Dirt Bike Back-Flip Wreck, 5-Points WV

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Backwoods 360°: its in a big riding area on oil and gas property on the borders of harrison, doddridge, tyler, wetzel, and marion counties....which slab fork are you talkin about? which county?

Justin Connell: the music kind of ruins the videos

xXsuperfly541Xx: Where at in wv? Ive been lookin for a hillclimb my dad used to talk about close to slab fork

Mitchell Gash: i could do that with my eyes closed i stoll out 7 time

Justin Connell: ok. well i was just saying.

Ralph Storrs: great video.

gabrielle souza: WTF 🔫

Backwoods 360°: @199cr125199 lol....sorry bout that....we use royalty and copyright free stuff only...usually traditional (considering we're in West Virginia)... cuz hearing the same damn songs all over youtube gets old....lol...to each his own

colerida617: that was SWEET!
Dirt Bike Back-Flip Wreck, 5-Points WV 3.7 out of 5

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Dirt Bike Back-Flip Wreck, 5-Points WV