How To Forge Weld

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How to Forge Weld
How to Forge Weld
Forge Welding Guide | How To Forge Weld | Sand As Flux
Forge Welding Guide | How To Forge Weld | Sand As Flux
Forge welding 2 the process
Forge welding 2 the process
Forge Welding Making a Fire Poker
Forge Welding Making a Fire Poker
Trying to forge weld
Trying to forge weld

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Luciffrit: Make sure the coat hanger isn't galvanised steel. Breathing in the fumes can kill you.

Trench Forge Armory: and have a nice day

Teia McElroy: I liked how you showed how to do forge wielding, I liked the tip about the coat hook, 

Catt Taill: That's a great trick with the coat hanger!

Grant Tevelde: you can use a magnet to check if its at temp if the magnet sticks then its not if it doesn't then you are good to go.

Xeon: Thanks

Lamdrew: Gearin says he has no idea what you're saying, but i think he's crazy. You have a great voice. Stay enunciated you. x

joyboy232: Does any one know how to forge weld two separate pieces of steel together  because I need to do so in order to repair a set of tongs I have been working on I and I don't think a MIG welder will work.

DrivenByDiamond: One thing I learned the hard way, if your metal is burning, do not strike it. It needs to cool a bit first. I tried striking a piece of metal while it was still sparking, and it sprayed molten metal everywhere. Got a nice pea size hole burned in my thigh.

honkong bluee: that's the best tip yet with the coat hanger. great I struggle what is or isn't for welding heat thanks for that.Great vid

Jason McCoid: Hell yeah, thanks Bland County Survivorman for the video!  I was able to successfully perform my first forge weld today. Keep em' comin!

Thomas Harrell:  EXCELLENT!

Ignatius970: nice video i myself am a blade smith and am learning to forge weld so i can mend broken swords. this video was a good start

Simon Limon: Great work Sir, I learned a lot on to get to work...Oh is there anything else the old school guy's did instead of borax?

Martinsu571: What happen if you don't use borax in the weld?
What happen if I use saltpeter?, Please, Answer

the oncoming storm: love the video and i subed

qualityelectronic: Cool

Prepper Madness: Thanks for the tips, I see where I went wrong. Just subbed your channel

Gx2aug: Why you covered your anvil.

Liam Reyland: As they said if you can forge weld you are a blacksmith full stop! But thank you for that, now I will be able to Finish my sword! :)
How to Forge Weld 5 out of 5

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How to Forge Weld