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Maria Gomez: Unless it it healed over, yes, go to a doctor, if not, go to your piercer.

Maria Gomez: Four days after i got my lip pierced, my stud decided to be a bitch. I was eating and i accidentally bit the inside part of the stud, and it hurt a lot, so i felt my lip to see if the stud came off. There was nothing there, just blood. I looked on the floor to see where the ball went, and it was no where. I went to look in a mirror, and tried to take the bar out, but i couldnt. I tried pushing it out, nothing. I decided to leave it one and go back to my piercer, and what i suspected was true, the ball was INSIDE my lip. I panicked, it was scary. She put some oral gel on the inside of my lip and then she pushed it out. Guys, if the vall ever gets sucked it, go to your piercer, NOT a doctor. They will cut your lip. Your piercer can manipulate the thing and get it back out.

Anastasia Vallejo: This almost happened to me ;-; 

Andy Sixxer: Oh dear god.. I got my lip pierced day before yesterday and now I'm going to forever freak out...

king james: how dd that even happen?

Karrigan Wills: Guys my lip piercing has been fine over the healing process i clean it right and everything. It doesnt/didn't hurt at all but about a month and a half the skin is trying to grow over it REALLY BAD theres a layer of really thick skin around the edges and when i woke up this morning i thought it actually healed over it and i had to push it through a small hole left and it bled i put a longer stud in it the one the piercer gave me v_v any tips? TO STOP THIS >:O

Shirley Finch: My labret embedded.  I'm not sure why.  I've had it for a few years, I've changed it a few times with different kinds of labrets.  I bought a new labret the other day.  I sanitized it as usual and put it in with no problems.  Then at some point it got sore, so I cleaned it again.  It wasn't even that bad, a very minor ache.  Then I went to bed last night, I could still play with it with my teeth (i nip around the back of the labret when I think), but when I got up the next day it had healed over the back and all I can see is this tiny speck of a hole and I can't pull it out.  I've already considered getting a dermal there instead to avoid tooth damage....but it seems I've received my wish...just not in the way I expected.  I don't have a problem with it...but will it have a problem with me?  It's surgical steel (I've always used surgical steel).

TheBlackNightSighs: This happened to me and I am in the same boat as the patient. I want them removed how do I go about it when I seek medical help when I go and ask. What do I say? Please help.

yuuri CL: i got the same problem and this thing are making pain in my mouth where is your location pleaseeee

Tiffany Stone: This was happening to me. My lip piercing was infected and my skin was healing over the piercing. I freaked out and I took my lip piercing out and now my lip is fully healed.. 

Sarah Barton: Can the patient smell the burning flesh 

DarkAngel4Life: Last night I had a dream that my lip was pierced and the front of the ball ripped through my lip backwards. 

victorialynsey: My piercing is nearly 5 days old and my lip has almost healed over the back of the labret. It looks like an ulcer. Have you any suggestions to help me get it back through? 

mademoisellechaton: *stretched ear lobes, gauge is the measurement.

jajuanna Hendrix: This happened to me also because the bar was too short

Madison Sawaya: That happened to me

Avi Brinston: I had my removed

tamera clark: Happened to me, with my medusa. My bar was too small

systempatcher: Man I always have such a hard time watching this.
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Lip Piercing Removal-Piercings Stuck in Lip.wmv