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Gustavo Effio: hello I just got these symptoms on my RAV4 2003 and I'm about to take it out and re-sold the resistors I wonder if you know where can I buy the resistors? are they affordable?  I'd like to replace them might as well that I will remove the ECU, any thoughts?

Raikoh: Local toyota wants to replace my mum's car ECU for $2000+ AUD, I don't how it would cost that much.

aprill divina: The resistance is 330omh

Ronaldo Panaligan: I guarantee you if I reflowed the main IC you would not be able to tell if I even touched it.
I am an ECU repair guy. I fix these RAV4  ECU often. What I really do is reflow the Main IC that controls the transmission, which is not obvious, and there is no way to tell it has been touched. They probably reflowed the IC as well, but it is impossible to tell even by another technician.

Richard Burge: Have RAV4 with rough shifting issues etc. No codes are being produced, so I'm not sure it is the ECU. Mechanic drove car for two weeks and experienced some of the shifting issues, but no codes. Similar experiences?  How to resolve? 
Anybody out there have solution?

Randy Jarmon: Hi,
RAV 4 ( 2001 ) Hard shifting / slipping between gears. Trans shop   - changed transmission.... ( my bad , should have checked out this information ! ) 
Then..... hard shifting again.... shop replaced valve cover with electronics...
Shift problems again... now- took it to Toyota dealer, told them to Re Flash ECU, which they did, for free. Shifts with just slight hesitations, only 50 miles since re flash. Will wait until 100 miles. 
To be continued...
James Jarmon

edpall: Thanks for the VIDEO  Jake Moon, I did it yesterday to a friend's RAV4 2003.
The transmission was doing extreme clunks, and violent accelerations, and no shift from 3rd and up. like a disaster.

First he went to Toyota dealer, diagnostics: 1200 to change the ECM, or 3000 ECM + Tranny.
Then he went to Autozone, the part was not in stock, they need to ask for it, 1 week, and $700 for a NON TOYOTA ECM.
Then we decided to do the job at home, 1Hr labor, I resold the 6 resistors only and cleaned the board corners with steel brush gantly.
Back the ECU in place and NO FAILS ANYMORE!!   Awesome., we erase the codes from the ODBII, and the chack engine light didn´t appear again.

edpall: Many things today from your Phone to your Motorcycle or Car electronic parts are very tested, but due the automatism of production, when they FAIL, They FAIL ALL IN THE SAME PLACE in ALL THE PRODUCTION CARS , the video don't show any difficult thing or a mysterious paralell universe, if you know a little about electronics, you MUST KNOW that soldering parts suffers with temperature extreme changes (car outside in winter north hemysphere and when you turn the heater the temp goes high), dilatation and contractions affects the solder parts, and one day simply cracks, resolder that pieces is not a PATCH, is about let vthe circuit EXACTLY AS IS WHEN LEAVE THE FACTORY.
I've repaired dozens of things like that, that ECUS are no more than a small processor in a circuit board, like a computer, a TV game or whatever. If you assume that IS ALREADY DAMAGED FOR REPLACEMENT, why not try, before down your pants at the dealer?, I'm not fear to do that.
Another FAMOUS fail un the HONDA CRV 2000 is the dash clock, ALMOST NONE STILL WORKING. all of them have the same points of solder "disconnected", or "cracking"  or false solder.. as you call it, and the problem can be solved exactly like this one, "re-touching" the soldering points with a small soldering tip. and voila.

The ABS BOSCH ROTRONIC of the AUDI QUATTRO 2004, The same, much much smaller soldering, but same thing... false contacts after 5-8 years, de-assembly re soldering and working again.
THANKS TO THE AUTOR OF THIS VIDEO  it's a VERY COMMON PROBLEM and many people charges you $ 200 to do exactly the same job under the LIE  "WE DIAGNOSE YOUR RAV4 ECU, WE MEASURE AND WE REPAIR IT WITH WARRANTY"

Jenalin Balela: The way you read SMT resistor, R stand for decimal point. So R330 is .330 ohms.

Jenalin Balela: You can actually ohm the path that connect to the resistor(not the resistor itself because you will be pushing down on it), the tap the resistor and you will get intermittent beep on the meter. This is an example of micro crack invisible to the naked eye. Thanks for uploading, its always best to put new resistor on it since its low value.

caferacervic: One of problem is the ground connection at the left corner near the plug. I have had a lot of  visible electro corrosion and in a result I have got bad contact there

Brad Streets: So the scanner is telling me it's a shift solenoid, either #1 or #2, but maybe I should re-solder the resistors on the ECU first to see if codes disappear? Also, does the rav4 have to be re=programmed to turn off the service light, or does it relearn or shut off through the code scanner? It's my friends son's suv, and I'd hate for them to buy a $150 solenoid only to find out they did not need to spend the$$

eddie short: I found a place on ebay AUTO MODULE SOURCE they sent me one for $158.00
 I installed the new one which lasted about two weeks before it started acting up, the lady I spoke to said there could be a variable solenoid that's bad or something causing the computer to short out, anyone have any experience with that?

Ndy Ly: Do a resistors test if ya not sure if it's bad or not...

SuperRucar: Thank you, this video saved my pocket, redid the welds of the items listed, nor had to change anything, just took some oxidations processor and function normally again, was giving the same problems in the gear changes, reduced alone and not advancing to first second, the unit spent on mechanical problems and accused the solenoid b. And the mechanic ever wanted to take off my exchange. Lucky I watched this video before! I'm from Brazil and I have a 2001 Rav4.

Walter Rodriguez: Hi jake, thanks for your information, I could repair my rav4, if any more selfless people like you, our world would be better, greetings from Puerto Rico

bigbad1ton: Fixed mine.

Technishun: OK, I had serious reservations on this task. Reading the comments only vulcanized my feelings, but decided it was well worth trying as the ECU was coming out anyway.
The PC board looked brand new coming out of my 2003 RAV4, so there was no oxidation - very nice manufacturing quality, I might add. But, being a Sr. Electronic Engineering Design tech, I've come across some 'impossibilities' in my debugging career, so if there are folks who said it work....I'm down with that.
I did not stick to the few items mentioned by Jake - heck no. If I have an intermittent, I will reflow the solder on ALL the components, if I have to. But, I decided to stick with the high current items involving ANY of the resistor packages described (1210, I believe: .12" x .10" - BTW, for you DIYR's - Digi-Key Corp is your ultimate friend for finding parts of this nature). And, I continued to reflow the devices connected to said resistors (reflowing all these resistors, of course): all power control IC's (a number of 20-pin (?) IC's), and all power drive devices (black, 3 legged parts with tabs solder to the board).
I just shoved it back in place after reworking for a test drive - and IT WORKED!!!
Many thanks to you Jake for posting this. Otherwise, I would have spent a couple, or a few Franklins on this fix!
One last word to the wise: if you cannot solder, meaning, if you don't have the proper tools to start with (small diameter soldering tip, thin gauge solder, ample visual magnification), and you're not experienced with PCB rework - do not attempt to try this!! Soldering is not rocket science, but debugging your rework error might be.

bmhcooray: Hey Jake, I am having this same shifting issue with my 2003 RAV4 - Chili. I took it to a mechanic and after checking the code he said that this was a Solenoid issue in the Transmission. Was this the case with you too, before you decided to take a look at the ECM?


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