DIY Freshwater Wet/dry Filter

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HOW IT WORKS: DIY wet/dry filter - trickle tower aquarium filtration
HOW IT WORKS: DIY wet/dry filter - trickle tower aquarium filtration
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How a Wet/Dry Filter System Works
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EO Rhino: What method do you (and others) use to return the water to your system during your water changes?  I could use a hose or hose and pump setup but for now I prefer to use buckets with my chemicals mixed in.  I've been pouring water from 5 gal. bucket into the DT or sump but it disturbs the substrate too much.  Recently, I've started to pull one of the drawers out partially and pouring the water into the drawer.

Zac Cannon: Song playing? Jw thanks

Juan Alvarado: Can you please explain how did you do it especially the siphon

Aniket Karvir: Instead of dat stupid song u cud have explained ssum things about ur diy wet dry sump filter

fishbroloach: your bio cubes need to be under water for best bio filtration. all it is here is a rock that water runs off of. the perfect color is a light green to brown.

Huy Nguyen: @brh5073 idk ether im having the same problem can u let me know if u find an answer?

PaNdeM0niuM: I like your 'pull out drawers' !! that's very clever and convenient.

00Blackmac: @elway I'm looking into sumps. In your setup, what do you do for power outtages?

RobertosLife: i like,,,, thumbs up

John Elauria: @brh5073 i have an overflow box with a U tube so i use an airline tube to suck out the air in the U tube to start the siphon that never breaks. just get an overflow that exceeds the maximum output of ur return pump but not too much coz air bubbles would form in the tube and the siphon will break thus overflowing the main tank.

Bryan Homer: how do you start the flow when you first turn it on and how do you get it to perfectly flow in at the same rate it goes out cause if it s a little off it will either overflow or run dry in the bottom tank

John Elauria: @Gixxr11 well because of evaporation it happens but not enough that u cant replace the evaporated water during regular water changes hope that answers ur question

Silva Jr: my questiong is what happens to the system when your water level in the tank is to low

beavertown2006: freaking brilliant!

John Elauria: @704zombie for a 125 most likely u would need a bigger tank for a sump coz u may need more filter media and a bigger return pump. my external overflow comes with a 1 in bulkhead, so i use 1 in pvc and some flex hose from home depot or any hardware store.

casey melton: i love how your sump works! i wanna do one just like this for my 125 but i was woundaring if i would need to ho up to a 20g? what size hoses did u use to plumb all of it? thanks

captmicha: @elway90290 Awesome. I want to make this when I have money. Lol.

John Elauria: @captmicha yes it has been tested. i went with the smallest bit i had then tested it until i had the right size of holes to fit my setup

captmicha: Have you tested this for overflow in case your power goes out? What size hole do you need in the bottom of the drawers for X GPH pump?

juane1l: i've seen 100's of wet/dry's and mostly in freshwater application planning to build my own, and this was the best as far as utilizing a trickle tower... it seems like no one thinks of a trickle tower in FW applications[whats a sump with out a trrickle tower?] "not a sump" is the answer
DIY Freshwater wet/dry filter 5 out of 5

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DIY Freshwater wet/dry filter