How To Mod Cracked Skyrim- How To Make Data Files Clickable

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vitpopovrbaCZ: thank you very much :)

nawfal gharnati: i have made the data files clickable a long time ago and i checked theù but when i play they don't work i have the skyrim UI Mode Playable humanoids and become high king of skyrim

Kyriakos Staurou: where are u find Moden Skyrim ?

llConceptll: See, now for me, Nexus Mod Manager can't find Skyrim on my PC and I can't use it for Skyrim...

Matthew Smith: @Nick Willems. What? I'm a hater because I love playing computer games? I am a hater because I appreciate the hard work and effort people put into making games for your/our entertainment? I am a hater because I support the developers and wish to prolong the gaming industry? I am a hater because I'm not having freakwits stopping me from playing games and putting me out of the job I have in the industry? If you havent heard of ELSPA, I'm sure you will one day Nick. We are losing great games (and jobs) everyday to piracy. LOVE GAMES. SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY. BUY THE GAME :-) 

Tom Kopala: does frostfall work?

theicewizard: i pasted the exact file that hey told me to and data files is still not clickable please someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rui jerrie: the game crashes on bethesda screen becuz of an error in the load order not cuz the game is pirated. pirated game can mod fine :)

Rehman :): Thanks man everything was good

Rhion Jordan: i cant find launcher in my skyrim prefs

jizzyjay jasqueesha: Gayyyy help on windows 8

Eerik Karhu: i got skyrim off piratebay and i could click on it already

Denis Quispe: Thanks so much now i can play Skyrim with high resolution texture pack :D

Zack Bryans: Dude you are literally my hero! <3 I have been trying to figure out what was wrong forever, YOU are the bomb diggity dude!

ilyes touil: i don t have the two other files i just have bEnableFileSelection=1

Andrius Bolonkinas: Thanks dude you are the best :D

Bowie Crijns: Thank you very much dude!

Thomas Paine: Awesome vid, thanks alot

eragrgag rgaregerg: this wont work , the folder is not the one game uses , the real skyrimpref. is in : START < DOCUMENTS < MY GAMES < SKYRIM . there is the real skyrimpref u need to mess with .

Grim Reaper: My computer says "Access Denied" when I try to save my SkyrimPrefs. Please help!

hellboyscat: thx so much 

Emborton chris: Nah...I don't really feeel like it

Alsatia Pacheco: It made data files clickable... but now the game force closes?

Matthew Smith: Hey, Ive got a better the freaking game!!!!!

XRayGamer Boyi: Thanks

ElokinSremmus: Ok Sooooo I did this, BUT my location of the pref.ini is appdata\local\skyrim\mygames\skyrim That's where the file is, saves etc. I have nothing in the Documents\mygames folder. and it's still not working. I removed all traces of the game and re-installed then edited the files again still no luck. 

101dragon00: Anyone know how to get FNIS on the cracked version without the t-pose bug

GuilhermePlays HD: Suck, my, balls

Andrej Bjørn: thank you this helped me

DJCoDr66: can u put plz all that apears? thenk you!!!!


xXTheLionKing4EverXx: I did what everything u said but when I went to the skyrim launcher the data files is still not clickable PLEASE HELP MAH!! :(

jxwforever playesgames: i dont have a louncer file?!

William Jones: This worked great, thanks! Subbed.

Clofuby: Thank bud, you helped me out a lot :)

Marin Belec: The mods that will not work use SKSE. So you need skse, but! Its freaked to get it on cracked. Im still tryin to get it to work. If anyone knows how to get skse for cracked, pleeease tell, thx.

aliciaDmorgan: Dude you are freaking awesome!!! this was killing me trying to figure this on my own lol and everyone else was making me so damn confused lol you freaking rock man!!!

Betha783: Thank YOU!

Alexander Yee: Thanks alot man, great vid

Mau Grinch: DOEST WORK

bernardo19971: Omg thanks !!!! You are Awesome ! That was my Problem :D

jxwforever playesgames: i dont have a launcer file?! help?

Adam Baum: There's a corrupt mod, obviously.

Shadowmage72: What if you cant even open skyrim launcher :(

DecoyHD: Your The Bomb xD

IsiahDJohnson: I installed the mods on nexus, and they do appear in data files and i enable them. Then i decide to go in the game and look for the mods, (Btw my mods are companion npcs), But my mods do not appear. Any help on this?

TheSuomalainen123: Remember to activate them on the manager!

Firegolem73: I don't know what is wrong... when I go in the skyrimprefs thing the only thing under Launcher is bEnableFileSelection=1. Am I just suppose to type in the other 2?

jhj hhg: Dude I fixed it, it's not the Skyrimprefs in the data folder but in My Games like he shown, it should be in a folder with Skyrim then saves blah blah and the skyrim prefs you need
How to Mod Cracked Skyrim- How to make data files clickable 4.9 out of 5

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How to Mod Cracked Skyrim- How to make data files clickable