How To Forge Weld

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Elliot bethell sams: You're great to listen to and learn from

Jeff DIxon: Mike deserves a million subs.

Pinoy Blacksmith: Just tried my first forge weld today and I wish I saw this video earlier so I can try that coat hanger trick! Thanks for sharing!

Jeremy Johnson: Thanks for the video. I have been learning to blacksmith since October. seems like i learn something new every day

Billy S: good video thanks man!!

davionaceae: video was very helpful, thank you!

Devin93 e: Appreciate the video boss! Learned a lot form ya. Just started this as a hobby a few days ago at 22 years old. mabey now I won't burn the metal next time I attempt a wield.

guitargeekforjesus: very helpful video, thanks for posting. I am a novice blacksmith and I want to build my own charcoal forge instead of propane (just like the idea better) and I kept hearing people say that you couldn't forge weld without a propane forge. so thanks for the information!

Conley custom ironwork: I never flux my welds unless I am making Damascus but if your making trace hooks,chains fire pokers,ect you don't really need it

ds productions: does borax help steel stick? is it needed?

Steel Scholar: That little trick with the coat hanger is brilliant, Thank you sir ^_^

Dominic Bruno: Thank you.

Steven Short: with a nice informational video like that you just earned a subscriber sir

Ethan Woodward BMX: how much does borax cost?

KROSNIT: I am one of those beginners, and I thank you very much for this informational video!

Eye Ball: great video

Luciffrit: Make sure the coat hanger isn't galvanised steel. Breathing in the fumes can kill you.

Teia McElroy: I liked how you showed how to do forge wielding, I liked the tip about the coat hook, 

Grant Tevelde: you can use a magnet to check if its at temp if the magnet sticks then its not if it doesn't then you are good to go.
How to Forge Weld 5 out of 5

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How to Forge Weld