NABI 2 - Installing Netflix

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Kaho Sugule: i like this i pod

notascuteasme: Thank you!

shaine bright like diamond: I couldn't download netflix

shaine bright like diamond: Thx it is the bedt solution

Heidi Muratore: Thank you for this tutorial! It would be awesome if they would make the Nabi a tad more user friendly- huh? lol

Sahadat Hossain: Rana

Nikki Barkley: Thank You sooo much I would never have figured this out on my own i pretty much bought my son a nabi for Christmas so he can watch netflix and listen to music he hardly plays games 

Laura gray: Thank you a thousand times for showing this. 

HueyBum76: Hey Pam, My Nabi 2 camera stopped working... it a say app not. installed

Shervelle Bergholz: Pam, I am having a terrible time with Nabi and Netflix! I had it installed and, initially, it was working well. Then it started taking a long time to load and when they did load, it looked as if it didn't load properly. So, at first, I tried clearing the data and restarting the Nabi to no avail. I, then, had the bright idea to uninstall Netflix so that I could reinstall it. So, I did that. Now, I cannot reinstall Netflix. I have the amazon app store but for some reason I can't seem to download Netflix. There's not even a button to download. There's a button that says open but nothing happens when I click on it. HELP!!! What do I do???

Lakeisha Webster: I'm actually trying to install hulu plus for my son if anyone knows how please let me know.

Nelsy22: OMG !!! thank you so much my daughter would't leave my ipad alone because of the netflix i thought i had wasted my money on the nabi 2 until i decide to do some search.. Thank you Thank you soo much...

melvin arriaga: Hi Pam Morris do u need wi-fi to download a game on amazon app store

minecraft ender zombie: Thanks for showing me how to install netflix my sister relly wanted netflix

LulyTubee: Thank you very much and wish me luck!!! Happy holidays!!!!!

matthew Kubiak: I have 2 tablets in the housie and to phones running on android I can't get any thing to install on this thing! why do they have to make this so dam HARD!!!!!!!!!

Sweetp424: Did you use the amazon app for all the apps you have on ur nabi? To download I mean like YouTube? Thank you

letgouvgod: Thank you

Pam Morris: You sure can :) My kids love watching Netflix in nabi mode. After you install it you will want to open Add Apps in mommy mode and place a check next to Netflix. This will make it available in nabi mode. If you want to filter what content is available you will have to do this through Netflix dot com.

catherine vega: hey can I get the Netflix on my sons account
NABI 2 - Installing Netflix 5 out of 5

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NABI 2 - Installing Netflix