Canon 8600f Canoscan Repair Cleaning Take Apart

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Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart
Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart
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MadModders: Nice. Opened mine up just now.
However, on the left top side there is a little hole exactly half way back where you should put a small flat screwdriver or the like and bend the clip inwards. Then you don’t need to ”pop” the top off. It easily lifts right up. :)

Ole Mats Gjervoldstad: THX this is good, mine is foggy as well

Trigger: Thanks to you, the fog is gone. I couldn't figure out the front and side pieces on my own.

shana sakai: Need a help with my canon mx300 imedietly

Jack69: Thanks, close enough to my canoscan 5200F to enable me to take apart and clean fog. Interestingly mine also had tracks through the fog as if a tiny tiny snail had been having a stroll round there.

José Carvalho: Thank you for the great instructions. My scanner model, although it is a 8800 F, is slightly
different from yours (may be because it is European) but the idea is very much
the same and I could clean the inside of the glass “plate”. I’m a happy dude!

hk duck: Thanks, my scanner problem fixed because you, I am a happy man again.

imfletcher6: Thank you so much for this video. This makes it SOOO easy. And I had the same exact fogging going on, on the underside of the glass. Now all I have to figure out is how to scan at 4800dpi. Again, thanks. This is such a blessing.

GPa Rocks: Great video. Now I have removed all the fog from the underside of the glass. Next project -- I need help to replace the light bulb for scanning slides/film. I've removed 4 visible screws. With some difficulty I've been able to separate the cover at the hinge end and I'm able to reach in to the area where the light is. The front of the cover is still tightly secured with 2 screws that are "hidden" under the rubber cushions on the lid. Remove these screws and the lid should separate. Where does one find a replacement lamp (P01728063524)?

Will Pickrell: Great help, thanks!

Andrew Fuller: Excellent. Thank you for the video. I had exactly the same issue with the fog. All clean now!!!

Erwin de Groot: Thanks, very helpfull tutorial. My 8600f developed quite a fog at the underside of the glass.

Lat Long: Thank you "teweview". I'm happy with my clean glass now. You could teach Harry Houdini a few tricks.

imfletcher6: Love you, man. Thank you so much. This is a big saver.!! Thank you for doing the hard work to figure this out!!

Carlos del Burgo del Burgo: Excelent. Many Thanks for sharing!

gino48: Thanks very much for an excellent video. I had tolerated foggy scanner glass for way too long and your clear instructions and video provided the motivation to get this done, and indeed, it took only a few minutes. Thanks again.

S Swan: Am trying to clean the top section / lid of my canonscan8800F without any luck. That section of the scanner is used to scan slides, film etc. However, there is an enormous amount of dust on the this upper scanning area.

Have tried taking the top section apart without getting anywhere. There are three screws and once removed nothing wants to budge.

Anyone with experience cleaning this section of the scanner please let me know.

mep2510: Many thanks for posting this video. Found it very helpful

Ali Grant: Many Thanks The one I bought from eBay was badly fogged and dusty. Probably due to it sitting unused for a year or two.
At last a useful YouTube video and NO annoying music !!

Bob Gleason: Thank-you so much for posting this video - I have used this procedure a couple of times now and am delinquent in my thanks.........  It works like a charm.
Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart 5 out of 5

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Canon 8600f Canoscan repair cleaning take apart