S&W SD40VE Review

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danny yorty: just paid 331for mine just today ....love mine....40 cal////////nice video keep doing them

Tim Johnson: Just got one for Christmas2016
Haven't shot it yet, but can't wait!

Ronald Cash: thank you for your review, enjoyed it, please do more!

0g tl72: Good review bro.

Chad Hobart: was thinking about getting it, I carry is it too big?

matt hibbard: Dude, your a character. Enjoyed your vid. Nice handgun. Love mine. FYI I've held many Glocks, they FEEL terrible to me. This gun fits better than my Browning Hi Power. It is just a sweet ride all the way. Smiles

James Okoniewski: I have the SD40VE and love it! I bought mine at Academy outdoors for 299.99 and have about 500 rounds through it

Chris Allen: Like crickets in grass lol.I'll have to use that.Good job

pbruc brooks: $301.00 You shopped good Bro! This is a life saver. Just get used to the trigger. I got 2 14 roumd mags with mine. Bad pistol. 

getyagotcha: Best review I seen on this gun ever,do more,I rather see your vids than these wanna be marksman

Leo Guy: For the money can't beat the SD9VE or SD9VE, been asking Smith and Wesson if they will make one in .45 ACP? Have own a few Sigma they were all unreliable lot of feeding issues. Since it's nearly a generic version of the Glock there are no reason police can't carry it? In fact S&W pays Glock for each one they sell, the 9mm is prone to limp wristing, need to hold it high on the grip and hold it firmly. 

Yung King: Whea uy frm in NC bro im in Raleigh n im fin2 kop dis s00n az i turn 21 wat waz da name a da shop uy said

Funnypandalonies: a lotta good reviews on this gun. Gad I have one. all the negatives I've heard have been very minor. it's all based on personal preference. but thanks again for the review.

Ricky Stewart: I shot mines today for the first time, I love it.

napolesalain: i had a sigma 40, i shot close to 1k rounds and its still going strong

Josh Tooley: people complain about the heavy trigger pull, it's not that bad, the glock 17 has the same trigger pull, i prefer this smith to a glock because it's not marked up, it's damn near the same gun except you aren't paying 200 extra dollars bc the gun comes from austria. besides an 8 pound trigger pull in a self defense situation isn't much, when your adrenaline starts going you won't notice it and even on the range it's not much, but i would not reccomend it for competition.

raw157: Great video! Thanks

Francisco Tapia: I appreciate your video about this gun. I haven't been able to find this S&W anywhere here in Georgia but I will look into cheaper than dirt, per your recommendation. Zombie apocalypse, lol!

Derrick: Ironically I bought this same pistol the same day as the Sandy Hook shooting and Im stationed in Colorado and this state is open carry and like you said I'm surprised that somebody didn't have a pistol on them. It's my first pistol and I love it. I go to the range whenever I have time.

ICEN: 4:32 achievement unlocked glock knock off... Seriously I herd your xbox achievement unlocked
S&W SD40VE Review 5 out of 5

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S&W SD40VE Review