Lift A Log: Rescue Technique

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Lift A Log: Rescue Technique
Lift A Log: Rescue Technique
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Siuco: I thought all that cutting he was making a chair!

PainAndMurphyJo: sometimes there might be this time in a life where THIS is the ONLY thing that you can do until a well equipped rescue team arrives.... so why bash.. can we look at the positive?

Tony Carothers: waste of time when you can just lift the damn log anyway....

buellfuel2001: Why not make a wedge cut on both ends and lift the log off? why the holes?

BernFya: This only seems effective IN THEORY. Entirely too much sawdust sprayed all over the victim AND any wounds. I'm pretty sure it would be damn hard to remain calm (your best option in a traumatic injury) if still conscious. In the real situation the benefit of speed would outweigh other risks that this method attempts to avoid.

Reid107: @boowrangler Im an EMT the problem arises when the area that was pinched off suddenly receives blood again, the patient experiences a severe sudden drop in blood pressure.

DavidN23Skidoo: @MrLeonard55 You don't want to do any harm to the person as the log is removed.

MrLeonard55: Why not just cut the log so it comes off a person?

lincoln8376: meanwhile the guy stuck under the log dies from carbon monixide from all the two stroke in his face

boowrangler: It's not just about moving the log. You have to be able to get to the victim very quickly once the pressure is removed. Blood get's trapped away from the heart by the weight of whatever is crushing you, if it all comes back to your heart at once you will die (I think it's toxic shock). Also, try and think about how hard it is for the rescue team who have to slowly work through that process to keep you alive when their instinct is to just get you out of there asap.

wakefilioso: easiest way is to not be the dumbass who gets trapped underneath a tree. stay out of the drop zone, common sense. i have heard of situations where climbers are tied in above a rotten spot in a tree, and the ground workers pull in the dersired direction and pull the tree off above the rotten spot, with the climber attatched. at that point, you may need to employ this technique. the chances are, however, that the climber is dead after he hits the ground. tree care is a dangerous business.

ScoutCrafter: Awesome!

lardevlin: i would rather the keystone cops to save me...jeez just cut the piece and roll it over my legs

DavidN23Skidoo: @taxus76 Rescuers should use the quickest and safest method available, so if they have straps, they should use them. Timber workers ususally have a saw, some wedges, and a sledge hammer or pole ax, so this is a method they could employ quickly if the need arose.

Reid107: @sneakyabcd Agreed, but if the log has been on them for any length of time, you friggen well better be ready for them to crash once it comes off. It may be inevitable, but it can be fixed.

sneakyabcd: @Reid107 Right, I see what your saying, you cant just lift the thing off them right when you get there, you gotta be ready.

boowrangler: @Reid107 I had never been taught that, thank you. I've had quite a lot of first aid training when I worked as an industrial climber, obviously not to EMT standard. We used to get drilled on how to deal with suspension trauma when the climbing harness cut's off the blood to the legs of a victim who is unable to move. The focus was on the idea that the trapped blood became toxic so you have to slowly allow it to return to the heart, How to you prevent the sudden drop in blood pressure?

bored336: if u had multiple saws it wouldnt take to long

oktreedude: Good video and technique,BUT could not rope be used with the poles and instead of so much time cutting holes, you could put the rope under the log on each end and the same four guys could have it moved in 10 mins. quicker. If you are going to do so much cutting, why not cut out an Aframe? It is a good technique to know, but rope is your friend.

huskyjerk: Why doesn't he get kickback when he cuts with the tip? I thought that always results in kickback, but apparently not. Explain cutting with the tip -- when is it safe and why would you use that sort of cut?

DavidN23Skidoo: @Karlos77777777 Green wood will run 55 to 60 pounds per cubic foot...would need super-heroes at each end.

seizetheweakened: meanwhile the victim dies of old age :P

Mike Pepler: Nice technique. I was wondering if you were going to use the poles as levers to lift the log off - I guess you might need to if there weren't four people to lift them...

DavidN23Skidoo: @lardevlin Yeah, they kind of stepped all over the imaginary victim; but if they ever need to do this, they know how. A good friend of mine was smashed by a tree three weeks ago, and after he directed rescuers to him with a cell phone it took another 1 1/2 hours to get the tree off of him. That's a long wait when you are busted all to pieces.

ZEEMADMAN: You can Restore Pressure to the Body with Pneumatic Devices.You wrap them in Sleeve(s)&Pump the Pressure back up on them until they can reach the Hospital. Hopefully it will be a Trauma Center that's ready to take into Surgery Immediately upon arrival.They can Hang I'V's with Blood,Saline,Plasma,etc,to maintain their Blood Presure until the Bleeders have been stopped with Surgical Repairs.I've heard of cases where they bring Family there before they take off theObjects knowing their going toDie!

Slimousek1: @MrLeonard55 do profesinala ma hodne daleko

hallagon: Thank you for posting this video

joshreid182: so you cut two holes through the person so that it's easy to lift them with a couple of limbs or poles? thank you

Robert Brown: Great idea. If you can add some commentary sometime to the cutting section that would be very helpful. Thanks for the information.

Brian Robison: yeah and after 10 minutes of all these cuts, the victims health is worsening when you could have just cut the section off and be done in less than 1 minute lol

Reid107: @boowrangler The blood can become toxic but that poses less of an immediate risk to the patient. Theres really not much you can do about the BP issue except to be prepared for it, and if you're a paramedic be prepared to administer drugs and interventions to help raise it quickly. other than that you treat the patient for shock by elevating the legs to keep blood near the core of their body where its most needed.

goldmaz23: @DavidN23Skidoo so cut for 5 mins when 5mins can mean the life or death block up both ends cut and then lift it off you only have to lift one end as another person pull the person clear

louis12346: cool coat rack ?

Karlos77777777: why not just put two guys at each end ? but none the less very nice job

ajbrodowsky: as soon as i healed i would whoop the crap out of the brainiac that didnt want to make one cut. then have a few beers laugh then whoop him again.

sneakyabcd: @Reid107 well, they can't stay under the log forever, you gotta get them out sooner or later...
Lift A Log: Rescue Technique 3.8 out of 5

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