HOW TO ADJUST The Carburetor On Ryobi 2 Cycle Cultivator

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HOW TO ADJUST The Carburetor on Ryobi 2 Cycle Cultivator
HOW TO ADJUST The Carburetor on Ryobi 2 Cycle Cultivator
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Matthew Chapman: My spack plag is a champen cj80

Rat Sleds: awesome just wondering the L screw and the H screw are they set at one turn out each from lightly seated for intial setting then adjust finer?

gargois1: This thing sounds like the crazy frog

jim s: I have a yard machine but the engine looks the same, does anyone know where I can buy a new engine? And what is the name of the 31cc engine. thanks

Michael Jude: Holy Moly. I never knew those little things were even removable, I though it was just another item turned to plastic by China, didn't think there was a screw in there. Ive been messing with trimmers a lot lately. Thank You for your time and video's. I love learning new, sometimes seemingly obvious, things

Bill Gambrel: I have the same machine under the Yard Machines logo.  It does have a different choke mechanism.  It also has a Walbro WT685 carb using a remote primer as your Ryobi does.  My problem is it doesn't seem to prime.  I replaced the primer bulb with a new one.  Still doesn't seem to prime.  It will start briefly, and has the same problem you showed here.  Will just die when you try to increase the engine speed.  According to my parts list, there is a carb mount assembly with a reed assembly the carb mounts on.  Any suggestions as to what may be wrong?

ozzy eMate: Nice job in the vudeo

Mr. Measure Twice: Thanks for the quality video and instructions!!

micdanson88: I have the same model and it runs very rich to the point where it doesnt idle.  I rebuilt the carb and it does the same thing?? any ideas?

Brian C. Iddon: Knowing where the caps are and how to just "pop" them off was very helpful for me! Thanks!! I have a Ryobi BC30 string trimmer.

yellownp22541: Thank you very much!, I was given the same exact model, which had been neglected. The reason why "It starts but won't stay on" now I know where to start once I replace the fuel tank which is cracked, the priming bulb is gone and it seems that the pull string will required replacement.

Make Way for the King!: Thanks!  Mine was acting this way.  I was sure it just needed cleaned.  But after several attempts of cleaning the carb, the problem persisted.  I then Googled my model and came across this video.  Your problem was the same as mine.  And your fix was also my fix.  Thanks!  I am embarrassed to admit it, but I was just getting ready to surrender and spend $50 on a brand new carb.  Thanks for saving me $50.

anniversary4: thank you

anniversary4: great info as usual thanks
I commented a week or so ago about working on one of these for a friend and got your response about the fuel line routing video. It was very helpful.  Is there a sealant that can be used on the plastic gas tank.  It is leaking at fuel line inlet that does not have the filter.  Thank you

anniversary4: Thanks for this video don. Great as usual.  A friend asked me to repair her Ryobi 410r tiller that is about 12 years old.  It won't start and things are complicated by the fact that another friend worked on it and then admitted that he knows nothing about engines.  He changed gas lines but I'm not sure about the routing.  It does need a primer bulb and gas filter.  Gas leaks from tank where lines enter/exit.  Has compression and spark so that's good.  Any hints on best place to get details regarding proper gas line routing and where filter belongs? . there are 2 lines into the tank, 2 on carb and of course 2 on primer. 2 lines on primer are 2 sizes.

Mark Vizer: I have same engine on string trimmer. Even after replacing fuel lines, primer bulb, air filter and cleaning carb, it only want to cold start with removing air cleaner and injecting starting fluid. It seems to flood very easily so when this happens, I have to remove spark lug, clean plug, pull though a few times and then start
Once started, I runs well at high speed , tolerates load, and idles well. Any ideas?

Lakedog: Thanks Bud, worked like a charm on my Ryobi trimmer! saved me some money too! Much appreciated!

Mark Vizer: I adjusted hi speed screw and now it runs steadily. Only problem now is that it will only start if I prime with starter spray in carb. Not sure if primer bulb is working right. It is partially filled with gas, but doesn't fill up or feel firm.

Mark Vizer: Thanks, but above my skill level, unless there's a video on that, too. No chance that adjusting high speed screw would do the trick?

donyboy73: try a new carb kit
HOW TO ADJUST The Carburetor on Ryobi 2 Cycle Cultivator 5 out of 5

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HOW TO ADJUST The Carburetor on Ryobi 2 Cycle Cultivator