Ultimate Music Compilation: This switch is also used on 2007 Dodge Nitro's. The switch itself is inexpensive, and because of its simple design and minimal internal components...I'm skeptical that it is ever actually failing. I simply pulled the black plunger out slightly until it caused the correct clearance with the brake peddle. Anyway. I was able to get it working again without buying a new one.

pzeller1: To be clear, the red slider on the switch needs to be moved back means towards the back of the vehicle (pull the slider towards you as it's mounted in the van).

Abraham Abarca: Did you hit the brake pedal at all before flipping switch??

Dave Moore: you are awesome. this saved me a whole lot of hassle (and some money.) thanks!

deftoner: I tooked all the switch out and then the connector. Its way easier.

Armando Cortez: Is this the solution if only one break light is out? 

Gerald Erambert: Thanks a lot, this really helped me :)

dyslexicjim: Thank you.  Made replacing man a snap.  On the one I have in now however, the lever was pointed up already.  I tried just pushing the plunger back in and moving it back to the left.  Seems to have worked for now.   Once again, thanks for the info....  Once installed I moved it back into the operational position.    

Rebecca Strong: It is a great commentary on how to change the switch out, but it did not fix my problem.. 1996 Dodge caravan... back brake lights not working but the back center one is.. NOW what... 

Americromlister: Could this be the case for me as well?  My 2005 town & country chrysler back signal lights are not working but the front ones work.  All fuses are perfect. Even the lower back lights are working? 

bill bob: this was helpful but on different cars its different i just did one and there was no instructions on it and there should have been because the button on mine pulled out and it took me longer then it should have i thought the switch was bad but no it just need to be a adjusted a little

JOGO: Nice work Amigo" thanks.

rpreiss33: Hello Roy Thanks for sharing, you might want to mention not to engage the small switch that is at an angle until the unit is in place, this is done after installation to automatically adjust the switch once it is in place.

rene: dude i have the same problem on my 2006 malibu. Did you figure out what was the problem?

terry fidller: yo im going to try this cuz my brake lights are working either..i own a 2004 dodge sx 2.0...those switches must be pretty universal because mine looks the same...My brake lights dont work but if i hit the lock button on my starter they come on so i dont think its wiring.. me being a dummy, i still changed the fuse and the bulbs...only cost like 5 bucks so why this is my last option if this dont work i dont know what to do

Roy Thomas: Hey penguin, The switch could be a problem. I am not sure about that code but I know that after we replaced the switch in ours the intermittent cruise issue disappeared for us. Hope that helps. God Bless

Auto Parts Direct To You: @digis7 It sound like you have a problem in your socket, make sure the connections in the taillight socket are good and clean

digis7: I have problem with my Toyota highlander 2003. the right brake light is not coming on and the left light is coming on. I check the fuser and it is Ok, i installed new bulbs and nothing happens. Also, I checked the electricity with my multimeter and there is alectricity, Do you think that the swicht will be the problem?
brake light switch replacement. 5 out of 5

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