How To Body Work And Paint Plastic Auto Parts Yourself (SEM)

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How To Body Work and Paint Plastic Auto Parts Yourself (SEM)
How To Body Work and Paint Plastic Auto Parts Yourself (SEM)
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Mckessa King: Do you sell your product in Canada?

Greggg57: I love birds too. Except for Ravens, Crows, and Magpies. They drop big bird-turds on my cars. Good vid. Voted.

Isaiah Daquioag: Ho! From hawaii? Chee! Seen da license plate and safety check, went watch dis video choke times only now i realized it lol

Oxnard Chiques: Wat up bro would u have any videos on how to paint motorcycle fairings

Mikep1024: I would had done it a little differently with the paint...but it looks great. I have done lower cladding and mouldings on cars by actually looking up the color of the moulding and getting the paint code and formula then adding a semi gloss vinyl resin which keeps the textured look. I am liking your videos but I can't find the one for actually attaching the body kit to the btw. I have seen other jobs where they start cracking at the seams. Just wondering what you did to mold it it

tamonettX500: All the damn haters...they want everything CHEAP, with the LEAST amount of effort, and they want it to last FOREVER.  I paint the plastics on my Xterra every couple of years.  I enjoy every step of the process, and it looks great!  Who the freak cares it doesn't last?  It's a labor of love

jjb blacks: Nice ...very nice

Alex M.: Does this last on running boards? Im looking to repaint the faded plastic on the running boards. Wondering if the paint will last from stepping on it.

Deep Roots: Great video but my god I wish you'd stop scratching and scraping at the thing. Drives me insane to hear that noise!


Arely Ramirez: What type of paint should I use if I want to paint the metal? The metal off my car where the Windows are chipped off and I want to paint it but I'm not sure if I should use Plasti dip or spray paint?

Kermaista: I thought you always have to sand before painting

YOGI 8008: sir can i do paint job on carbon fiber car

FirstTimeFix: hey goes does anyone of you know how is paint for metal part that dries up like plastic called, its very durable much more durable than you normal car paint,.I got a roof rack covered with such paint some part got damaged, unfortunately one part chipped off and now its getting rusty. Obviously I cant paint it with normal paint because it wouldn't lats

D fitz: looks ok but that stuff will not hold up, I give it 8-12 mo. then it will crack n chip!

Bryan Arango: Pene

Pro Speed Racing: Painting plastic auto parts requires special skill. If you have an old car and are looking for ideas to make it look new you can consider painting certain parts to make it look new. Learning to paint the auto parts can help you save money as well as it can be an exciting task. 

Dan Druft: Aerosol cans @ What a bunch of freaking cowboys 

tjoe1979to: Hey bro dig the vids . Just wanted to ask is it necessary to use mineral spirits if im trying to do flat black primer on my car?

Matija Kovačič: Any idea where i could get those sprays in europe? Dont really know what to search for...
How To Body Work and Paint Plastic Auto Parts Yourself (SEM) 5 out of 5

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How To Body Work and Paint Plastic Auto Parts Yourself (SEM)