Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Guide

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Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Guide
Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Guide
Nokia Lumia 820 Repair - Disassembly & Assembly - Digitizer Touch Screen & Display Replacement
Nokia Lumia 820 Repair - Disassembly & Assembly - Digitizer Touch Screen & Display Replacement
Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Repair Guide
Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Repair Guide
Nokia Lumia 820 Digitizer LCD Screen Replacement
Nokia Lumia 820 Digitizer LCD Screen Replacement
NOKIA lumia 820 LCD replacement
NOKIA lumia 820 LCD replacement

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Keith Currams: Excellent video, great clear instructions. Just followed along at home and have a functioning screen again. May yet regret using cheap double sided tape though, did not watch video through before disassembling phone. So far so good!

Keskivertomies: T9? It should be T6.

Trent Lancaster: T9, T9... Why don't show in pictures what means your T9 and other? Why should I know wtf is t9??

Haryplober: Thanks for the video.I've replaced my screen.

Lisa Duffy: Thanks so much - new screen for my phone all done by me in half an hour - for 6 quid for the screen and frame off ebay - even got the proper tools included!! I would just say to anyone trying this, go easy on the middle three screws when putting them back in, one of mine broke at the end with tightening too much - still works fine though :)

Bobby Villaplana: Sir, i would like to ask a little favor, can you please make a video on how to replace the "screen" on nokia x2 dualsim. because im having problem installing mine. thank you in advance.

MidAtlantian: Hi,
Thanks for your quick response!

Yes, it is certainly a problem with the proximity sensor. But it is not as simple as you describe. I've had each of these three phones apart several times. I've tried different digitizer screens - from different suppliers, tried cleaning the sensors and the inside of the screen - through the apertures for the sensor, tried pads to force the sensor more tightly into place. Nothing does it. I consistently get a black screen once I've dialed. There must be some underlying problem, or the problem would not be so consistent. I've observed that some of the screens I have have the apertures very slightly different, and thought that might be it, but each of the positioned screens fail in the same way. I had one "professionally" repaired, which seemed an easy job for them, but they won't tell me the secret!

MidAtlantian: I've done this with three phones. The job is a very easy one and is a success, EXCEPT, in every case, I end up with a black screen as soon as I've dialed. I must be doing something consistently wrong, but I have no idea what.

El Lomas: Excellent instruction, just fixed my phone for a fiver! Cheers

George Megila: thanks boddy

athresh kumar: it helped a lot but what did you applied to stick the glass that white one please help me anyone .

Akos Farkas: Thank you very much for this video.
 I was able to fix my son's 820 for 1/3 price! and your British is music for my ears:)
Greetings from Budapest.

jabbar mma: I want to a Nokia Lumia 825 display
pl. help me
Please call me 0775 389 389
No.400C,Mavady Road,sainthamaruthu-03 sri lanka

mithu86: Thanks Champ. Awesome guide.

felixjsify: Amazing, thanks very much for that I had no idea it would be that easy! Twice have paid €100 for the shop to do this, this time I paid about ten British pounds to get the new digitizer and the screwdriver set was €12. Lucky didn't have to do the gluing thing. That second ribbon to plug in on closing it was a funny one, bend backwards to get to the plug..

Anibal Josué Zamora: sorry, do you know if the replacement is as good as the original?

Rdfs Bzs: Good video. Just replaced my digitizer using this one. I do recomend to order digitizer with the frame , so you can just replace it without the gluing and glass seperation part. Thumbs up!

Rolqueo: After replacing screen with frame I can't turn my phone on (nothing happens no sound,no vibration).
Any solutions? Thank you

Greg Doull: Thank you for the video. Clear concise instructions enabled me to change the broken screen on my 820. I had watched it first and took your hint to to get a screen with frame already fitted.

imad3v: Thank you for the video !
Small comment: I had to use a Torx T6 (instead of T9).
Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Guide 5 out of 5

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Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Replacement Guide