How To Install Replace Noisy Heater AC Blower Motor Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 96-07

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2001 Ford Expedition Blower Motor Resistor.avi
2001 Ford Expedition Blower Motor Resistor.avi

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1A Auto Parts: @saw386 I believe that cover is plastic riveted on? You can pull it off, I'd try to avoid breaking the cover, just break the rivets. Then you can reinstall it with some machine screws later.

John Zickmund: Great video just a quick comment on the connector if you push on the part you pulled back the connector comes off way easier

1A Auto Parts: We have a couple of different choices (depending if you have AC or not). Here's a link to them on our website 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: @Chuckview It could be the blower motor if the air that is blowing out is intermittent. You may also want to check the power going to the blower motor with a test light to see if it the blower motor has consistent power going to it. Hope this helps you out.

1A Auto Parts: @JDSly1 Thank you for visiting our auto repair channel on YouTube. We carry a great selection of replacement parts for your Mercury Sable. Here's a link to the blower motor that we carry for it. Hope this helps out.

Kyle Reach: @1aauto Hey, my blower motor has this damn plastic cover thats molded over is do i just bust the plastic cover off .It's a 2005 cavalier i believe

remotehog11: @1aauto that's okay i found out at the library i had to take the dash on the passenger side loose then you can pull it out enough to get the blower motor out.

Chuckview: my heater would come on sometimes and sometimes it wouldn't(heat would rise through vent but it wont blow the air on heater(or ac) would of it be the motor or the actuiator?

1A Auto Parts: @giandawrestla "a weird noise" has a lot of possibilities. If hte noise comes from the engine just when you turn the AC on then yes it could be your compressor or compressor clutch. If the weird noise happens when you turn the fan to high then it is more likely your blower motor.

1A Auto Parts: @youngmonney007 There will be a wire going to it from the fuse box.

Christopher Robson: Great videos guys, this is why I love Youtube, so much knowledge and saves me lots of money!!

CROutlaw: Thanks!

jillzi7: thanks so much..

giandawrestla: What if my mercury sable is making a weird noise when i turn in the AC. I been told it was the compressor.. any thoughts?

JDSly1: Ford made it pretty easy to replace the heater/A.C. blower fans on those cars. The blower fan configuration on my mom's 2000 Ford Contour was similar and took me all of 10 minutes to replace for her. Now my daughter has a 2001 Mercury Sable Wagon with a bad blower fan motor. Nice to find out it will be easy, too. Thanks for the vid.

1A Auto Parts: You may want to take the blower motor out to see if there's and debris cought in the housing that it sits in. If you have lost some of the lower speeds, your blower motor resistor may be bad.

kel spratt: @1aauto were is the power located ?

1A Auto Parts: @remotehog11 At the current time we do not have a auto repair video on the Topaz, that shows this procedure.

remotehog11: in my topaz once you get the screws out you still can't get the motor out because it;s all turned sideways what do i hafta do ? take the whole dash out to change this thing? i'm thinjing i gotta drop the whole heaterbox down.

kel spratt: men this guys videos really good greetings from holland

mattpryor216: Would this be the same on a Mercury Grand Marquis?

1A Auto Parts: It would be similar on the grand marquis but not the exact same.

Christopher Wells: Thank you for this! It confirmed my theory about my 2003 Ford Focus, which is incredibly similar. Now to get my parts!

1A Auto Parts: We currently do not have an auto repair video on that particular repair. However it should be located on the passenger side under the dash. That's where they are usually located in most vehicles. if it's not there, check along the firewall in the engine compartment. Hope this helps you out.

jillzi7: I just found out that it is the blower motor...havent had the money to do anything about it..the guy told me it would cost me over $200 to replace, labor and parts...just how much is a blower motor for a 2002 Ford Taurus?

Kyle Reach: @1aauto I was able to get it off and there was some leafs in the blow motor cleaned in and reinstalled it but it doesn't blow very hard and it almost feels kinda warm with the a/c on but the blower spins fast as it should could it be something is stuck inside or a hose got kicked loose and when you turn on recirculate it makes a clicking noise.

peterjoy931: Just replaced my blower motor! Thanks for the video it really helped.

Da1deeonlyable: Thanks for the videos..... Excellent guidance....saved me about $100

81hugocesar: Hi, your videos are good sources but I need to know where is the a/c fan motor in my cadillac deville 1999, can you helpme with this thank you

jillzi7: When i turn on the A.C, or heater, I can hear it click on, but nothing comes out, doesnt make the high pitch noise you speak of, just doesnt blow or do anything..would that still be the blower motor? or could it be as simple as a fuse?...great instructional a girl, and it looks easy enough for me to do..thanks

1A Auto Parts: @saw386 I would check the rest of the tube to see if there are any more leaves in there. Where the A/C is blowing warm you may want to get the system checked by a reputable garage,to make sure the refrigerant is up and that there aren't any leaks in the A/C system.

1A Auto Parts: You may want to test the power going to the blower motor with a test light. If it has power to it then it may be the blower motor that has gone bad. We carry new blower motors on our website with free shipping in the lower 48 states. The part number to the one shown in the video is Part #1AHCX00049 or call sales @ 888-844-3393

Josh Richardson: Super helpful video. Only thing I would suggest, since the for Factory part doesn't come with the fan attached to the motor, is a quick how to on removing the jam nut that is on it. Otherwise, very helpful and much appreciated for having this video.

Droopypower: Thnx fot all the great video's ! Keep it coming.
How To Install Replace Noisy Heater AC Blower Motor Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 96-07 4.7 out of 5

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How To Install Replace Noisy Heater AC Blower Motor Ford Taurus Mercury Sable 96-07