Canon 8600f Canoscan Repair Cleaning Take Apart

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Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart
Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart
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zilfondel: Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents for glass, btw.  Rubbing alcohol also works well.

Jean Degryse: blablabla

DG Playerman: Thank you for taking the time to make this video.  I have had this scanner for years and it does an excellent job but the fog inside was driving me crazy.  I just hated seeing the fog.   Canon told me that this was normal so I just accepted it.  I just clean the glass this weekend with no problems.  The glass is crystal clean. 

Peter Kalinak: Actually I just found it is much more easier to open 8800f, just release four screws and front panel. thats it :)

Peter Kalinak: Great video, I have the same problem with 8800f, I am going to try.
In general be carreful with magnets, it can influence you mechanics if its metal.
cheers :)

Юрий Перепелицын: Thanks for this video!

Berners1: Excellent video!  Also found the hints in the comments from whiskfern and Gizmo42Rodeo to be very useful.

LazerLord10: Yeah, my canoscan doesn't have any screws sooo.... yeah.

Jay Shaw: Fixed it - Thanks!

Rita50: Right, I got it, I will have to take it to repair.

Ron Yi: Thanks for the video. I cleaned my 8600f by following your instruction and did it well without any problem. Excellent info!

bill ruggirello: What I found - removal of front plastic.... if you push out on the end of the gray front piece to get just enough room to slide a flat blade screw driver in about 3/8" in on black/gray seam it will pop right off. That is where the hooks are. Pushing on the black piece does not do it. Once the gray piece is loose both pieces just fall off.

Becky H.: Thanks a million! We are using this to scan over 50 years of my father's slides and the film that was building up under the glass was becoming a problem.  You have saved us money and time.  Many Thanks!

Serge Boschloos: Excellent. Thanks for making this video and sharing it with the community!

Jh Harding: Thanks for your advice, I used it on my Canon 9950F scanner, especially appreciated tips re the two screws. You saved me at least $60 and a lot of bother.

Rob Gough: Thanks for the very precise instructions. It all went well!

Richard Kraemer: Thank you for posting this very informative video. I've some dust on the inside of my scanner glass for years and it was driving me crazy. I would have never been able to remove it without your help.
I also finally got rid the fog inside of the glass .

Julia Olsen: Wonderful directions. Thank you all for the added information as well. My scanner is like new.

autoxtl: Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Finally decided to "just do it". I was super careful not to break anything; aided in that effort by using a plastic bladed "spudger tool" that I once got for opening old iPods to replace their batteries. This let me pry the (relatively soft) plastic seams apart without damage. Just wish I had bothered to clean it sooner, since the quality of scans likely suffered somewhat from the slightly fogged glass. Many thanks again for taking time to document this!

Ross Bennett: I used this for my 8800f, other not being able to disconnect the cord from the top (just meant I had to lay it out when I removed it) and 2 instead of 3 screws on the one side it was the same. I did it to try and figure out why I was getting the purple line across my scans. I assumed it was one of the lights in the scanning bar and I used a can of compressed air to blow it more purple line, like getting a new scanner for free. TY!!
Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart 5 out of 5

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Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart