99 DODGE STRATUS Engine Spun Rod Bearing Knock

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hpygolkyone: Turn signal fluid is low. My advice is to step on the accelerator and the sound will eventually go away at high RPM's.

PlayTilTheyBleed: Ugh! God that sounds awful. :(

taffydavenport1965: oooooh. I HATE that sound.......

Trance2mind: Also notice how the tapping gets louder as you rev, This indicates (most likely) a rod bearing...

ar15freak: This happens to my 96 s10 today. And now I need a new engine! :(

bubbleboy80: Ugh....please....please don't rev it. :( That's the worst sound an engine can make. Aside from the few seconds after the rod disintegrates.

Trance2mind: Sounds exactly like rod bearing, I must fix this on my 98 stratus as well, Although yours sounds way worse!, Either way, It's a must fix :( Good luck with it! Love & peace

se46m3an: @hpygolkyone Lol yes!

bust00: idk man could be spun bearings/ rod cracking / worn water pumps / loose timing belts alternater with spun bearings it could be a bunch of things my friend take it to a shop and ask now before ur engine ceases then u gota go buy a whole new one

pfhseaglenigga: How did u fix it

xStephiee.: That's how my Avenger sounds exactly..breaks my heart. :(

Crazcompart: @bubbleboy80 - and comes thru the oilpan...

johnyjoe2k: Yup, that's a nasty knock. May need to resurface/machine the bad journal and housing. Hopefully some oversized bearings can solve the problem.
99 DODGE STRATUS Engine Spun Rod Bearing Knock 5 out of 5

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99 DODGE STRATUS Engine Spun Rod Bearing Knock