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GPBraaten: I like this, but I now own an Android phone and need this app in the Android market.

Khairul Rizal: Closest thing that android has is AndCAD

noxabellus: This video would be far more respectable if it didn't have a 70's voice over

Anderson Mendes: acpock jdc sd v dvsiodjhv v hviofdhvoifovç fvhzo çv çv

angie220591: Derrotare gg ghz braulio bhbbbnhj nu O justo U uuusa ys

ollie k: make sense to own an ipad now.

Karaman Ce: YOU CAN SEE this video : watch?v=fxLfdFtVYH4

Justin Harvey: there is an autocad WS app for android

Mysticlambo: I have many drawings in my online folder but no matter how many times i hit "sync" on my iPad, those drawings do not appear in the "drawings" tab on the IOS app...

musicalangel1: great , another app bond to adobe flash, when html5 can popular ?

HSVGTSsupercharged: I'm buying an Ipad just for this!!
Work offline on DWG files - AutoCAD 360 4.6 out of 5

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Work offline on DWG files - AutoCAD 360