AQWorlds - How To Get Blade Of Awe Fast!

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SSJ Gohan: Stone writ on first try but the handle is freaking trolling crap

Red Cupcake HD YT: First Quest /join j6 and kill dragon

EnNinja TV: The runes, Jesus Christ!

GoodKevin111: For a better way to find the hilt join /swordhavenundead and kill the monsters, if you have a class which can attack multiple targets, I used the Chaos slayer berserker.

Brandon Hall: killed like 30 hydras and still no blade piece

LIVE GAMER: XD more fast not to join lair but to join etherwardas 

Kathyjane Schaufler: Lol, yea the runes are the hardest

Flamo: so hard on the runes found :(

Richard Hjertenes: those blade of awe quest are just about luck! - ultra makugan

Shiroi Kage: but u need rank 6 in blade of awe

Alvber simbajon: that armor is called light caster

Champion of Chaos: Hey Kamran12 where did you get the armor and second it is member armor?

Klan PlaysGames: After 6 months of trying right after I watch this video I watch this video I get it. -_-

feanix Storm: i have been trieing to get the runes for 3months no drop

ryuji gallardo: hardest part get blade

Jordan Gonzales: Why do lazy sh!ts always ask for accounts *Cough Cough Jacob Connor Cough Cough*

Lightning Bolt: did everything : now i need rank 6 blade of awe did the 3rd quest again but could not accept hilt found lol

Meo Ki: thank you

Jacob Connor: If anyone has a free AQW account that they do not want that is really good please email it to me at

denz aleta: so lucky got the stonewrit within 10 mins

John Hyneman: i just killed the hydra hundreds of times and didn't get the blade do I keep fight them or move to another

Jordan Gonzales: I got the runes my first try! ^.^

Brett Casey: I find Vath much quicker to farm for rune, simply use a class with stun for example Warrior. Stun Vath then quickly do as much crit as you can because he will take regular damage. Just make sure you can deal 1800 or so damage in about 3 seconds, otherwise you know the rest. :P Hope it helps!

Ali Aziz: You's king aq :D

Eric Jun: P.S plz join our guild darkkiller!! (needs to be level 30+ and needs to have an indivisual class 1 or more.)

Strownyou13: If you got a problem with Blade of Awe Rank, do the 2nd quest again, and if you got a problem with the hydra(cant see because defeated them), goto mobius and talk to the fairie, she will give you to fight the hydra again

Bleeding Smash: whats the dustep of that song

Eric Jun: plus my aqw account name is thunderkid56 and I use server yourmi

Zacklunarmoon: /join runix

Receon555: in =tro is cash cash overtime

ThatOneGuy Or Pan Scout: I can't seem to get the red dragon to drop it.

Eric Jun: you said all the chaos lords have 0.1% drop rate. but! when I cheaked, chaos lord kitsune has 5% drop rate. so I prefer killing kitsune.

vukasin acimovic: 9 months and still no runes

kent cyrel jimenez: awesome can i have a acount please

Angela Fernandes: i am still working on the blade but from where did u get the runes

33 01: I've been botting Runes for an entire month.

Youtuber Guy: where to find the elementals of Lore????

kevin noorfikri: pvp with shaxi please..

interminATED MPE: oh wait bad for me the hydra my hydra are all gone

Ibrahim Mohanad: what your enchantment? please tell me for your class

watashima1947: LOL nice intro and movie!

Yohan Dano: can you duel with dracobath in aqw?it a challenge

AQWorldsKamran12: Full wizard, but Luck on the weapon, with unstable weapon. (Ex. 32-224)

cj oz: does it true if you use necromancer it will drop the drop rate of the runes?

Zarat & DCV | AQW Videos, Streams and More! Subscribe: Impossible to get the last one.

adam setht: dude last time I check this is only few now its thousand

Nyu: lmao noob.

Will Reynolds: I nearly got blade of awe xD but I've spent about five hours on the last quest and it's still not dropping

Lennart Pineda: What's your Application for the effects?

maged mohammed: i do like but plz tell me whats encahncement of troll plz
AQWorlds - How to get Blade of Awe Fast! 4.5 out of 5

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AQWorlds - How to get Blade of Awe Fast!