S&W SD40VE Review

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griffithk: Great video, great gun. I own it in the sd40ve as well as the glock 19. Both are great guns.

Joe S.: Only thing I don't like about my Sd40ve is the magazines rattled when fully load d with all types of ammo. Had my gunsmith neighbor fix it for me and nowit only rattles with 11 rounds in them. Solid with any other quantity.

Adam Anderson: nice video bro, I'm in the market rt now to purchase the SD 40 VE... very well done except for the sights. its not Dovetail like the Glock, it's a triple sight. other than that I enjoyed the video Sir. stay safe and shoot straight always.. Big ups from Detroit to ya...

Isaiah Reb: Good video man very informative. Think im going for this one

danny yorty: just paid 331for mine just today ....love mine....40 cal////////nice video keep doing them

Tim Johnson: Just got one for Christmas2016
Haven't shot it yet, but can't wait!

Ronald Cash: thank you for your review, enjoyed it, please do more!

0g Fast T: Good review bro.

Chad Hobart: was thinking about getting it, I carry is it too big?

Way of the Dog MHDogman: Dude, your a character. Enjoyed your vid. Nice handgun. Love mine. FYI I've held many Glocks, they FEEL terrible to me. This gun fits better than my Browning Hi Power. It is just a sweet ride all the way. Smiles

James Okoniewski: I have the SD40VE and love it! I bought mine at Academy outdoors for 299.99 and have about 500 rounds through it

Chris Allen: Like crickets in grass lol.I'll have to use that.Good job

pbruc brooks: $301.00 You shopped good Bro! This is a life saver. Just get used to the trigger. I got 2 14 roumd mags with mine. Bad pistol. 

getyagotcha: Best review I seen on this gun ever,do more,I rather see your vids than these wanna be marksman

Leo Guy: For the money can't beat the SD9VE or SD9VE, been asking Smith and Wesson if they will make one in .45 ACP? Have own a few Sigma they were all unreliable lot of feeding issues. Since it's nearly a generic version of the Glock there are no reason police can't carry it? In fact S&W pays Glock for each one they sell, the 9mm is prone to limp wristing, need to hold it high on the grip and hold it firmly. 

Yung King: Whea uy frm in NC bro im in Raleigh n im fin2 kop dis s00n az i turn 21 wat waz da name a da shop uy said

Funnypandalonies: a lotta good reviews on this gun. Gad I have one. all the negatives I've heard have been very minor. it's all based on personal preference. but thanks again for the review.

Ricky Stewart: I shot mines today for the first time, I love it.

napolesalain: i had a sigma 40, i shot close to 1k rounds and its still going strong

Josh Tooley: people complain about the heavy trigger pull, it's not that bad, the glock 17 has the same trigger pull, i prefer this smith to a glock because it's not marked up, it's damn near the same gun except you aren't paying 200 extra dollars bc the gun comes from austria. besides an 8 pound trigger pull in a self defense situation isn't much, when your adrenaline starts going you won't notice it and even on the range it's not much, but i would not reccomend it for competition.
S&W SD40VE Review 5 out of 5

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S&W SD40VE Review