DIY - Ariens Snowblower Friction Disc Repair

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dff090: Great video working on my newly gotten blower tomorrow.  Thanks for the help

anthony guada: Rats, forgot to ask...
The shear pin that's under the belly of the Sblower the one for the wheel on the right side.  I used the Sblower for like 30seconds on light fluffy snow and the shear pin snapped,  This is twice this has happened. I not had time as I was on a job, now just back home after a tough 16 hours of Sblowering,  I'll look at it and see what I can see.
But you know I'll be checking your vids for the answer.

anthony guada: Ahh nevermind,, I went to use one of my snowblowers, and the one I was using made this loud scary noise.. and would not move,  

with flashlight in hand, I notice of of the wheels did not have it's secure pin in place, 
easy fix,  lucky I had brought a back-up machine and used it's secure pin on my machine,  Whew,,, almost lost a contract.  DONY....sweetheart,  baby, you're awesome vids saved the day,, and YES.. BOTH wheels have power.

DonyBoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy keep banging out them vids

anthony guada: DonyBoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
You Sir are a credit to mankind,  Your video's are top notch,  and because of your very informative video's have saved me in the crunch many times.
I vote DonyBoy to be on TV have his very own TV SHOW...

ok, nuff with the brown nose'ing

Dony,  I replaced the broken sheer pin on the snowblower wheel,
only afterwards I noticed that only one of the two wheels has power,  
is this normal,  or should both wheels have power

superdaytimedave: Thank you donyboy.  My Ariens snow blower was developing an issue just as you described in another video.  After watching this video, I understood how the drive works.  I found information to adjust the friction disc until my new disc arrives.

Thanks for all the great videos.

mascarpenter johnson: Don I have a ariens 30" It is a year old. When I start it it takes about 5 min. before it will go into any gears. the shifter works it just will not move. help please

Michael Carton: I have an older ariens 7524. It has two belts driven by two pulleys that are not mounted on the same shaft. I can not find for the life of me A SINGLE picture on the internet of the belt setup. Any help? I have the manual, but it is pretty useless. The idler spring is very weak and not putting any more than .25lb of tension of the pulley and I am trying to figure out if it should be more or maybe I set it up wrong.  Thanks

43128lucky4: is it just me or is that tecumseh knocking?

Eric Cheng: How's the quality of aftermarket Friction Disc vs. Ariens OEM parts?

John Cook: Good video, but would be nice to clean the cover you put back on. 

commanderwhite12: Do you have the worm gear and shaft for the shute control on a Ariens ST724?
Scrap yard picked one and its missing a few things..

Joe E:
Hey, there, I am a fan of your videos and wondering if you can help me.  I undertook the task of completely rebuilding my Ariens snowblower, model 924048( it had been sitting in a garage for about 30 years)  from the ground up. I am not so sure how to put it back together as it is my first time working on a snowblower. I have all the diagrams but they don't really tell me where or how to put stuff back together. I am wondering if you have any suggestions or any videos on rebuilding,  mostly the reduction drive, and transmission or  axel assembly thanks. 

Paul Quilty Sr.: thank you donyboy you are a great help.keep up the good work.

Michael “Moses” Hammer: hey donyboy. i changed a disc today on a 20 " ariens. i believe its a 1975 model. the disc only has 3 bolts holding in on and smaller than that one you got there. changing it was not too bad, but after i was done something felt different. this model only has one squeeze lever to engage the drive. its on the right side. when i squeeze the hand lever now it travels in much further than it did before. the gear selector seems harder to move also. it did not want to roll in neutral, it was tight. i loosened up the adjuster till it would roll. then i tried it out, and the drive lever is traveling in much further than before i changed the disc. it seemed to be slipping when i tried to resist it. i tightened the adjuster back in some and it was grabbing better. just not sure why it seems different now? the old disc was in very bad shape. it was hard to hold the drive lever in. i had to use a lot of pressure to keep it moving. it started losing power to the wheels so i changed it today. before changing it would start in any gear. now it seems to be locked out "  drive lever will not squeeze in when it is neutral " idk what do you think? i am sorry for the long post. please help! i am, and have been a subscriber. your videos are the best! thank you. o and it seems only the left drive wheel is grabbing. when i hold the lever in with it not running, the left wheel is locked but right wheel seems to be free. is this normal? it has 2 new drive belts and they seem tight.

oddone30: Man I love your channel. Its been a Ron of help with my machines I have laying around. Thank you so much man !! Keep it up :)

airman423: I have an older ariens(5520). I replaced the friction disc, It does not have to  nut adjustment to bring friction plate down, machine runs away when not engaged and is hard to shift as rubber is up against plate all the time,  I did adjust drive cable no change. any ideas?

Scott Gordon: Hi Don
     i have arien snowblower model #932105 my reverse only works sometimes and the speeds 1-6 is all mixed up do you think this is my friction disk? I also didn't see any videos on that on your channel .

Raymond Denis: Hi Donyboy73,
Thank you very much for sharing !
I really retrieved much info from it and you make it so simple.
What type of grease do you recommend for auger grease fitting?
Cheers ! Raymond Denis

mark1953100: I have an Ariens Snow blower ST824 Model # 924050 wheels will not turn either forward or reverse the friction disk looks fine does it need adjusting or replace. Or is it something else. Thanks for your help.

Ray Brunelle: hi don...

i didn't find anything specific to my machine on your channel. sorry.
DIY - Ariens Snowblower Friction Disc Repair 5 out of 5

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DIY - Ariens Snowblower Friction Disc Repair