Chevy 5.3 Liter Lifter Noise And Motor Flush Solution How To

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Chevy 5.3 liter lifter noise and motor flush solution How to
Chevy 5.3 liter lifter noise and motor flush solution How to
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Thelegitrager: God help me get this done so my parents don't find out I freaked another truck.

Tom Healy: I tried your method on my 2002 5.3. several of the pushrods are clogged. I can't get the liquid through them. what should I do? without having to remove them?

Firas Saleh: Check your spark plug wire metal shields mine makes the same noise and that was the cause.

David Nelson: you sure have a lot of faith in that red straw attached to that carb cleaner spraying down that tiny hole lol Damn thing would have fallen off if that was me.

kens97sto171: Have used this method to flush Mazda 1.6 and 1.8 Liter engines that can often suffer from loud lifter tap if not run for a long time, or bad oil changes.. Should work well in any engine really.
get engine warm. Drain oil. put on a new filter, add 3qrts Automatic Trans Fluid, 1qrt of any thicker oil. Idle the engine for 30 min or so.. maybe longer. DO NOT DRIVE IT...
Drain it.. If your seriously paranoid about ANY of the ATF being left behind in the oil pan. after it has drained.. dump an qrt of new oil in with the drain plug out.. should flush the pan clean of ATF.

refill with your choice of oil, also a new filter.

I have had great success with this method.. if you look up the properties of ATF it is fine for just idling.. but has great cleaning and detergent properties.

Mike Harlan: what was the torque specs on the covers brian ?

Ken DeWitt: Awesome job. I have an '02 Yukon with the 6.0L, and the lifters sound pretty loud. Would this procedure be effective if you just sprayed the B-12 through the oil port of the rocker arm with the rocker arm and pushrod in place? I'm not sure what the torque spec is on tightening those rocker arms, so the idea of having to re-establish them correctly makes me mildly nervous.

Aaron L: can i bring my truck to you?

Nick Duque: I have a 2006 trailblazer v8 5.3 and every now and then I have to add a quart of oil. my question is where is the oil going or why do I have to keep adding oil all the time? does something need to be replaced?

Ron E's Garage: Chevy engines have been famous for noisy valve lifters since the 1950's. Best solution I've found is buy a FORD.

Doctor Morbid: "diesel gas" #redneck

jose S: wait but after motor flush dont you have to change out your motor oil and while your at it take off oil pan to clean all the gunk that droped down from motor flushing? was it done?

abu emmad: Mr. Brain
I do the same in my Yukon 2006 5.3 ...
but after starting it's showing engine Power is loose ..
after that I heard engine is shaking also not stable.
dose the valve lifter need to adjust again or what ???
also the oil pressure is low after changing the oil seal and oil pressure sensor ????
need your advice ,,,,

aaron e: The knuckleheads assembling these motors lined up the pistons on cylinder 1 causing blowby and plug fouling.

Joe Hatton: just curious. could doing this mess with the oil pump?

Paul Snyder: You skipped the part I was wanting to see... reinstalling the rocker arm. How are they set on these motors?

tinknocker46ful: Yeah bay bay!

Jeffrey Murdock: get some of that perrymans B 12 Chemtool fuel system flush from Autozone or Walmart and dump that in your gas tank and it will clean the entire fuel system. I bought a motorcycle that had the same gas in the carburetors for 19 years and all I did was cleaned out the fuel tank and the petrooster valve and replaced the fuel line leading to the carburetors and poured that stuff directly into the fuel line and let it soak for a little while and then drained it put some gas in the tank with fuel line hooked up with little bit of that in the tank and turn the choke on primed it with some carburetor cleaner and started it and kept going with the carburetor cleaner for a little bit until I started bogging down like it was flooding and then I stopped adding carburetor cleaner and turn the choke to the halfway point and it started running on its own and now it runs like brand new. that b12 Tool fuel system flush is some good stuff.

roger brandt: Have you ever heard about gm putting cylinders in backwards in a lot of 5.3 that cause knocking when engine is cold.?

Jonathan Orlando: I replaced push rods, they were bent to hell.... Truck had sat up for 2yrs prior to running but on the road today 34,000mi. later its starting to make a little ping noise while driving between 2800 and 4000 rpms... Any input would be helpful +briansmobile1
Chevy 5.3 liter lifter noise and motor flush solution How to 5 out of 5

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Chevy 5.3 liter lifter noise and motor flush solution How to