Installing Ralink RT5390 Wireless Card Drivers On Debian Or Ubuntu

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Installing Ralink RT5390 wireless card drivers on Debian or Ubuntu
Installing Ralink RT5390 wireless card drivers on Debian or Ubuntu
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Ubuntu: Instalando una Wireless LAN Card Ralink RT5390
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JoeMoeArigatou: I have a different version of Ralink, is there any way this method could still works? I know it's been 3 years since this video came out and I really want internet on Debian.

Clate McGehee: DId you use the link in the description? What Ubuntu version are you using?

Terense Thomas: All the commands worked but i dont think the last two command worked for me. although it didnt show any error but it has not detected my wireless card i.e RT5390R. i had used these commands in backtrack for your info. please help.. my email-

dovermman x: IT WORKS!!!!! THANK YOU

Clate McGehee: No problem, I am glad to help anyone with any issues

AzzameenEmon: Workt for Debian on a HP Pavilion dm1-3101eg Thanks

Roberto Mota: hey dude, I gotta a question, I tried another way but when network has lots of traffice the connection goes down, is the same thing installing ralink in this way? btw sorry for my so poor english haha

vick dee: i hava a question, i hope someone could help me, ok the problem is that i installed debian but i cant get into internet, wifi and ethernet are not working, so i was wondering if i do what this video does, it is gonna solve it?

tuxthezerg: You know... for a driver that is supposedly already installed it sure does have a knack for not actually working.

ThisChick en: Youre right.. me too.

Roberto Mota: @GodzWarrior101x Thanks, it seems work better than the other way I tried, but it has a little problems when I try to download big files, anyways thanks, this way is the best for me

ThisChick en: however it is sh*ty ;)

Cameron Jeffrey Clark: Ok, i am trying to be openminded of ubuntu, switching from windhoes... In your process, which i followed to a tee, goes good until the "cd angepasster" command... It says bash: and no such file or directory ... Please help

Kevin Name: I have 13.04, I can only get WiFi if I'm really close to the router. Somebody suggested I should try to find a new driver? I tried to follow the instructions above best I could. The first minute, the "Software Sources" thing, I have no idea what that refers to, I don't seem to have that place on Ubuntu. I skipped that, then following the commands, I clicked the link in the description. None of the following commands work, either the ones from the video or the description. Can't find the file

itstreix: It worked with Ubuntu 11.10 in a HP 420 laptop, thank you so much!

Clate McGehee: @robertomotad No problem, I hope it works fine for you. It has worked perfectly for me every time I have used it

Roberto Mota: @GodzWarrior101x Thanks, actually I did this way and I'm testing it, I'll do some big downloads to see what happen, thanks a lot...

Terense Thomas: Yes i had used the same command as u described and i m using backtrack 5 r3

bambooocia: crapy music

Clate McGehee: @AzzameenEmon Im glad to help. If you have any future issues let me know though I am currently using Mageia linux Give it a shot it you want! Its based off Mandriva and blazing fast (roughly the same as Debian)

erietha88: thank you! this tutorial works! at least I don't get the annying rt2800PCIe error anymore. and i got the rt5390 driver only from you. ralink site has changed into mediatek and no download link for suported driver.

Roberto Mota: that's the price I gotta pay to use Debian :D and it worth it

ThisChick en: If you removed 'music' and replaced it with 'bambooocia', I wouldve thumbed you up.

Clate McGehee: @robertomotad The way have here is the only fully working way I ever found. The way have here is the only fully working way I ever found. But I would recommend unloading the driver you have (if possible) and to use the driver I provided. If you cant unload the driver try my directions and see if it will install on top of that current driver you have in place. If it doesnt work I would reinstall Debian then follow the video

Jason Smith: when I put in the command su it asks me for a password. When I provide the password if says "Authentication failure"

Clate McGehee: ubuntu 13.04 already has this driver. No need to install this

ThisChick en: But silence SUX as you said

Armando Castillo: Instead of "su", type "sudo bash" and then your password when requested

addictedtoskiing27: How am I supposed to do this if I have no connection besides the pci card???

Clate McGehee: u need a wired connection.

Clate McGehee: for Ubuntu you should type "sudo"

pokomorthor: can you leave the text in a coment so we can copy paste like you did?

bambooocia: dont like this music, thats it. If you think different - your problem.

Clate McGehee: Did u use the link in my description? The one in the video is dead. Let me know if u still need help

bambooocia: bamboooccia is not a music you jackass ;)

dave carey: backtrack 5 r3. didn't work. fw may be missing. :(

Clate McGehee: Did you ever figure your issue out? I know it worked fine for me on Debian 6 so I see no reason it should not work on Backtrack

Clate McGehee: For everyone complaining about the music I just put simple non-offensive stuff for people who hate silence (such as me) if you do not like it your sound obviously does not have to be left on!

albanian: hello i'm having some erorr when it try to install to my ubuntu 13.04. The error are in the end of make. Can you help me please?

Clate McGehee: Weird, my father is using that PC with Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked out of the box with no issues? Is it working under Windows?

Clate McGehee: sudo su

Marc Praz: Thanks you! It's far the easiest way to fix this mother******* wifi! Great job

tuxthezerg: I ended up just reinstalling the OS to fix it. Something somewhere got corrupted, we'll probably never know what but whatever it was, it was why the kernel module that is supposed to be supporting that chipset wasn't working and I suspect that the driver from ralink that was talked about here just won'r compile anymore (not that it really should need to at this point)
Installing Ralink RT5390 wireless card drivers on Debian or Ubuntu 4.2 out of 5

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Installing Ralink RT5390 wireless card drivers on Debian or Ubuntu