Tattooing Methods : How To Make A Jail Tattoo

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francisco4benites: I have 3 tattoos all from single needle prison style tattoos and they ant small i got one on my stomach a good two feet acrose and about a 6in up and down and i got an even bigger on on my back and one on my arm all single needle all took hours to do its crazy how long it takes to shade for a single needle seriously

Lil Hitla: freakING EHOW! E freakING HOW

leokoley: wow!

James Hackett : If u dnt no how to after this vid ur dumb.. u dip the end in ink and poke yourself.. durp a durp.

Deja Davis: change the name of this video because you didn't show me freaking anything about how to make a jail tattoo 

Jessica Luna: Obviously, I wanted to watch this video because like the title says I wanted to learn HOW TO MAKE A JAIL TATTOO. Maybe, you should re-tittle this, "HOW TO CRITICIZE JAIL TATTOOS AND NOT TEACH HOW TO DO THEM AT ALL"

men tattoo designs: nice

samuel flores: very few prison tattoo artist r as good as all the decent as free-World artist. very rarely u will find prison artist that compete with some of the best freeworld artist and outdo them

Cliff Edward: I myself do my line work with a Boda using Eikon springs. As far as color I use either a dragon fly rotary or a neo rotary which retail around 650.00. Tattooing can either make you a legend or ruin your name before you ever get it right. I myself started at a real shop in LA at 13 years old as an apprentice. Through my apprenticeship I was around people such as Bob Tyrell who is a very nice person, and Corey Miller. They rode me hard and watched my every move to ensure I'd never make mistakes.

tharp78: yes jail tattoos are permanent. the ink is made by burning plasitc and collecting the soot and mixing it with shampoo. Usually it is done with a 'pick' like in the vid. it is extremely painful, slow, and bloody and not exactly sanitary, but if done correctly by someone who knows what the hell they are doing they can be safe and look f-ing awesome.

BRIAN10567: That is a sad-ass example of a jail tat, believe me they can be ever bit as good as "pro" crap.. that looks more like a home tat by a dumb ass..

Nicki Asebedo: 6TF2 - That "Guy" is a girl can you not see the boobs?

6TF2: Anyone else notice that the guy has pink nails at 1:43

IzzyBella Uribe: Are jail tattoos permanent???

Eric Warren: Rotary is more for soilds. They pound ink

RStiller84: You couldn't have said it any better man... I've been seeing videos of these kids make homemade tattoo guns, screw that. I made a comment very similar to this one on one of the videos.

massvapor: Jesus Christ guys. Quit being so freaking cheap and go see a professional. Spend the time to check out his portfolio and get to know ur artist. Make sure he or she understands ur style. Spend the fukn money and get ur done. Getting a tattoo is an amazing process. The pain is intoxicating and the bonding between artist and patient is a lifetime union. My artist is great. And a good friend now. I have both sleeves done in one year. Demonic black and grey. As scary as any picture. Cheers guys. Spen

MrSimpleman1997: 1:37 thats bull crap my dad did tattoos in prison and if u make a proper gun it has variable speeds you have to slow the gun down for shadeing who ever did that tat would have caused an uproar in a prison that crap causes cell searches in half a prison

andrew turpel: @Romeo Herrejon did it hurt
Tattooing Methods : How to Make a Jail Tattoo 5 out of 5

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Tattooing Methods : How to Make a Jail Tattoo