How To Mod Cracked Skyrim- How To Make Data Files Clickable

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Suomitikru: i have the bEnableFileSelection=1 by default but its still not clickable

Adam el sayed: Guys use all this i send and it works I promiss. [Display] iTexMipMapSkip=0 bFXAAEnabled=0 fMeshLODLevel2FadeDist=3072 fMeshLODLevel1FadeDist=4096 fSpecularLODStartFade=2000 fLightLODStartFade=3500 fTreesMidLODSwitchDist=0 iShadowMapResolution=1024 fShadowBiasScale=0.3 iShadowMaskQuarter=3 iBlurDeferredShadowMask=1 fShadowDistance=2500 iMaxDecalsPerFrame=0 iMaxSkinDecalsPerFrame=0 iAdapter=0 iSize W=1024 iSize H=640 iMultiSample=4 iMaxAnisotropy=15 iPresentInterval=0 bFull Screen=1 sD3DDevice="NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970" fInteriorShadowDistance=3000.0000 bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 fGamma=1.0000 iShadowFilter=3 fDecalLOD2=1500.0000 fDecalLOD1=1000.0000 fShadowLODStartFade=200.0000 iTexMipMapMinimum=0 bTransparencyMultisampling=0 iWaterMultiSamples=0 iShadowMode=3 bTreesReceiveShadows=0 bDrawLandShadows=0 bDrawShadows=1 fLeafAnimDampenDistEnd=4600.0000 fLeafAnimDampenDistStart=3600.0000 fMeshLODFadePercentDefault=1.2000 fMeshLODFadeBoundDefault=256.0000 fMeshLODLevel2FadeTreeDistance=2048.0000 fMeshLODLevel1FadeTreeDistance=2844.0000 iScreenShotIndex=0 bShadowMaskZPrepass=0 bMainZPrepass=0 [Imagespace] iRadialBlurLevel=2 bDoDepthOfField=1 [LOD] fLODFadeOutMultActors=15 fLODFadeOutMultItems=15 fLODFadeOutMultObjects=15 fLODFadeOutMultSkyCell=1.0000 [Grass] fGrassStartFadeDistance=7000 b30GrassVS=1 fGrassMaxStartFadeDistance=7000.0000 fGrassMinStartFadeDistance=400.0000 [Decals] bDecals=0 bSkinnedDecals=0 uMaxDecals=0 uMaxSkinDecals=0 uMaxSkinDecalsPerActor=0 [TerrainManager] fTreeLoadDistance=12500 fBlockMaximumDistance=75000 fBlockLevel1Distance=25000 fBlockLevel0Distance=15000 fSplitDistanceMult=0.4 bShowLODInEditor=0 [BlurShaderHDR] bDoHighDynamicRange=1 [BlurShader] bUseBlurShader=0 [Launcher] bShowAllResolutions=1 uLastAspectRatio=4 bEnableFileSelection=1 [Water] iWaterReflectHeight=512 iWaterReflectWidth=512 bUseWaterDisplacements=1 bUseWaterRefractions=1 bUseWaterReflections=1 bUseWaterDepth=1 [MAIN] fSkyCellRefFadeDistance=150000.0000 bGamepadEnable=1 bCrosshairEnabled=1 fHUDOpacity=1.0000 bSaveOnPause=1 bSaveOnTravel=1 bSaveOnWait=1 bSaveOnRest=1 [GamePlay] bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=1 bShowQuestMarkers=1 iDifficulty=2 [Interface] bDialogueSubtitles=0 bGeneralSubtitles=0 bShowCompass=1 [Controls] fMouseHeadingSensitivity=0.0125 fGamepadHeadingSensitivity=1.9000 bAlwaysRunByDefault=1 bInvertYValues=0 bGamePadRumble=1 [Particles] iMaxDesired=750 [SaveGame] fAutosaveEveryXMins=15.0000 [AudioMenu] fAudioMasterVolume=1.0000 fVal7=1.0000 uID7=0 fVal6=1.0000 uID6=0 fVal5=1.0000 uID5=0 fVal4=1.0000 uID4=0 fVal3=0.5000 uID3=466532 fVal2=0.8000 uID2=554685 fVal1=0.8000 uID1=1007612 fVal0=1.0000 uID0=94881 [Clouds] fCloudLevel2Distance=262144.0000 fCloudLevel1Distance=32768.0000 fCloudLevel0Distance=16384.0000 fCloudNearFadeDistance=9000.0000 [General] iStoryManagerLoggingEvent=-1 bEnableStoryManagerLogging=0 [Trees] bRenderSkinnedTrees=1 uiMaxSkinnedTreesToRender=40

jacob jansson: Thx alot :3

Gabriel .Carusetta: Nice video man, this really helped me!

JackForCharity13: As soon as I click on the Skyrim game it immediately goes to the Bethesda logo it doesn't show that main menu :-(

HugMeizter VGS: The text in my SKyrimprefs looks nothing like that, mine is like this at the top of the texts [Display] iTexMipMapSkip=0 bFXAAEnabled=0 fMeshLODLevel2FadeDist=10000000.0000 fMeshLODLevel1FadeDist=10000000.0000 fSpecularLODStartFade=2000.0000 fLightLODStartFade=3500.0000 fTreesMidLODSwitchDist=10000000.0000 iShadowMapResolution=4096 fShadowBiasScale=0.1500 iShadowMaskQuarter=4 iBlurDeferredShadowMask=3 fShadowDistance=8000.0000 iMaxDecalsPerFrame=100 iMaxSkinDecalsPerFrame=25 iAdapter=0

Thenewguy: OMG THANK YOU!!!!! Now i can play all the dlcs ^.^

Adam el sayed: Hey bro can you please send it all too me. All the description 

A Zombie Obama: i dont even have skyrim prefs folder

Danijel S: thanks dude , works perfectly ^^ 

Is this name taken?: when i open up the nexus mod manager it says that im missing the file Skyrim.esm and when i check in the skyrim folder it is there. pls help

anan bob: The thing is, some times when I download the mod, even with nexus mod manager, it doesn't appear on the data files. does anyone know where these mods need to be downloaded to? It shouldn't really matter considering mod manager should sort it out... plz help

alex mercer: um can you tell why is there two Launcher one at the bottom most part of Skyrimpref and the other is the one that everyone use do I have to erase the one at the bottom cause mine never opens I really really need help I downloaded many mods but I only get one mod when I mean one mod I mean the same mod always I want to use all mods I use please help me 

oktay tima: @marcuss5909 you sad mod crash becase some mod are not working you need find what mod are not working the delet and remeber what you delet mod and dowloed aging ay hope tath works

Vince Attong: thanks man i thought i was not gonna be able to play skyrim with mods :3 

darkwolf: it wont let me download the file


Xai Tourney: Hey thanks for this! Damn my document game folder.... Oh btw, make sure your mods are in the proper order!!

Theo Langley: Thank you, very helpful and informative video

UKC HQ™: fixed :) thanks

Owen Hornbrook: I put [Launcher] bEnableFileSelection=1 in skyrim prefs and data files is still not clickable :(


GamingWithNathaniel64: OK, reasons why some mods don't work: - Compatibility with other mod - DLC's - Other Requirements

maxim bek: where do u get modded skyrim pad from?

aron brydie: Thank you very much man :) 

Mage Quest: Tnx bro now i can put mods.... AWSOME

SLBMG best hits: thanks dude this realy helped keep up the good work 

A muffin: I pirated the legendary version but pirate bay is now no longer around cause of reasons and data files is clickable

Eric Joyce: mine only has bEnableFileSelection=1

Rani Farhat: Thnx a lot you are the best guy to ever explain to me how to mod skyrim I really want to thank you nobody else did it better

PpaStrmpf: Works 4 me. First install had it after Win crash I reinstalled game and I had this problem I did what you said now works as it should. Thank you.

OgE Ghosts: Thanks man you deserve a like and a sub :] 

UNIT 1: thx


Patrick McCarthy: thanks man I O U

Tyas White-cobbo: 100th subscriber i think

ThorntonBerryGaming: Your a legend my friend

kevin arturson: i don't have moded fil pls help

Depleted_Uranium235: thanks it worked... finally... subscribed... :)

HerschBeats: See, now for me, Nexus Mod Manager can't find Skyrim on my PC and I can't use it for Skyrim...

John JR: thx

recondemon59: for me it wont let me save the changes i made on the perfs ini it says accses denied

viggo rúnar: thanks i been trying to get it to work all day

Ygor Velasquez: thank you very much very much

s0m3Guy37: i have an XPS 420, and the NMM doesnt do anything, at all. i click the thing i dowloaded from the nexus and then nothing, any help? 

FXSoulDox: freaking love you! <3

Zinger Sinh: Guys i accidently deleted Skyrimprefs cause apparently it speeds the game up if you i feel like a retard....but i desperately wanna mod it...dooes anyone know how to download it or get it back?

BrotherMohd Hanif: stll doesnt work

Bannanass9: thanks you saved my life

How to Mod Cracked Skyrim- How to make data files clickable 4.9 out of 5

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How to Mod Cracked Skyrim- How to make data files clickable