Part 1 - 2004 Jeep Liberty - Window Regulator - Driveway Mechanics #2

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Nathan Carter: Thank you for the video!! I would have actually liked to have watched how you removed the trim but I am probably the odd one out. Thanks again de KM4WHD.

PA B: Thank you for this totorial. It's well detailed.

Kyle Bennet: Great video. You can save yourself some time, dozens of wrench turns and any chance of misplaced parts by simply loosening all the fasteners just a couple turns. They don't have to be removed...once lose, just slide the screw heads up and out through the "keyhole" shaped mounting holes. That's the reason all the holes are shaped that way.

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: now it looks like ANOTHER window has failed on my wife's Liberty (the one shown in this video)... Looks like I'll now be doing this repair on the LEFT REAR Window. Followup video to follow, once it gets a little warmer. I've got it taped for now. =(

InoRealLife: our liberty's glass makes a very loud squeeqy noise, will this help? thanks.

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: Glad the video helped.

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: I cant say I blame you. This is something that should of been addressed long ago. But even a replacement would break again. Bad design... Unless of course they replaced it with a metal one, as I did shown in these videos. Thanks for checking in.

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: Yeah, I will need a new camera for this problem. The one I am currently using doesnt have a mic in on record.

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: no problem. I enjoy helping people through my videos. Good Luck... Watch the video, I recommend a replacement company.

jjkrueger44: oh sorry didn't get that far yet... Thanks for the great videos and the quick response!!

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: yes replacing the broken piece only would work. In fact thats what I did in this video. Watch parts 1 and 2.

jjkrueger44: Would just replacing the broken piece work? The motor seems to be fine. I found a "2002 - 2005 Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit Rear Door Pair" on AM-Autoparts. They also have a pair for the front doors as well...

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: Hello Cdawg. A window regulator is electric or manual, and it basically controls the up and down motions of a side window on a car. Basically the entire assembly. Some folks will call them window regulators, window guides, or window tracks. A manual would have a large crank gear in lieu of an electric motor. Think of the term regulator, because it will regulate the amount of windflow coming from a window, full opened/closed or somewhere in between... Hope that helps your understanding.

cdawg4391: front passenger side. When the window goes down (from being completely up), it free falls for about 2 inches before slowing to "regulator" speed. Weird as I've been reading up on this and most others seem to have the issue where the window just falls inside the door and won't come back up. Mine also makes a loud grinding noise going down. Any thoughts on what it may be?

cdawg4391: Hey the window regulator the device upon which the base of the window sits? If so, mine may be diff. than yours.....I have a 2003 Libby, and that "base" is metal whereas it looks like yours was plastic. It doesn't look l ike anything sheared off of that piece (no sharp edges indicating broken plastic) so I wonder if you may think another component might be broken. The window will go up and down but when it goes down the worm cable comes up through the door panel on the front pass.

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: the pop you heard was most liely that plastic bracket finally letting go. Where the cable is threaded into it. Once broken the window motor fed you cable up through. YEs, I am sure that is it...

cdawg4391: Had a deal where I was puting down the passenger side window and heard a pop - next thing, I see the cable coming up through my door pnel up against the window! Ever had that happen?

usgaul12: @clipdan: You're welcome pal, I'm myself trying to detach the crystal from the (supposedly) faulty piece in my '06 rear window but still haven’t managed. The only thing I know from a couple days ago is that something must be broken because the crystal went all the way down by itself and the regulator wouldn’t move it up again, though the motor produces some noise ':|

Mr. Victor W. Quebec: @usgaul12 ---> thank you. yes, the audio is low. that is my fault... I do not have an external mic to use, I thought that the internal mic on my camera would be good enough... Not so much... If I continue these self help video, I do need to try and get an external mic device to help... thank you for the comment.

usgaul12: It's a good video but it can barely be heard
Part 1 - 2004 Jeep Liberty - Window Regulator - Driveway Mechanics #2 5 out of 5

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Part 1 - 2004 Jeep Liberty - Window Regulator - Driveway Mechanics #2