German Paratrooper Gravity Knife

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German Paratrooper Gravity Knife
German Paratrooper Gravity Knife
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LL80 German paratrooper gravity knife made in Solingen
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Gravity Knives
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German Paratrooper Gravity Knife - How To Use -
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Nikolas Maes: things that are scary are often illegal in some places :D 

Chris John: There also is a navy version of this knife, saddly those knifes are illegal in germany so i only ever so one once fpr real. But i was amazed of the knif e:D

Ed A.: Illegal in Michigan :'/

Timur Herrmann: Its Not made by "BUND" "BUND" is the Name of the German Army

Christian Evers North Star Armory: "messer" means knife and "BUND" refers to Bundeswehr- the German Army

3vegemite: Bund is not a company, but a short form of Bundeswehr, meaning German Army. Messer is knife, Truppe is troup or team. 

Ed Cook: I have three of these knives. All were given to me by my cousin in the Bundeswehr. (Fallschirmjaeger) These knives are great as long as you understand their construction and limitations. Yes there is some play to them when you first extend the blade. Close the lock and shake it and the blade locks in place. (If it doesn't you have to open the knife and clean it.) They are heavy due to their style of construction. Then again they are almost indestructible. As for use, I have one strapped to my Back Pack shoulder strap when I'm camping. It comes in handy.

Kiertapp: And theyre illegal in Germany 

Al Machado: Yes there is a fair amount of blade play. Without this I doubt the blade would release and slide in and out so easily. Just my 2 sense.

Al Machado: The one I picked up around 20 years ago was used and had a pretty scratched up blade and a slightly blunted marlin spike but I dug it up and put it to a stone and now it shaves hair. On the blade there is an etch that says 'Solingen 75" and the plastic od green scales are embossed 'Bw'. Very cool knife.

Thomas Dittrich: Hello I´m Thomas from Germany. I Like the video but I just wanted to add that the company" B-U-N-D" is not a company its our Army. Befrore 1945 it was called "Wehrmacht" now it´s the "Bundeswehr" in short Form:"Bund"eswehr ;)

David Schoen: The producer is wmf and BUND stands for Bundeswehr

HSBU Raptor: Really? F*CK Logic. They're made in Germany. But in Germany they aren't legal!

Dupa Krowa: why do German paratroopers have the weirdest knives?

Gabe Musashi: @GearBuyersGuide this argument is freaking funny, why do i NEED a sword? why do i NEED two ibanez destroyers!? why do i NEED a computer?

Nick Smith: @Teufelsnachbar667 ur kind of a vagina buzz kill

xxsaberwarrior564: im gessing that this knife failed a lot when a german tryed to stab and it hit and went back in

Christian Scheer: That's right the Knife was also issued to armoured vehicle crews.

WorkerBee2011: Is this the same guy who does gunwebsites? Either way its cool

igrenade: @Leonidasll75 everything's illegal in ny.

Paul Silva: I need one

Arpoky: Director of Lulz: And it's made in Germany. You know the Germans always make good stuff! And you gotta act now, because you know we can't do this all day. Call the number on your screen: 1-800-GRVTYKNF.

SuperTino1974: Thats not the original LL80 from the Bundeswehr!

APrvertedBanana: Where can I buy one of those knives and are they easily found unused or are most of them used already?

david john Huxtable: yeh no doubt its 1940s technology its pretty functional knife however i didnt like the sound the blade made on vertical gravity inducement! as it sounds kind of a lot of play in the main blade if it was smoother glide in out id buy one!! BUND comments were interesting theres always some clever pickley around! i knew what you meant your not german nor were you in the nazi youth movement so i forgive you!! herr gearbuyer! heil hitler!!!

Hans Brox: Even then it´s illegal, but you´re allowed to carry it with you in fulfilling terms of duty. Laws are for everyone...even for soldiers in their freetime. So if you´re on your way home and use THIS instead of your regular pocket knife to cut things open, that you can´t open with your teeth or nails and you meet an overmotivated police officer, you´ll probably have a little one-sided, loud and clear dialogue with your superior. I only know, what´s law and what has been promised, not if it´s really

Abraxian Absolution: That thing makes a wonderful sound.

mikekcmo6742: you should have tested it on that damn cell phone buzzing lol !

styler797: Well im from austria and "bund" is another word or short term for the german "bundesheer" which is the german army lol so its not made by "bund" it just says its an army knife :-)

FrontlinerCdV: "BUND" only means it belongs to the german forces(or the german state in general, even though I must admit I´ve seen this for the first time in the Bundeswehr too), its not a manufacturer.

Jeep546: And where?

ebi1277: How much, and whered did ya get it?

martialme84: Messer = Knife(literally) Kapp = cut, cut off, sth like that LL - (which you forgot to mention) stands for "Luft Lande-" which is the German equivalent of your "para" and Truppe, which stand for troops. So it means sth like "Para-troops". "Knife, cut/cut off, para-troops, 1Each" is what it says on this little box. The number is what you search it by in the German military equipment lists...

dimmddr1: Illegal in Canada. Damn!

Zach Green: i am seeing a lot of blade play in there

VpR81: @ZzX42 xDDDD

143yamaha: crap. illegal in ny

HondoMcRaven: Geman armed forces recieve small items like knifes, forks,spoons etc from various manufacturers who all build the same stuff. So I can't tell you, who manufactured the knife

Remington597man: i sure as hell know ya swedes know how to make one hell of an axe/hatchet!!! Unrelated but my 2 favorite hockey players are from sweden, Nicklas Backstrom(#19) and Marcus Johansson(#90) both of the washington capitals. greetings from Washington DC mate...

UBRCHARGED: As far as i know, all military stuff from Germany is top notch. In Sweden we also have pretty good military stuff but Germany is way better than us on making firearms and that kind of stuff. We make quality defence stuff, doesnt really have anything to do with the knife, but i have freedom of speech :)

wolschou: @ripcalwill Just in case you like to know: The Knife is not made by BUND, that means Union and is how most german military equipment is marked, like the ARMY-Tag on american gear. The logo on the Blade is WMF, which is a german company maufacturing high end table wear, glass and porcellain as well as cutlery. As for the markings on the box: Messer, Kapp means Knife, Sever (as in severing chute lines). and LL-Truppen is short for Luftlande-Truppen, meaning Airbourne Troops.

Nick Smith: so does this mean if I take it to the moon, I won't be able to kill zombies with it?

Gear Websites: yes, gravity knives wiggle a lot just like OTF knives of any type

penguin123446678: goddamn send button,k. as i was saying, especially Americans...then again Germans and Americans are left on a sour note... pity.i dont even know if Philippines has this knife...all we have are imported stuff and crap knives, Swiss is fine but bamboo knvies?! xD German inventions are great

The281093: The german laws in general aren't too bad only our weapon laws aren't worth the paper on which they are printed^^

kuppenhorst: @ripcalwill in fact this is the original german paratrooper knife. BUND stand for Bundeswehr(the german army), who is not the manufacturer. i kept my Kappmesser after i ended service in the german paratrooperkorps and still have it to this day. very good knife...

Matthew McCaffrey: This is illegal in California because everyone around here is a puss. :|

blauerBMW: auf der Klinge steht doch WMF........Württembergische Metallwaren Fabrik

StDeClan18: where can i buy this knife?

MyNegativeCreep: have u bought it here in germany?
German Paratrooper Gravity Knife 4.8 out of 5

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German Paratrooper Gravity Knife