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Rav4 ECM Repair and Transmission Problems
Rav4 ECM Repair and Transmission Problems
Toyota Rav4 transmission problem and ECU repair 313-462-0124
Toyota Rav4 transmission problem and ECU repair 313-462-0124
RAV4 rough Trans - free ECM Repair (Resistor Locations & Values)
RAV4 rough Trans - free ECM Repair (Resistor Locations & Values)
Toyota Rava4 transmission harsh shifts
Toyota Rava4 transmission harsh shifts

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Dominic Johnson: is this the same on the 06 lexus gs ecu

Lins Turnbow: Using the information in this video and others, I just fixed my own Rav4 ECU. I re-flowed the solder on the various resistors. I gave each connection a close visual inspection beforehand, and only one end of one resistor had any discernible crack in the solder. But I re-flowed them all.
The Rav4 was starting in 3rd gear some of the time, other times in two gears at once, dragging on deceleration, clunking on the upshift to 2nd. All of the symptoms are now cured.
Thank you for the video and helping me understand how to fix it.

ArmaDitto: So fix the 2 Red 820's and then the 4 R330s all on the same side

johnnynewsouth: The Rav4 to which I did this had a number of intermittent transmission problems: not shifting into overdrive, starting in second and revving out in between gears. After re-soldering the connections on the resistors as shown, the majority of the problems have disappeared, although the car is still revving out in first gear. Bottom line: there was clearly a problem with these connections which has been improved by this method.

My plan is to remove the ECU again and re-solder those connections (this time using flux) and hopefully the problem will disappear entirely.

Any mechanic would be charging you a couple of kilobucks as soon as you turn up to the shop with a transmission problem. Jake Moon, you can join the ranks of professors at the University of YouTube.

David Lewis: This works, I fixed my sister in laws 2001 Rav 4, I found lots of cold solder joints, simply flowed the solder again with flux and iron, Thx!!!

Lerby Exantus: worked for me! thanks

teeburshow: only in RAV 4 automatic right?

Master Freddy: cual es el selenoide control b 2004 Toyota rav4

Tobiascookify: Jake - thanks for the post.

In the beginning I struggled to find the fault on the RAV4 Auto Transmission - Jerking / jumping gears / down shifting erratically / starting off in a hit gear / basically the gearbox was being mashed.... after having the gearbox repaired by an autobox specialist TWICE, realised it wasn't a mechanical problem.... did the research and found there was a problem with the PCB on my model RAV4... nearly sent it off... but then happened upon this video... thought; how hard could it be to solder a few resistors? I very carefully followed the video and stills - and re-soldered the resistors as described and made sure the earth connections on the corners had good contacts (double soldered these and filed them down)....

Well what do you know - Hey Presto - put the PCB back into the car (there is a video for this on You Tube to show you how to take the PCB out and put it back in...) And it only went and worked???

I've been suffering with erratic and incomprehensible Gear shifting problems for nearly 2 years!! Sometimes went away and sometimes worse... I started to think I was going mad... but it seemed to be after the car had been on bumpy roads that it played up more - which if it was a crack in a solder on a resistor that was making contact sometimes and not others... this would go a long way to explaining why the problem came and went.

Anyway thanks Jake problem is solved! CAR DRIVES BETTER THAN WHEN I BOUGHT IT!!

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Ronaldo Quintos: The bottom line is a lot of the pcm rebuilding video here is purposely misleading. I commented on one of the video here( ford escape pcm repair). There is an advertisement at the bottom that says "we will fix your ford escape pcm for 165" or something like that. i commented on how to fix it properly, they dissabled the comment after that. They dont want people to know how to fix them right otherwise they would loose business. Dont believe everything you watch here specially repairing car ECU because it is a closely guarded secret and not shared by refutable sources.

Gustavo Effio: Thank you very much I did it myself and my Toyota runs as good as before

broderp: The posts here in this are so full of obviously non-electrically inclined people who should NOT be attempting this at all!!!

To Jake Moon, You will be hard pressed to tell what all was replaced on that PCB besides the resistors. If done properly, any (ANY) of the chips on there could have been replaced. The real issue is to determine WHAT had failed, and I doubt any one in the business is going to readily divulge what they do. They may simply have a routine refurb program where any ECU that comes in gets a certain number of parts replace, and the ECU reflashed before a test and shipping back to the owner.

Nice video, but you fail to mention WHAT this transmission problem is or what some one with this issue will see or experience. Transmission shifting...stuck in a specific speed? Randomly shifting? locking up? jerky shifting? what speeds does sit occur? what gear? I can upon the video looking for transmission issues (mechanical) but this was very interesting. Thanks.

Mikehardcore Medina: great video!,,i resold n it work,,,, thanks for this info!

Edwing Razo Ordóñez: P0606 pliss audi a3

Michael Eves: Also solder the 2 large white 12 ohm resistors beside the input/output connector. They are large can vibrate and I could see cracking around the solder on my ECU.

Hung Tran: I try links to still pics, but links are no good can you send me new links please

Paul Dilks: fixed mine. works good.

rsmc55: Is this a normal problem when changing out a battery?  Happened to my 2001 Rav4 last week.  Now transmission issues.

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