Fixing Rough Idle Or Stalling Problems (VOLVO ETM Issues)

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Andrew Carlstedt: Does this procedure apply to a 1999 Volvo S70 T5? It also has the electronic throttle module, and it has about 116,000 miles on it.

pete8475: THANK YOU!

Gamaliel Rodriguez: Do you have any idea why my volvo s40 1.9 turbo 2001 stop running at low revolutions? I change the flow meter and also clean the idle control valve, but the problem persist.

Sean Ingstrum: Usually you have to go down the entire air intake line. IAC (air idle valve), MAF (mass air flow), TB (throttle body) and clean thoroughly. Make sure and only use MAF sensor cleaner on your sensors and connectors. Throttle body cleaner on your machined parts. Clean very thoroughly! If it still renders the same results, made need replacement.

Marcos A.: I have an S60 I cleaned the ETM, it helped for a while but still had a rough idle and a few check engine lights come on periodically, I changed the fuel filter and I cant believe the changes it made it starts right up and has amazing performance now! I ordered new coil packs can't wait to get them in and drive for many more miles...

ZynovFTW: My car drops to 500 rpm when slowing down and it almost stalls, but never does. You think it's an ETM issue? '99 Volvo S70 non-turbo. 144k miles.

John Ferguson: Disconnect the battery, very important.
It is a good opportunity to test the ETM to see if the position sensors and step motors and electronic package is working well.
You should turn on the key and let the car sit for 10 minutes while the computer relearns the ETM output before starting.

mv shahid: do you have any idea about the problem which happens on my volvo s80 1999 with 100k miles sometimes it idles rough but sometimes the car hesitate go for more rpm, in the morning the car will run perfectly for 10miles then it will start to loose the power and it drink lots of gas too, when the problem starts the RPM not going more than 2000 rpm even i push the pedal to body, please help me and this video seems good i have to try on my volvo

Yomarie Miranda: i have a volvo s60 2003 and it drives good, but when i am going to park my car it makes a noise and it try to turn off the car, if i'm i a stop light same thing. My mecanic cleaned a little the trottle body but its still make the same thing. What wrong with my car? please let me know or email me at

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Ryan Freeman: I have an ETM with a white sticker (original and not the updated unit with the yellow sticker) and am ready to do this tomorrow morning. I'm wondering how good this fix has held up for you. Have you had to do it again since February or replace the unit? Great tutorial, thanks for your detail!

Esther Gambrell: Thanks!  Did you use the same gasket or get a new one?

Sameues Smsol: 2/28
129k-2000/s80 no codes, runs great, idles smooth, then surges at idle seems only after warm up/extended driving. Will start by cleaning etm then replace iac if no change...? since there are electronic parts involved,  is it best to clean etm with MAF cleaner, carb cleaner or ??any suggestions thanks

Douglas Winn: Azfar,
Probably a faulty cv half shaft. Not to difficult to pull out & replace for a DIY. Check & see if you have any torn boots.

Ribert Muyaba: what causes surging in my volvo s80

Azfar Khan: Hi Kris,
I have a problem with my Volvo S80 (2004). When I accelerate to just above 80kmh starts to vibrate and the vibration seems to stay there past 100kmh. However, when I take my foot off the pedal, there is no vibration. I thought it might be the wheel alignment but that is not the case because I got the wheel alignment done and the problem persisted. What seems to be the issue here?

jake dziekan: i am having similar problems but the maf sensor is bad

Regan Gibson: Do you usually get any codes with this problem?

deodea: Hello Kris. If you find the time I would appreciate your opinion on this. I have a 2001 Volvo s80 with the message “Engine System Service Required”. The problem is: rough engine running at idle.. when I accelerate it seems to runs normal, but not more than about 20 mph. Do you feel it needs more than just cleaning the ETM... like also replacing it? I was looking at this  Thanks for your videos and for your time. JP

Lipper82: Hey, I just wanted to say thank you. I wanted to sell my Volvo S80(2000) because of this sh**. My problem was really bad, the car stopped working, when it was to slow, it was really dangerous.
I am from Germany and my Volvo Service said, it will cost 150€ to clean it, but its not sure that it will work after cleaning it. And the new unit would cost around 850€.
So, I decided to clean it on my own, I am a car noob, I like cars, but I have no idea how they work. ;-)
You explained it so good. One more year with my old volvo, thank you!!
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Fixing Rough Idle or Stalling Problems (VOLVO ETM issues)