SpyRise (Skylanders SwapForce) BRAND NEW Tech SWAPPER TOY!

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Angus Kennison: Spy Rise

super angel 74: Spy rise

raul vargas: spy rise

Amy Altoft: Really

Silas Deric Martin: Fire kraken

Diane S: Spyrise

Tonya Walker: Spider man

ThePaulsontrail: spy rise

Haiming Jiang: spy rise

Oliver Heyworth: Spy rise

Gary Watson: Spy rise 

Damyrian Smith: Spy Rise

Pauls_N_2_OtherGuys: SpyRise

trang doan: Spy rice

pandaranger203: spy rise

caztec1024: Spy Rise

bilboky: Soy diseño 

123BloomGamming: More like a boyfriend of sproket

Daniella Birrell: cool! this is awesome!

FlapJackin: Awesome Skylander Dad! Good job keeping us informed!

Saxtont2011: Spyrise it is spyrise

Nathan Keller: Cool

Lorraine Perkins: Brobot spider?

Tomo O'Dwyer: Spy rise is his name

Mr.GeeTwoKay: Claw Machine?

0816brandon: I like to put the body of SpyRise and put it on the legs of blast zone! Cause he'll look like a crime fighting robot

CoinOpTV: wooooooooohooooo!

Dark Wither: yup i LOVE ghost roaster!

junothalia: I like fire kraken more

Chase Gaudet: i really hope they come out with a series 2 Ghost Roaster

Stinky GamingVids: spidroid

MegaMasterman101: I'll plan the wedding. :)

KRISLUVSRICK: That coolest thing ever

Harriet Clary Fitzpatrick: yvhjirtjchgutrjngcit

Jorrit Cnossen: Cool character

Mr .TabyCat: It's spy rise

Hanna Lind: The robot should have the name tech bug. lol

Tierakh Ultra: spider drone!

Lloyd garmadon: how do u have the swapforce characters?

Kenneth Pham: Spider? Arachne

Alex Ruoff: I like how Fire Kraken just randomly came in at the last moment like "Hey im back--.......nope"

khusick1: spy rise from wreckingballforever

Gangster Freddy: Spyrise,tech,"Spying on you"?

gillgrunt32: whens the intervew

Fryno Gone Hog Wild: Dood its e3 he aint out

Daniella Birrell: I was the first person to like this!

Jose Valintine: Spy Rise

thegamerboy lucas: hes spy rise and fire kracken

sean white: i think sprocket. found a boyfriend
SpyRise (Skylanders SwapForce) BRAND NEW Tech SWAPPER TOY! 4.8 out of 5

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SpyRise (Skylanders SwapForce) BRAND NEW Tech SWAPPER TOY!