Infinity Blade Descend Into The Dreaded Dungeons Update Gameplay Review

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mp4podcastDOTcom: @jianboren Like I give a crap about your freaking opinion. Let's see you try and play over a freaking camcorder and talk in the video and see how freaking well you freaking do. The video was made t show the freaking Dreaded Dungeons so kiss off and go freak your self!

mp4podcastDOTcom: @daveman1051 I get what your saying now about the Infinity Blade. I have to put it in the tall white stone then some doors will open up. Please SubScribe for more iPhone App Reviews.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @wlim923432 Please SubScribe for more iPhone Gameplay Reviews.

David Skilton: I hope u understand my English. Sorry if it's bad. I'm at level 49, I easily killed the god king and I don't need any help You need the infinity blade to do a real dungeon video. Your missing something out. Get the infinity blade and go back into the dungeons with it. Then place it in to it's statue in the middle. 3 doors will open, go in them and fight the titans more powerful than the god king. I killed them all easily, please post a video on YouTube with the 3 titans in it. I ha

Vicky Mei: Dude, u know u can dodge and parry right? I am a girl playing this game and I believe you can try the super attack. Equip the shield halo ring and u can heal. Plus, your shield is broken.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @wlim923432 I sent you a private message to a video I made on how to film gameplay.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @BledFire88 That's the way they make RPG's it drive me nuts also but if they did not do it that way you only play it once or twice because then that's it. I have Rage HD and only played that game once after I beat it. I do want to know more about the ending there is more to that story they are telling us. Please SubScribe for more iPhone App Reviews.

joed22300: blocking and blocking until youre halfed aling with your shield

Nicholas Cheng: @mp4podcastDOTcom Btw, even without a camcorder... you... still... *insert obvious word here*

Vicky Mei: @mp4podcastDOTcom and on the new game; "INFINITY BLADE II" u cant block that much. I tried but the lvl 39's always break my best shield. its really hard cos now theres new opponents and the Titans have dual blades and heavy weps, which makes more damamge out of you and it takes a long time if you block. I fu block ur still gonna die in the 9th rebirth (instead of bloodline)

thanatos241: @melvy1129 you have to buy the infinity blade and insert it into the carving, then you have to fight 3 deathless kings and you get the secret ending as well as some cool items. Deathless are absolutely ridiculous to fight, best to do it at a high level and a good feel for the game.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @Mmmkay15 I have beat the game with only blocking you need to power up and get all the good items and use the magic ring to heal your self its not that hard. Please SubScribe fore more iPhone Gameplay Reviews.

Joey Rodregez: Hey stupid do u know how to dodge?

mp4podcastDOTcom: @daveman1051 Its a easy game if you just block and level up once you get real strong the last boss is not that hard at all. Please SubScribe for more iPhone App Gameplay Reviews.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @thanatos241 Thanks for commenting and helping out. Please SubScribe for more Reviews.


David Skilton: I got Infinity blade on iPad the graphics is awesome. I done a new game#. Y

mp4podcastDOTcom: @gameofdeath4288 @gameofdeath4288 Try this turn of all wireless then turn off your phone and reboot then turn wireless back up and if a APP is stuck it should fix the problem. Please SubScribe for more APP Reviews.

David Skilton: I already killed the god king. I'm saying your missing something out in the dungeons

mp4podcastDOTcom: I beat the game by just blocking just level up. The Batman game is much harder then Infinity Blade is and you have to dodge punches. Please SubScribe.

joed22300: blocking and blocking until youre halfed 'along' with your shield

mp4podcastDOTcom: @kokulink Please SubScribe for more iPhone Gameplay Reviews.

David Skilton: Sorry it's new game + kill the robot- zero mech at the end after u killed the titans in the dungeons.. New game plus, it will tell u what it is once you m

ketochi: how do you kill those freaking guys, I mean, I'm in Bloodline 23 or something and just can't beat those sons of a bitch...

Mmmkay15: You can start a newgame plus when you beat the final boss in the dungeons, which is exceptionally hard. I done it about level 40/50 at the 20ish bloodline.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @melvy1129 I think you have to level up someone else in the comments told me about it so read all the comments. This part of the game was not in the first release it came with a update a few months later. Please SubScribe for more APP Reviews.

Nicholas Cheng: @mp4podcastDOTcom freak THAT MAN. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

David Skilton: Do newgame + its better good idea. I killed the god king on level 1250. He uses nova magic that's shield won't work or magic once you fight him really tough

kokulink: @mp4podcastDOTcom THIS GAME IS freakING AWSOME

BledFire88: I don't wanna sound like a pickle or anything but I brought this game 2 days ago for £1.79 and I was amazed at such a brilliant game could be that cheap! and I'm like level 24 now and I've only killed the god king once. -_- but still it's an amazing game and well worth the money, it's just annoying how all the good items and weapons etc are so expensive to buy :/

Jojo Mejares: my sheild is 109 before it breaks!

Mmmkay15: You can't block throughout the whole game though, you should learn to parry and dodge effectively early on so you can face the Titans and Zero Mech properly as they'll either break your block or make you run out of shield points.

David Skilton: Part 2 of my info Just helpin , IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY ENGLISH JUST LEAVE IT AND DON'T WORRY, I'm just trying to help and really u are missing something out in the video.

ketochi: @mp4podcastDOTcom gues what, I was level 45 fighting against those suckers and now I'm level 48 fighting against that Zero Mech... WTF the game is just cool haha... and thanks anyway for the tips... those will specially work for new players ;)

David Skilton: Yes u got it :) they r titans more powerful than the god king and the robot at the end is 10x harder, they will be hard to defeat but I can do it so u should. One u kill a Titan in the dungeons U CANT FIGHT THEM AGAIN EVEN IN THE NEXT BLOODLINE. SO THE VIDEO IS GOING TO BE HARD TO MAKE KILL THEM ALL 1st TIME IN A BLOODLINE. The only way to do it again is RESTART THE GAME BUT I RECOMMEND NOT, it's a hard YouTube video, hope you understand so u go into the trap

Shannon Alcorn: cool video and some advice you would do better if you dodged attacks and parrying attacks as well. oh and combos not just up attacks! and next time turn down your ipod touch speaker very loud!!!

Noise Tank: @spartanjay22 actualy you just have to defeat zero-mech then it will give you the option to do new game + (start over with same stats and lvl but have the option to buy better gear and re-master items) or to go on to the next bloodline :D

mp4podcastDOTcom: @ketochi I just keep blocking and then level up over and over again. You will get very strong when you level up. Also get or buy the magic ring that you can heal your self so you can recover if your hurting really bad. Please SubScribe for more Kick Ass iPhone Gameplay Reviews.

wlim923432: @spartanjay22 You have to beat the Zero Mech+All The Deathless Kings+Your Ancestor. When you beat you ancestor(I think it is...) you have the option of starting the next bloodline or starting a new game+. You have all you skill points relocated, but you lose all your gold and equipment. But you can remaster items to gain more skill points to face more harder enemies. I did it, and I gave up at bloodline 48X2 'cause it got to hard. Plus you don't know how hard the God King gets.

Vicky Mei: @mp4podcastDOTcom so did I. :P it was just an advice!! anyways, do you have a game center account on ur iphone? theres the leaderboard button and u can add me.

mp4podcastDOTcom: @joed22300 I beat the game this way you just upgrade your armor over and over. Please subscribe for more APP Reviews.

David Skilton: At the end of the comment down I did its. Don't go into the trap, hope u understand. It's a roughy decision.

wlim923432: @mp4podcastDOTcom Subbed. Did you just place a camera and turn the lights off to record this? I tried recording mine but I just can't get my webcam on a good angle. PLZ help. Should I just ask my parents to get me a camera? Or should I stick with my webcam?(PS: The webcam is inserted on my laptop.)

Ermahgerd: Hey ive just got this game and every time i come across that infinitay blade carving I have no clue what to do or what it is do you know cuz im REALLY curious?

TheEthalon: He don't dodge much? And u get like 3000 per gold bag

David Skilton: Hi, I like your video, very good, I never new u could just shield without dying. I'm Daveman1051 for gamecenter and I'm on level 49. I gone into the dungeons too but that I killed the god king about 12 times in a row and bought the infinity blade. Plz get the infinity blade and go back into the dungeons and place it into the middle of the dungeons then 3 doors will open with 3 titans more powerful than the god king. Kill them all then a big door will open in the dungeons, (I killed all the

mp4podcastDOTcom: @chocololitaxo I could care less. I have already beat this game by blocking. All you have to do is power up.


David Skilton: Hi again have u seen the titans in the dungeons yet? That will give u a good vidieo

Nicholas Cheng: No offense but you really suck. You can dodge instead of cracking your shield halfway through the battle, and you can do combos... N00b
Infinity Blade Descend into the Dreaded Dungeons Update Gameplay Review 3.1 out of 5

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Infinity Blade Descend into the Dreaded Dungeons Update Gameplay Review