Minecraft CAPTURE WAND Mod! Ender Technology!

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Melvin Absin: Whats its

Drgreenflower99: you guys are amazing

RealSokka: This is the biggest accomplishment you've made all day, isn't it?

A374299X2: My god... With technology like this you have to wonder why the Endermen haven't destroyed us yet.

MCWizard111: nobody is ever first, everyone floods in at the same time and everyone says first at the same time...

2littlegamers: Hello!

_ImadZeToasterKing_: Yup

legopivotboy: Well, mines probably not up to date

LuckyDestoster: Good point.

harry john: probably berties uncle or grandad.

TheTheisson: How to get you the mods on servers

CandCfans101: or as a troll

bob kittycat: you spelled idiot wrong. its *freakface

ForckySpoon yolo: VACUUM CLEANER! =D

MrShyguy999: Hey I only do that and you did it wrong thier should be this face on it :3

GamingWithHaggis: i freaked up

Ariel Gonzalez: Thumbs up for double ender chests!

chippithesquirrel: change what back?

duckyandliloldman: Gamechap! Interview Wonderland!

Jonathan Reyes: One day mr.mayor is going to shun you from the city

Luke Hewitt: beats me gay ass fagot

david lugar: da ender wand

Sparkpin: its back now nvm

14anthony7095: O_o

Rachael Lianne Fairley: The Ender Wand is spiffing I say!

Lava Lord: If you don't like the way they talk. GTFO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

headcrabzombieguy: ...Or are you?

ConnorWiddows: Bobs your Uncle! Yes he certainly is! Lol Bertie

ineed2peebadly: freaking youtube layout smh


kadapunny: Girls, girls, girls. These are videos made by overly manly men that love to entertain people with the second best game known to man called "minecraft." Obviously, this is not to place to "cat fight" around here. Please cat fight in your "pr0n."

PyroAndTheBeanie: best top comment ever

Jalen S: lol..........he works night shift

Alex Goodin: ello

Drpain551: Da English guy

VideoKingist: ??

Lava Lord: do you mean they should add the chicken into minecraft? and why the hell would the mojang watch this video?

Shadow_Dude33: To Bertie, Kirby Vacuums are better than Hoovers! Sincerely, In-Training Kirby Repairman.

Johnny polo: lol

PyroOfZen: Along with 10392740274nck2074207d07w0d70270d720704720740274 others

Natman358: yeah, you almost feel sorry for him :/

Ikmal Shauki: IT'S A TRAP BERTIE!!!!!

diod1997: Lol? This is called the internet dude, Not school.

Roberto Alvarenga: YES!now i can rob that idiot with a full stack of diamond that always quits the crafting table and leaves the diamond in the floor :)

optimusprime642: i ment the ender wand >_>

Joe Carne: He's a Brit. Don't like the way he talks? Either get lost or mute the vid.

TrackpadProductions: =D

Togekissdynamite: it's like the way Pokémon are transported to the PC once they're captured.

Brandon Coleman: I love your videos... Alot...!

Desertive112: I say!
Minecraft CAPTURE WAND Mod! Ender Technology! 4.9 out of 5

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Minecraft CAPTURE WAND Mod! Ender Technology!