Fiat 110-90 Turbo

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Fiat 110-90 Turbo
Fiat 110-90 Turbo
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Gavin Short: awwwwww shes a mighty beast that is. its a pity the whistle in her but othe than that shes leathel 

antza jaa: tsuibba kaahaa

joukeepstra: @joululli 150 at the pto shaft....

forssoni: where did you get the pipe from? 70mm or bigger? I need one for 110-90

joukeepstra: its an awesome sound when 150 hp wishle out of the exhaust....

james maitland: awwwwwwwww wheres the turbo pooooooooooooo!!!!!!

joukeepstra: thanx :D

TheAgrifull: Hello I would like to do it but I do not know where to buy

jurghen94: the beutiful suond and the beutiful video compliments!!

E Kearney: yes definitely. where are you from? how many fiats do you have??

sasop117: holy freak! how did you get the out?

DaniT6000: this sound is a very good music w fiat

ozzy107: thats is very great sound omg!! is it turbo stock on it or?

xaspez: una doppietta ci starebbe durante il canbio ce troppo silenzio durante il canbio forza fiat sono i migliori

joukeepstra: thats the same we heare from oure nabours... :D the live 2miles from us ;)

joukeepstra: i just bought a turbo kit and mounted it on my tractor.

joululli: Best of the FIAT.. :D How much HP?? :D

password5211: i took a 100-90 nd put a fh 200 engine into it nd it had 195 hp try dat for whistle

joukeepstra: I am from Holland, but live in denmark... what about you? I have 3 fiat tractors... 110-90/F100/160-90

davidm03955: class video wat horsepower is she

boylan26194: shud have rev between gears!

joukeepstra: i bought it at an local New Holland dealer...

Sami Rahkola: How much charcing over 1,0bar?

joukeepstra: she does 150 on the pto shaft....

Colin Feeley: you know that sound from 10 miles away! love it...

joukeepstra: @jamezzzzzz1986 you have too listen :D

tastybuilder23: love the sound of them 1 of my frevert tractors

Cathal Finnegan: hey son wan hell of a tractor u got

joukeepstra: yes it is :D

Thomas Bardon: lovely tractor...all dats missing is da little rev between shifting ha

joukeepstra: @TheLinkomies I have no idea, I have not installed a meter, so I can not tell you..

E Kearney: this video just makes me smile....:) and jealous!:)
Fiat 110-90 Turbo 4.9 out of 5

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Fiat 110-90 Turbo