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yasmin burke: Please tell me he was numbed

Clayton Brown: Will your lip swell????

Ronnie.: This happened with one of my lip piercings, and before it got to this point, I went back to the piercer to see what they could do, and they said it was normal. The next day, they were completely embedded in my lip. It was hell.

MillionDollar: The skin is growing over my post??!? What do I do???? PLEASE HELP

Ozuna fans: i took mines out with a knife lol

jeeka jackson: is he awake for this procedure?

Jazz Jones: I thought i was the only one who had this happened to me before....mines was only in for like 3 days and it happened...

CelebrityFRC: Oh nooooooooooo ...... nooooooooooooo Im scared

Hank McStash: Very satisfying to watch. Weird but I enjoyed it.

kalea morgan: my lip ring is like this, it's been in there for 7 years now. I've been to a thousand different doctors and hospitals nobody would ever touch it.

DJ.Spikes Hostage: my lip is starting to do that but it has not grew all the way in what can I do to prevent that from trying to dig in my lip can I get a bigger fatter thicker back

Ivory Holliday: Why am I watching this...

Gnarlyygaming: what!! I have never seen or even heard of a lip piercing healing up like that before. that's insane.

Shanice Latchison: I just had a infected lip wasn't to bad just swollen face and I c this is happening to me it's a tiny whole but it hurts to bad to push out what should I do ?

Power Fitness: how much is the cost of this procedure doctor? and for only 1 lip piercing removal.

MakeupVonGeek: Reason why it grew over the post is because whoever pierced his lips didn't use a long enough bar.

Lilyanna Jacobs 'Night terror': I have snake bites as well. I have never had a problem. I have the same 16g post a put in a year ago after they healed. How can he not know it's grown over. That could of caused an infection that would of left him without a bottom lip. Cringe.

Samantha Browne: This happened to me but while I waited for a plastic surgeon the piercing pushed itself out of my face! Way less painful than this looked.

Shinxpo _: Hey so my lip is infected and this happened to me yesterday. The day before my lip had swelled up but I wasn't too concerned over it because I could still feel the back of it and I could have taken it out. Over night it swelled over the back of the piercing and I'm pretty sure it's starting to heal over it now because I can't feel the back at all just flesh of my lip. I'm just wondering how soon I should go to an oral surgeon to have it surgically removed? It's still not healed at all there's puss and what not coming out of the front and I'm just wondering should I wait until that stops or should I go as soon as I can? Cheers!

Mishi Elf: Do they anesthesia you?
Lip Piercing Removal-Piercings Stuck in Lip.wmv 5 out of 5

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Lip Piercing Removal-Piercings Stuck in Lip.wmv