Ninjago Continues In 2014 Fan Trailer 2: New Season Name And Air Date

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Ninjago Continues in 2014 fan trailer 2: New season name and Air date
Ninjago Continues in 2014 fan trailer 2: New season name and Air date
Ninjago continues in 2014!
Ninjago continues in 2014!
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Ninjago: Rebooted - OFFICIAL TRAILER 2014
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Holister ;): It's not a rebooted trailer

Guadalupe Colin: It is fan made that is what he's trying to say it even said in the begining

Mike Pina: Yea there is

Nathaniel Fanous: fan trailer

Reddragon Archfiend: The new season is actually called Ninjago REBOOTED

AgentRainbowz- Happy: Dude really? my gosh the real one is suppose to be about nindroids ive already seen a sneak peek of it and well this "fan Trailer" is sort of giving fans the wrong idea...that being said ninjago is coming back next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooo

EvrythingRainbowDash: Woooo the best thing ever is coming back!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO If they put an air ninja in and make it Zane's human sister I AM GOING TO FLIP BECAUSE THATS MY OC. :3


mossaddeq ali shah: chima is good too,but nobody can compare with ninjago! NINJAGO!!!!!

Chris Major: To all of the Chima haters - "We will win this fight! We thought Ninjago would fall but it didn't! It is back and has proven that we true Lego fans WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT! NINJAAAAAAAA ... GOOOOOO!"

Jacob Berkley: Summer 2014 ninjago rebooted

austin wood: me but they are bring it back Curtis they said they would in januwarey 2013

Omar Batla: who says NINJAGO is the best show actually it is the BESTEST THE GREATEST like with me

Ricky FRanco: Chima sucks

pablo estrada: NonononononononoNO! It will be about nindroids (they will be bad guys) and will come out December 2013 I know this because of Lego magazine “like if u agree wid me”

Epikkillah: That's the final battle idiot

GateToFreedom: It is season 4 Ninjago Rebooted

R1RAZZER: OMFG it comes out on my b-day @)

andrew heo: I'm with Curtis Hess! 

Zachary Davidson: Is it rly coming out THIS YEAR :DDDDDDD 

nya2468MB: NINJAGO!!!!

Curtis Hess: season 3 will be the final season guys and it only has 8 episodes because of the production of stupid lego chima! I vote more episodes! who is with me?!

Rami mokbel: The music reminds me of Narnia man

JTHStudio: I said it was fan-made.

Gabi Hernandez: Thank you!! Finally someone with common sense. China is terrible. Ninjago was always going to return, it was never canceled

chris tian: puuuuuuuuuuuttttttttaaaaaaaaaanginaaaaaaaaaaaaaa loooookaaaaaaaaaaaal

PentaKillFiora OP: If you guys follow lego on twitter or Facebook and also bricks how TV it is coming on 2014

Haripong Samreth: no it jus t season 2

SoullessDreams777: OMG so many things at the end of the year! Ninjago in December, Pokemon X and Y next month, And Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in November!

JTHStudio: It's only a rumor. It's yet to be confirmed or denied.

Amberdiamondsword: "Way of the Ninja" and "The King of Shadows" were pilot episodes. Season 1 was with the Serpentine and the Great Devourer. Season 2 was with Garmadon and the Overlord. This will be season 3.

Joey Sgro: i think this is season 3 and 4

Emma Smith: if u want to find out more go to ninjago rebooted

stingertattoo2000: it is coming back in december or october 2014 im not lieing search us ninjago 2014 NA GO ON BRICK BLOGGER AND THERE YOU GO PROOF ITS COMING BACK ON IN 2014

JTHStudio: As I have said many times, the information contained in my three (so far) Ninjago Announcement videos is the rumor/facts. Everything else about the video is fan made. Obviously, the new season's episodes have not been released yet,

ninjafartmask1: no season 1 they defeated the devourer and 2 is with the stone army this will be the third season :P


the lego brick reviewer: type ninjago 2014 sets there will be more ninjago in the end of november=)

jose salomon: that was awsome im getting the ultra dragon and have the golden dragon

thelegofreakgeek: hey do you love ninjago? would you like to watch music videos with them? then visit my channel :D i have so many epic ninjago music videos yet to be discovered by you, the ninjago fans! :D thanks

The Awesome Realm: Faaaaaaaaaaaake!

alexsaboful: WHAT?!!? REALLY?!??

Abby McDougall: I can't wait!!!! I loved this show!

JTHStudio: I but Rumored information about the TV show at the end, the clips were just to promote it.

Morgan Smith: I knew Ninjago would someday return. Use your head for a second... They said SEASON finale. Well season and series are two totally different words. Although I was never 100% sure, I am now. Alex Garmadon has returned! (My OC)

SuperH0227: No it's returning in 2914

herobuilder03: Fake

SuperH0227: 2014

jetrocca: Cool

Maya Parlin: More Ninjago!!!!!!! This show is AWESOME!!!!!!
Ninjago Continues in 2014 fan trailer 2: New season name and Air date 3.6 out of 5

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Ninjago Continues in 2014 fan trailer 2: New season name and Air date