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RomyStanleySFX: Well, that scared the freak out of me

SARAH connell: vile

Karena Thomas: my stud is in my lip how long can stay in side my lip what do

Jenna Nicole: I've had my lip piercings for over 5 years, thankfully I've never had complications of any sort with them.

Madison Overmyer: how much is the procedure?

missmanny killuminatti:!!!!!😱😵😮😲😬😳

Oona Anniina: ewwwwww

Lorena Diaz: My sister has this can she goo the hospital ?

jillz613: I caught one of the two spider bite studs being grown over and thank god I could just pop it back out lol

Bethany Francia: I need to take out my piercing because some skin is growing over it. I followed all the aftercare steps and it still happened :( 

Jennifer Gonzaga: This happened to me, the back closed a week ago and I tried to force the piercing in order to open but it doesn't help. I had it re-pierced, but didn't had this problem the first time. Im so scared. I feel like it might get infected.
P.s. It closed overnight, the next day I was freaking out. 😭

sherry huber: I currently have a cheek piercing that did this very same thing. What kind if doctor should i go to have it removed?

KaitBait: Does the process of this hurt? My labret is embedded into my mouth, and I'm most likely going to see the hospital for the removal of it, but I'm worried it'll hurt. Please help

Ashley Nicole: I just got snakebites..the 24th.
the left piercing is doing okay, although the right is trying to embed itself intide my lip. I tried to get it off with a sterilized needle.. not working.

angery rainbow: I can see the back of mine but I can not get the ball off its stuck and iv tried almost everything it sometimes gets sore but not all the time iv had it for almost a year and I don't think it's infected it's not swollen or anything idk what to do.

Cole Karels: Stretched ears not gauged ears, gauges are a unit of measurement not an action

Ashley Turenne: mines been on for four years

Ashley Turenne: can I get mines remove I only have one

tj battles: that was nasty i change my mind about getting a lip piercing...
Lip Piercing Removal-Piercings Stuck in Lip.wmv 5 out of 5

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Lip Piercing Removal-Piercings Stuck in Lip.wmv