German Paratrooper Gravity Knife

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Knives that are prohibited in Canada (for no good reason)
Knives that are prohibited in Canada (for no good reason)
Be back soonish!
Be back soonish!
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Dice tin
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David Y: illegal in new york

MrSnowman: ownership in germany is illegal, but you can own it legal, if you store the blade and the handle separately.
You say: "Trupp E", thats the german word for troop. -> Truppe

Nihad Japanes: Good knives

Pepsi Man: illegal in Texas




Anthony Williams: In the uk you can own them,but only if they were bought before the ban,even the ww2 ones ):
Tbh I think it's stupid since in how it's used I fail to see how that's any different from a modern liner lock that you can open one handed,which are perfectly legal to own in the uk for anyone

Ellijah Smith: Just picked this exact one up for a 100 bucks online.

Kobi Cummins: anyone know where I can buy one of these ?

captain awesome: where can I buy one

AMERICANS FIGHT 2 WIN: WELL OLD VIDEO, TRIED WEB PAGE NO LONGER UP AND RUNNING, MIGHT BE YOU SHOULD CHECK OLD VIDEO's for correct info. but if some one really would want, research and they can be found, but u ask you this why , many other out there cheaper& better for bush crafting now.

Alex’s Knifebox: its not BUND... the brand of this knife is Eickhorn.... just fyi

Holly Stewart: I just bought a German Army Paratrooper Gravity knife LL80 brand new from this website and wow the blade is tight no blade play at all and the blade is sharp. The company sent it to me fast too and I paid $64.00 for it, which is great.

Nikolas Maes: things that are scary are often illegal in some places :D 

luckytiger: Its Not made by "BUND"
"BUND" is the Name of the German Army

Chris John: There also is a navy version of this knife, saddly those knifes are illegal in germany so i only ever so one once fpr real. But i was amazed of the knif e:D

Ed A.: Illegal in Michigan :'/

3vegemite: Bund is not a company, but a short form of Bundeswehr, meaning German Army. Messer is knife, Truppe is troup or team.

Ed Cook: I have three of these knives. All were given to me by my cousin in the Bundeswehr. (Fallschirmjaeger)

These knives are great as long as you understand their construction and limitations.

Yes there is some play to them when you first extend the blade. Close the lock and shake it and the blade locks in place. (If it doesn't you have to open the knife and clean it.)

They are heavy due to their style of construction. Then again they are almost indestructible.

As for use, I have one strapped to my Back Pack shoulder strap when I'm camping. It comes in handy.

Kiertapp: And theyre illegal in Germany

German Paratrooper Gravity Knife 5 out of 5

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German Paratrooper Gravity Knife