GLOW In The DARK Powders For Your Acrylic ...what To Use, Where To Get It , How Much .

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How to use Glow in the Dark Powder
How to use Glow in the Dark Powder

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Resin Obsession glow in the dark powder pigments - resin jewelry making

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Rumeel12708: Any one knw how to mix n with wat can i mix glow in the dark powder so i can use n apply on drawings?

Laura Strout: Thought this was a how to video....bulllcrap!

AmourInfinity: @denisejohn65 - I most certainly do, and will be looking at that directly after i post this comment. I've been allowing my natural nails to breathe and in the process learning new and different things that weren't taught in nail tech school. Thanks again and blessings.

denisejohn65: @KaNasti Whew !! It's like gold ..huh ? LOL

denisejohn65: @LovinqqqLesliee By doing that you may make it glow less bright. ....they say you can add some more clear acrylic to the glow make it stretch out....but you want to add a different color of acrylic to it ..right? If you just add some glitter it should be fine. They sell the glow powder by itself without acrylic....that is what I would buy...the REAL glow powders that you can add to your own acrylic mix.

denisejohn65: I don't know what that is , but lots of people loved those nails . Anyway , glad to be of some help .

LovinBeautyNStyle: Just bought the 10g pks. Thanks Denise!

Mayka Karolyi: Until this day I've haven't had any luck finding it, I don't know if is that they don't sell it or is they they they sell them fast. Blessing for you and your love ones :) ;)

Liselotte Diesveld: as* lol

Bonez: Do you happen to know if I can mix the powder with acrylic leather paint?

DIYTutorialsandMore: Thanks so much just bought some!! Cant wait to try them! :)

denisejohn65: @LovinBeautyNStyle Good !!

denisejohn65: @CharmingDesigns4You Wow...that is good to hear....because being already mixed with acrylic and then adding it to another mix I was wondering if it would glow as much.

denisejohn65: @munajinx Well....why not....some of those mixes are expensive ! There are people out there right now selling those darn egg shell mixes for 1.00 for 1 gram.

dafinestflower: When you mix your clear acylic and the glow in the dark powder, what kind of measurements are you using to make your glow acrylic ? The video did not give a hint at all on how to make the glow in the dark just the stuff you got.

denisejohn65: I'm not sure ....but you can always try it in a little amount of paint . Isn't leather paint just regular water based acrylic paints ?

AmourInfinity: Hey Denise thank you so much for the info hun , and I'm loving your nails.

Maria Garzon: @denisejohn65 that would be great thnx!

denisejohn65: Thanks and I just remove their comments and block them . I have no time for them .

MsLeona1976: Those are so cool. I think I would like the glow in the dark glitter from Martha Stewart. I don't know about the powder that you got off of ebay. I will have to look around ebay at it. Thanks for sharing.:)

denisejohn65: Thank you very much .

denisejohn65: Darn....I may just have to head to Michaels now too ! Hummmm....LOL !

denisejohn65: @AmourInfinity Well thank you very much ! I have a tutorial on it called Queen Nefertti Nails....if you want to see how I did them.

Karen Collins: You are so helpful, thank you sooooo much. By the way, ignore that ignorant person below, you nails are always beautiful. Keep the videos coming, I am learning so much!!!!!! xo

Cindi Atkins: thanks for sharing denise i have been wondering where to get some now i can research

MsLadyBluesWorld: I would looove to have that powder

Tapatia Nails: OHHHH :O !!! I MUST TRYYY!! TFS!! :)

MiszGenevieve: @denisejohn65 i think its about the same ive never really compared it . i know HoLlYsAmAnThAaSnAiLs shows how it looks with clear acrylic in it, i dont think it changes it just helps it last a little while longer . but when it comes to glow glitter it doesnt matter w/ the clear since it is glitter and not powder lol

sherry chatmon: My friend came up with the idea of the crayola g.I.d sand or the g.I.d chalk stuff. Imma try it and see wat happens

denisejohn65: @NailzKrassie I can show you how it glows....the Martha Stewart glitter?? It is a very nice glow. I will do so for you later today...k? I may show how they others glow too...that will be quick to do.

denisejohn65: @MiszGenevieve Oh wow ...thanks so much for the least it will last a little longer ....but how is the glow doing that ??? Does it glow less ?

NAILed2dawall: u amaze me every time i watch one of your videos you find all kinds of ways to save money ty

JeanAnn Thomas: I got those small pots and I have found that it doesn't take much at all to make your nails glow bright :-) I love it :)

Laura Cozine: Love your nails!!! They are beautiful!!!!

denisejohn65: @quaysha1 Yeah....for the best glow...the pure powders like the ones I showed work wonders ! Although the Martha Stewart glitter is good to....if you can find it !

Fani MANILOL: thnxs! its very helful. it helped me alot! :)

Kenyadda Nailz: It is expensive. I bought a 4oz (120g) bag of the blue glow in the dark pigment powder off of ebay for $24.99 + $2.99 s&h.

Queen T: Love Glow-in-the-dark stuff (but it creeps my dog Ratboy out LOL he covers my fingers up with the blanket when i use the G.I.T.D. polishes/acrylic paints ) ;D

Lynette Valentin: Like your nails...

denisejohn65: Yeah...good idea....I have not seen the glow in the dark sand or a glow in the chalk chalk. Is there such a thing ??? I must check into this . Let me know if you give it a try ...k ? I bet it is cheaper !

PinkLadyNailDesigns: Thank you for the info very cool!

denisejohn65: @PinkCandynails If they don't have may have to order it....cuz it goes flyin off the shelves as quick as it comes in !! Let me know if you get it and what you do with it ?? K ...thanks ! Maybe you can make a video response to this video !! YAYY !

alma vargas: @denisejohn65 son 14.50 dollares and 5.00 dollares shiping and is Acrylic Powder Glow In The Dark

John Dumaguit: Your nails remind me of cherno alpha anyways the video helps alot. Thank youuuu.. :)

denisejohn65: @LovinqqqLesliee What does the x 20 dlls mean??? Is this acrylic that has glow powder in it ??? Or is it just the glow powder itself ???

Danielle F.: I bought glow in the dark powder mixes from the BornPretty store, worst purchase ever! The powder does not work, instead of being able to pick up a pearl/ball the powder absorbs the monomer and just gets hard in the container.

MiszGenevieve: With the glow in the dark acrylic powders that come in the containers, its always better to mix with clear, it helps the product last a little bit longer. I think its 1 scoop glow to 2 scoop clear & also u can add half a scoop or a full scoop of a regular colored acrylic thats the same color as the GID powders too.

denisejohn65: I'm glad it helped you out a bit !

alma vargas: Hello thanks for the video I have a question I found on ebay a 100 g x 20 dlls glow acrylic and is white color in the light of the day if I buy it and I want it to change color if I put pink or blue pigment or of any color are do you think it would stil the glow in the dark or not?

denisejohn65: I don't have an exact mix ratio....I do have @ 5.47 wording down below saying that you just have to add a little to your acrylic / glitters at a time and put it in the uv light to see how much it glows . Then add more if needed . It's pretty simple . I will have to change the title to just Infor on Glow in the Dark powders for acrylic mixes . Then maybe try to do a mix ratio video soon. Hope that helps some .
GLOW in the DARK powders for your acrylic ...what to use, where to get it , how much . 4.3 out of 5

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GLOW in the DARK powders for your acrylic ...what to use, where to get it , how much .