How To Install Replace Front Brakes Honda Civic 01-05

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drippingwax: Is it normal to have fluid leak out of the brake master cylinder when you compress the caliper piston?

Michael Rehkop: The rotor retaining screws do not have to be taken out in order to remove and replace brake pads on this vehicle. This video technician is telling you things that do no need to do just to replace the brake pads. Also in this video, he uses anti-seize paste on the brake pads and screws. You can use this compound for the screws, but DO NOT use the compound for brake pads. An anti-squeal (not anti seize) lubrication is used for the brake pads and the metal clasps you see the technician brushing the dust off this video. When compressing the caliper piston, an easier way to do this is to use the C-Clap and an old brake pad. Put the metal part of the brake pad flat against the open part of the caliper and then turn the C-clamp to push in the pistons.

Now if you were removing the rotors then you would have to remove the caliper bracket and the rotor retaining screws as he shows in the video. I am a senior master technician who has 35 years of experience working on automobiles.

Andy Tesluk: How do you recommend removing the initial two screws if they are very difficult to remove? Thanks.

valerie flores: Thanks bruhh 🙏🙏

Emmanuel Trujillo: Ain’t you suppose to leave the brake fluid cap off while doing this job? My friend always does it when he changes my brakes. Not really sure why he does it.

Randy Jacobson: Awesome. Dealer wanted $800

Random Stuff: I love you guys you're the best channel on Youtube.

freedomofabird: Great help, thank you.

Jay_em2: Can I do this without a c clamp?

Charlie Yard Service: Happy New Year, 1A Auto.

Charlie Yard Service: Very nice touch with the list of tools you'll need. It keeps it all organized. . Love your videos, New Subscriber here.

Colby Smith: Any recommendation on how to get the 2 screws out of the rotors, mine are really stuck?

Vincent D'Souza: Thank you very much for the great detailed video. My question to you is at the end you pressed on break paddle a few times, could you explain why you did that please?

I just started working on my Civic 2004 EX by myself since dealers are ripping me off when I go to them. Actually I taught my daughter how do do the oil change, replace cylinder head cap by removing the EGR etc. So, I will be teaching her the replacing the break pads, radiator, condenser etc. Therefore I greatly appreciate if you could let me know how to determine whether the rotors are good or bad, please?

Rick Parramore: Thank you for the great video! Great information.

TheBigDanois: Great video. You help  people save big money!  I've done this job a 100 times and I was wondering how others do it. Here's a waaaaaaay faster way to slide the caliper piston back in. I use the old brake pad to protect the piston edge then squeeze the piston back in using  big lock jaw pliers. Lock jaw pliers are also great to loosen an idioticly overtightened oil filter. Also, rotors usually require a few hammer strikes as they are usually welded on by years of rust. STOP, HAMMER TIME  To protect your studs  put your nuts back on the studs while doing so as the sweet spot to bang is between the studs. To prevent this loud and unpleasant exercise, put anti-seeze between the new rotor and hub.  I love ANTI-SEEZE   Readers out there: you NEED Anti-seeze And don't forget to silicone grease those slider pins.

SteveOlekszyk: Thanks.  Just did my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with your instructions.  It went smoothly thanks to your instructions.  Keep up the good work.

IMP3TIGO: Awesome, thanks for this great video tutorial!  So much better/easier than replacing the rear drums.  What parts do you recommend replacing when you install new brakes?  Brake pads but also new rotors?  How about replacing those rusty calipers? 

Kidyugi1: Oh btw I looked at other videos from 06-10 civics and no one has the same problem. But it looks like you know what to do

Kidyugi1: OK when I reach the bottom bolt for the caliper for right front. The bolt becomes somewhat loose but it looks like the washer is stopping that bolt to release the caliper. We tried to hold that washer in but it takes a two man job to get the bolt out. I got the left front out by luck. Is there a way to get that bolt out faster? I have a 06 civic.

Raj Sidhu: thanks
How to Install Replace Front Brakes Honda Civic 01-05 5 out of 5

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How to Install Replace Front Brakes Honda Civic 01-05