Easiest Ps2 Slim Disk Read Fix.

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easiest ps2 slim disk read fix.
easiest ps2 slim disk read fix.
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PS2 Potentiometer Adjustment - Disk Read Error Fix
How to FIX PS2 Slim Disc Reading Errors
How to FIX PS2 Slim Disc Reading Errors
The EASIEST PS2 DRE FIX - Easy PlayStation 2 Disc Read Error Fix - Fix your PS2!
The EASIEST PS2 DRE FIX - Easy PlayStation 2 Disc Read Error Fix - Fix your PS2!
How to clean my Playstation 2 slim laser. Fix the PS2 slim disc read error!
How to clean my Playstation 2 slim laser. Fix the PS2 slim disc read error!

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Somjit Somjit: ควย

Abby B: Turning it upside down!! You're a freaking genius!!! Thank you!!

ОбЗоРчИк 3d: помогите

Blaze The Cat: I Have A PS2 That Won't Read My Discs Which The Reason Was The Disc Door Was Broken. Because Of A Bad Position Censor.But Now IT'S FIXED!!!!!!! ;-D

lil joe: this only worked for my one time then it stopped working for me

001GenLee: What I don't understand, y the ps4 won't play or isn't capable of playing ps2 games. Had thought of buying one but not anymore, if it won't play the classic games.

Sheila VA: I saw another video where they put a piece of duct tape on that little black trigger and that works like a charm. Fixed mine in 30 secs. this is a good idea too!

Joshua Love: you fixed it!!!

SH1N081: freaking awesome. Thank you sir!

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MF Gaming: It was helpful but it read and then scratched my disc even more, now my favorite ps2 game isn't working

Agustin Freyre: Hope it works. My ps2 makes no sense. Im using burned backups, Some work, most of the dont. I get black screens, Unable to read disc screens, or just the system screen like you. I really cant find a pattern.

wargodsix: I had the same problem it was something to do with the pin that goes down into the back of the system attached to the hatch that tells the system the disc tray is closed I looked on YouTube found a fix the guy added a couple layers of duck tape to the bottom of the pin I did that and it worked fine I'm gonna find a more perminate fix tho what if that tape comes loose I'm just gonna fix it so it thinks it's always closed once you get the system thinking or knowing its closed it should be fine
Mine was sometimes I close the hatch and it doesn't even spin the disc you feel the top u can tell if it's spinning or not If that isn't your problem then you may have a bigger problem such as dust a bigger problem a easy fix but dust can kill any electronic there's other videos that show you how to open and clean the whole system like you would a desk top computer The dust is one of the things that cause your xbox360 to red ring if your system warnety is already up (usely will expire after the systems are no longer made by the company again the dust is a easy fix like you would a computer open it up use a small computer vac and clean out the dust from the boards and the fans and of course the disc area best to clean all the dust you find as dust can spread inside when teh fans on
But for ps2 slim do the trick that makes the system believe it's closed and it should work the trick you would use for swamp magic you have to put in one disc then open up and put in another disc but opening resets you to main menu so you gotta make it believe it's closed find those videos do that if it's not the close hatch issue its the motor again could be dust but can be replaced
Don't try any repairs yourself unless the warnety is already void and you watch the how to videos If the warnety is still valid find a place that does repairs they will give you their warnety

wargodsix: Its the thing that tells the system the hatch is closed fix that problem and your system will work fine

Rajesh Phull: mine is comeing and going

Hannah Shark: Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I recently got a 2nd hand ps2 which would play all games but Okami and now it plays! I'm so happy it's my second favourite ps2 game I own! Such a simple issue but it almost had me in tears when I couldn't play it anymore!

Isaiah Jordan: My PlayStation 2 starts the game that i'm playing up then says PlayStation 2 then takes me back to the home menu where I first started from please help I don't know what else to do

Patrice Booker: I ymml knock HK mmmmbvc.

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Hooper Don: Mine gets to that point where you see the memory card and disc just like that but when ever I click on the disc it just fades to black and takes me right back, any help please

shongua: thank you thank you thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!
easiest ps2 slim disk read fix. 5 out of 5

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easiest ps2 slim disk read fix.