Polaroid S7 Android Tablet Hands-On

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Polaroid S7 Android Tablet Hands-On
Polaroid S7 Android Tablet Hands-On
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Polaroid 7-inch Android Tablet

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Diane Wallace: locked myself out!! help

Jo A Strickland: it won't go to the app store to download anything like virus protection

Chanteldigg: Mine won't load past the Polaroid screen 

Bri Marshay: Having trouble with turning mine on it keeps going in circles :( 

michelle alejandra guerrero reyes: I have a tablet s7

Bri: I got one

CurtisTheRaw: Oh and it gets very hot and that worries me sometimes.

CurtisTheRaw: I just got it and i cant complain. Besides the touchy touch screen i really like it. Worth the price. If it had a better camera it would be my baby!

Joshua Barrera: Aaron Baker at techno buffalo...that don't sound right

left4halo4: Its a low end Nexus 7

TommyBNSF: Am I the only one who still expects to hear "PhoneDog" after he says "I'm Aaron Baker from"?

TFiPW: 2MP? freaking garbage.

igeekone: It's obviously meant for older people. Those people buy these cheap tablets.

igeekone: Aaron from Technobuffalo still sounds weird, lol.

S Miller: does anyone actually buy tablets like this...i mean the nexus 7 and kindle fire are cheap and perfect for anyone who wants a 7inch tab

Oscar Ruelas: if you need help figuring out a polaroid tablet you have some serious issues

M Thoriq Malano: I thought it was a smartphone because of camera close-up, until I realize the title of the vid...

Anton Dillard: Looks like Windows 8 and Android together.

jobocoolneleh: .....why

andrew chadwick: thats the smallest tablet ever
Polaroid S7 Android Tablet Hands-On 5 out of 5

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Polaroid S7 Android Tablet Hands-On