Minecraft: Coast Guard Pack

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Ruf Games: by the way its called a bouy tender they fix, place, and restock bouys I know that because my dad worked on one when he was in the coast guard

Kevin Karlsson: can you show ( how to build coast guard boats ) Please

Kevin Karlsson: can you show hows looks inside into the boats

Zach: Will they work with the Archimedes mod?

jacklc9513: *research

jacklc9513: I like how you put NOAA in there, they work alot with the USCG, they are on alot of the icebreakers for reasearch

Flamedupgamerz: Yo the cutters were really small and i know that cuz my dad is in the coast guard and he used to work on a medium cutter in cocoa beach fl and btw at the end you said zeppelin instead of zodiac

Tony Pek: Thanks!

Tony Pek: You are really good at making ships, please make more.

lcstest: Grant

Eric Tibbits: Not bad at all but the racing strips on the halls of the ships need to be red in front and then a white space and then blue, these are at angles but other then that not bad, next time learn a little more about them before you post another video.

PilotAviation: you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piyachet Kanda: i got this problem too, but i solved. First, open the folder and find a folder called Yatch pack(Inside the Yatch Pack folder) then copy Yatch pack(Inside the Yatch Pack folder) into saves

Mitchell Kelley: Need tuts cause im on xbox

mashedpatatos2000: i cant access the page to download

kasweeper: Bouy boat?? o_O Bouy Tender.... Ice breaker hauls are red..... your racing strips should be at least orange SK1, USCG retired

Bob Joesph: I tried downloading the coast guard and i got it and all, but when i put it in the saves it doesn't show up in my worlds. Help!

Zipping74: If I download this, is there a way to use world edit or something like that to put these on a server? Also I'm the co-owner so I have permissions and all. Please respond

Csp499: Buoy tender smaller than PT boat *mind blown* By the way, was the buoy tender supposed to be a Keeper or Juniper class?

OpiDGr8: cool ships anyway
Minecraft: Coast Guard Pack 5 out of 5

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Minecraft: Coast Guard Pack