Infinity Blade Descend Into The Dreaded Dungeons Update Gameplay Review

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Joey Rodregez: Hey stupid do u know how to dodge?

Jojo Mejares: my sheild is 109 before it breaks!

mp4podcastDOTcom: I beat the game by just blocking just level up. The Batman game is much harder then Infinity Blade is and you have to dodge punches. Please SubScribe.

Ethan Masih: He don't dodge much? And u get like 3000 per gold bag

Vicky Mei: @mp4podcastDOTcom and on the new game; "INFINITY BLADE II" u cant block that much. I tried but the lvl 39's always break my best shield. its really hard cos now theres new opponents and the Titans have dual blades and heavy weps, which makes more damamge out of you and it takes a long time if you block. I fu block ur still gonna die in the 9th rebirth (instead of bloodline)

Vicky Mei: @mp4podcastDOTcom so did I. :P it was just an advice!! anyways, do you have a game center account on ur iphone? theres the leaderboard button and u can add me.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @chocololitaxo I could care less. I have already beat this game by blocking. All you have to do is power up.

Vicky Mei: Dude, u know u can dodge and parry right? I am a girl playing this game and I believe you can try the super attack. Equip the shield halo ring and u can heal. Plus, your shield is broken.

Toby's Vids: Oh for @€$_ sake why are so many people like OH the sword is the only one worth upgrading I actually managed to beat the zero mech using just ring magic

Nicholas Cheng: @mp4podcastDOTcom Btw, even without a camcorder... you... still... *insert obvious word here*

Nicholas Cheng: @mp4podcastDOTcom freak THAT MAN. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

mp4podcastDOTcom: @bagel2121 Hey slut let's see how well you play over a freaking camcorder.

Nicholas Cheng: No offense but you really suck. You can dodge instead of cracking your shield halfway through the battle, and you can do combos... N00b

mp4podcastDOTcom: @thanatos241 Thanks for commenting and helping out. Please SubScribe for more Reviews.

thanatos241: @melvy1129 you have to buy the infinity blade and insert it into the carving, then you have to fight 3 deathless kings and you get the secret ending as well as some cool items. Deathless are absolutely ridiculous to fight, best to do it at a high level and a good feel for the game.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @melvy1129 I think you have to level up someone else in the comments told me about it so read all the comments. This part of the game was not in the first release it came with a update a few months later. Please SubScribe for more APP Reviews.

Remox: Hey ive just got this game and every time i come across that infinitay blade carving I have no clue what to do or what it is do you know cuz im REALLY curious?

mp4podcastDOTcom: @joed22300 I beat the game this way you just upgrade your armor over and over. Please subscribe for more APP Reviews.

Edgar Cabading: blocking and blocking until youre halfed 'along' with your shield

Edgar Cabading: blocking and blocking until youre halfed aling with your shield
Infinity Blade Descend into the Dreaded Dungeons Update Gameplay Review 5 out of 5

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Infinity Blade Descend into the Dreaded Dungeons Update Gameplay Review