Cheap Aquaponics Indoor Setup

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William K: A grow bed made of wood? That will rot pretty fast.

Eric Mastenbrook: That grow bed looks amazing! Good job!

Noah Schuler: counter-clockwise motion

rahul solanki: if you dudes expect to get ripped quicker without wasting a single extra minute in the gym, then you really want to keep an eye on this online video SIXPP.COM They dined on mince, and slices of quince Which they ate with a runcible spoon; And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, They danced by the light of the moon.

Felicia Whitney: Nh has very harsh winters im from there also this would deff benifit me really thinking about it I have a geodesic dome green house and this would work perfect thank you.

Mary G. Kushner: Thanks a lot for the video. I also have some guidelines to grows up to 10 x the plants, in half the time, with more healthy plants, while the "fish" execute all the work...” Check out the following web site for more information:

Taylor Cook: She was a little hesitant at first about a fish smell...but she also really enjoys getting tomatoes in the winter. Nothing like a good BLT when it's snowing outside!

Taylor Cook: It's a great indoor setup. The biggest thing most people seem to see the benifit of it the fish. Tilapia will go from about a 3" fish (I buy them for $.50-1 on e-bay) In 3-6 months (depends on your water temperature...they grow faster in warmer water) can harvest your 10-30 tilapia which weigh about 2lbs each which is about 2 1/2 lb fillets. So the plants are great but also the fresh fish is even better in my opinion.

Taylor Cook: This setup is not for weed or any illegal drug. That being said if you lived in a state that did allow you to grow it legally...I know there are a few I'm sure it'd do a great job. Although I'm sure marijuana plants grow taller than tomato plant?

jim mccue: I also live in NH and would have to set this up in basement. I would like to run it year round .

Taylor Cook: She doesn't seem to mind much at all...although it did take some convincing at 1st. I had to move so I had to shut it down. But when it was doing Tilapia it took about 4-7 months to get a 2" tilapia to 2 lbs. was able to do 30 tilapia at once. Was great to get fresh fish whenever with little or no smell.

dalton1981: what does your wife think about having that in the living room? I'm having a hard time convincing mine to put one of these in our unfinished basement. I live in NH, so I really can't do it outside unless i take it down at the end of each summer.

SuperLastMohican: Are you going to grow weed in there? I haven't seen marijuana grown in an aquaponic system yet. I imagine it would be excellent due to the fish nutrients.

DUSTERDUDE238: Your kitty looks like he's thinking " did I hear Fish?...... mmmm ! hurry up and put dem fish in dere daddy, I'm's hungwys for fish! " LOL. but any way, your project sounds very feasible. hope you can work the kinks out.

F1nddatruth: If your system is properly cycled you will not have any problems with ammonia or nitrate, and the subsequent nitrite will be used by the plants that's the whole point of this system. You should look into the nitrogen cycle of aquariums. Happy Farming

Jason Parker: Nice system, glad to see that you changed to a vortex filter to remove particulates. I'm just learning about aquaponics myself, however based on the chart for the Eco 633 submersible pump you showed it states Total Head maxes out at 7.9ft(seeing what approx. is 5 - 5 1/2 ft pump height); to get better flow, you might need to install a bigger pump, decrease the height it has to pump to(as well as removing the cartridge filter) or add a booster pump closer to the top to get the Flow that you want.

bkpickell: I understand the theory behind Aquaponics, but there is one thing I don't understand. Most plants require the PH of the water to be 5.5-6.2. And Fish don't like PH to be that low and will die. Fish like PH to be up around 7.0. So I'm confused how you are keeping your fish alive in low PH water, or how your plants are receiving any nutrients in the High PH water.

dlvmark: Did you raise any fish?

frackcha: nice system man!! serial!! :) if you want your pump to pump water higher, a reasonable solution is to use narrower tube in your 'fill plumbing'.. you wont get the same flow rate, but you might have enough push left to run your ancillary outlets..

Christine Von Lossberg: Hi.great video. My friend told me to tell you that your filter is backwards. Put a hose on your water pump and you can pull your waterpump out of the water to clean its filter. Good luck!
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Cheap Aquaponics Indoor Setup